Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Computer Break

I have decided that I am spending WAY too much time on the computer. I can't help it - I LOVE blogging and email and facebook and twitter. All my twitter/blog friends got me through a LONG winter when I sometimes felt isolated from the world. I love my iPhone just a little too much!

So for the next few days - I'm going to shut the old laptop and try to use my phone only for phone calls like in the old days when phones were just for calls (but not in the olden days as in my high school/college days when we didn't even have cell phones .......or computers......) and try to live life instead. I need to do a few things like clean out my closet for spring and read "So Long Insecurity" before I head to Atlanta and take Harper to the park and for walks and spend quality time with Scott without my nose in a computer.

We will postpone this week's Show Us your Life by one week and pick up next week.

And if you have e-mailed me - I'm soooo sorry. I stay weeks behind on e-mail because there is just not enough time in the day and it looks like I may get a few more weeks behind but my family comes first!

Have a good few days - and take some time away from the computer yourself! I bet we would all be surprised by how much extra time in the day there is when we don't spend so much on the computer! :-)

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