Wednesday, April 21, 2010

15 Month Appt

Harper had her 15 month appointment today. I was so glad Scott went with us because she was a handful today. She was being so wild in the regular waiting room that they moved us to a "special" waiting room. ha!
We changed doctors and this was our first time with him. I actually went to OBU with this doctor and his wife is one of my good friends from college. I have been thinking for a while about going to him (not sure why we didn't to start with) but he recently went to Haiti and I just started feeling strongly that I wanted Harper to have a doctor who I knew was a strong Christian and who would give up a week at his practice to go serve others (and he plans to go again). And I know his family. And he's the father of four young kids!

(Most of this is just for my records)
Harper weighed 26.3 pounds (between 75-90%)
She was 32 inches long (between 75-90%)

She has been suffering from horrible allergies and we got her on some medicine for that and I'm really hoping it will give her some relief. Bless her heart - no wonder she is fussy. I would be too with a stuffy, runny nose and itchy skin.
Our appointment went great other than that and I didn't realize she wouldn't go back until she was two! Wow! That seems a long way away but I know it will be here before I know it!
(well - maybe she does go back at 18 months. The appointment was hectic so I might have got that wrong.)
I just got home from getting my hair done and as you can see I have a pile of laundry waiting on me. This is Dawson's favorite place to get - right on top of a clean pile of laundry. ha!

I also have so much to do to get ready to be gone to Atlanta this weekend. I was so sad because I have been planning for months to meet my blog friend Amanda. She and I just have so much in common and we were looking so forward to finally see each other in person but her husband's appendix burst on Sunday and he's still in the hospital with a high fever. Please pray for Curtis and Amanda. And I'm hoping one of these days.......we will finally meet! Our girls are just a few weeks apart so maybe we'll just have a girls day one of these days!

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