Sunday, March 07, 2010

Family visit

Sorry to just now post this but the winners of the Point of Grace CD's/Cookbook are:
Pam (I'm e-mailing you) Comment #819
Kaylan3 comment #36 - Please contact me - I don't have your e-mail address.
(I used random integer generator but my computer shut down before I copied it over to put here).

How was your weekend? We had a nice weekend! It's been busy but fun!
Friday morning I had MOPS and then I spent the rest of the day cleaning my house and getting ready for Scott's parents to come visit. I took a meal to one of my sweet friends who just had her third little boy. I got to hold the new baby and he was so precious and little!!
Scott's parents got here late Friday night.

Saturday morning we woke up and I made the Pioneer Woman's French Breakfast Puffs. Um, - heaven in a muffin pan!

Harper and her GiGi
and her Pap-paw

She took a nap while I got ready and Scott and his dad worked on some lawn stuff. After she woke up - we went and ate BBQ for lunch and then came home and they worked on the yard more and we played with her.
Last night, Laurie, Steve and the girls came over for dinner. Harper LOVES her Aunt Laurie. I made a mexican fiesta - enchiladas, spanish rice, guacamole and salsa and Butterfinger cake for dessert. I will not attempt to add up the calories in that meal. ha!
Sarah Kate is such a mess
We had Scott's mom's dogs and Dawson locked up outside. The girls all wanted to look at them. In this case - it is much better to look than to touch. :-)
Sweet friends
We had a nice visit with Scott's family. They left early this morning and we went to church. I ended up helping Laurie in the nursery because there were sooooo many babies in there when I was going to drop off Harper. It's fun to be in the nursery with Harper and watch her interact with other kids.

P.S. I was messing with my blog roll this weekend and took it down and then lost the links. So at some point - I will have them back up. I've had a few people ask.

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