Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog Break

Hello Again!

So I really missed all my blog/email/twitter/facebook friends but I enjoyed taking some time away and it's amazing what you can get done when you stay off the computer and away from TV (I didn't do that on purpose but there wasn't much on). I have a little office in my laundry room and it is kind of my catch all and I finally got that area all cleaned out. I caught up on laundry and dishes and cleaning. I am working on getting my closet all cleaned out and ready for spring. And I spent time with this little girl and a very handsome man that lives at my house! :-)
We are spending more and more time outside these days. And now Harper has figured out not only can she go OUT the doggie door - but she can go IN it. ha! I love Dawson's face in this's like he's saying "Really? REALLY?" ha!
Friday Emily got tubes in her ears early that morning so Harper and I went and stayed with Sarah Kate. They had a lot of fun together. We just went over in our PJ's since we left our house at 6:30 a.m. ha! They are starting to interact more and "talk" to each other and it just makes me smile from the inside out. One of the things I truly pray for Harper is for to have sweet friends all through her life. I think it's one of the most important things we have and something we must choose so wisely. I realize that who Harper's friends are could greatly impact decisions she makes - so I'm praying hard!
It seems like every weekend we are either really busy or are out of town or just spend the weekend catching up on projects around the house. This weekend we decided to have a family day. And it was WONDERFUL! We started out by going to Mimi's for breakfast. I was SOOO sad because my favorite thing is their banana chocolate chip muffin and they only have it for a few months and I have been just thinking about it and wanting it so bad and Saturday they were "out". They said they would have it tomorrow. I almost threw a mini fit in the restaurant. But I got it together and decided I didn't need those calories anyway. These two people are my favorite in the world!
How cute are these Mickey pancakes Harper got? I told Scott I was pretending we were on vacation at either Disney world or Hawaii (the pineapple).
After we ate we went to a local garden/trail and took outside pictures of Harper. We got a few good ones - I'll probably share more of those tomorrow!
We came home and took naps and then went to another trail with Dawson and walked. We were trying to soak up every part of this beautiful weather we are having!
Saturday night we met Laurie, Steve and the girls for dinner at Abuelos. These two besties spent most of the night fighting. Harper kept eating food off Sarah Kate's plate or just ripping it out of her hand and you can imagine how happy that made SK. They crack me up. The girls were a HAND FULL and we decided we may need to wait until they are all 12 before we try going out to eat again. Or you know .....until next weekend. ha! What can I say - we are brave .......or crazy?
We had an amazing worship service this morning! And we have another beautiful day today! At least for the next 4-5 days the forecast is high 70's and sunny so I plan to enjoy it!
This little computer break has been nice but I did miss things. I'm going to try to continue to limit my time and focus on the important things in life but I'm sure I'll be posting a lot because I'm getting old and crazy and if I don't record our life on my blog - I'll forget and life is going by too fast! ;-)

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