Saturday, April 03, 2010

Cause I watch a lot of TV

This just in: Scott said we weren't getting it if he couldn't get the Outdoor channel (because that's about all he watches these days (poor Bambi)) and I checked and you have to get a higher tier of cable to get it which is going to make this a lot more than what we pay now so now I'm voting no. Thanks for all of your help. We may still discuss. :-)

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Easter and hopefully none of you are even reading this because you are getting ready for church tomorrow.....................but I'm in the middle of cleaning house to get ready for Easter lunch tomorrow and we had a knock at the door. (not sure why on earth they sent this girl out on a Saturday night - much less the Sat night before Easter) and now Scott and I are in a great debate.

And Scott said "why don't you ask your blog readers"? ha!

So the deal is - I'm interested in getting Uverse (that's what this girl was here about). I mean here is all I need to know - I can DVR more than 2 channels at a time and I can watch DVR shows on any TV in our house (we currently only have it one one TV). (and I get the channels I want like LMN, lifetime, food channel, Bravo, Soapnet(so I can watch 90210)....ha!) And the price she quoted is about the same if not less. BUT Scott is worried the internet won't be as good. He needs a very fast internet because he works at home. We have the fastest our cable company offers. I didn't ask the girl about this because I'm the one who answered the door and I know nothing about the internet. ha! I think you can upgrade to a fast internet but we want to know....

Do you have it?
Do you like it?
How is the cable?
How is the internet speed?
Are you glad you switched from cable or satellite?

Okay - that is all.............I will have a really wonderful Easter post up tomorrow because I'm pretty sure we are going to have a very wonderful day!!! Happy Easter to you and your family!

My mom put this video up on her blog and I'm putting it here too because it's probably my favorite sermon EVER! I love this SOOOOO much! It makes me cry and want to let out a loud shout!

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