Monday, March 08, 2010

Just a normal day

Seriously - I know most of you realize this - but time goes by SO fast!
I can't believe that one year ago today - this was my baby.
and just one short year later, just 365 days............she is so much bigger. I realize before I turn around it will be March 2011 and I have no idea what she will be like then!
It makes me want to start crying. I love her growing and I love all of the changes she has but I don't want her to be 13 or 18 or 25 anytime soon!
I'm trying to enjoy every last delightful minute of ONE!
(Her shirt was made by one of my good friends - her site is HERE. Several of you were asking)
All you Bama fans - don't get excited that she is hugging this elephant - she doesn't know better! ha!
I used to keep my house so neat but these days - this is what our family room looks like. I remember when I was single or before kids - I would go to friends homes and think "Oh my gosh - why don't they pick up?" ha ha ha ha ha! Now my single or not yet mom friends would probably think the same thing. I laugh all the time about all the things I used to think before I had kids. I was SUCH A GOOD MOTHER back then . ha! I knew SO MUCH about parenting. Can any of you identify? I just think it's funny that I had a lot more answers before I had Harper than after. Being a mother has taught me a LOT about not judging others. :-)

One more thing - I keep forgetting to write about this .....I've been tweeting about it and reading about it but never remember to post. Remember when I went to El Salvador with Compassion back in November? Well, several of my Compassion friends are now on another blog trip in Kenya and I have loved reading and have been inspired by what they have seen. These two posts today by Shaun Groves and Brad Ruggles have given me some major perspective. Just wanted to share!

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