Sunday, March 21, 2010

First day of Spring? OR not?

So Friday it was 70 degrees and sunny and we spent the whole afternoon outside playing. It was just glorious. And then yesterday afternoon it started snowing.

Yes - snowing. First of spring in ARKANSAS - and it is snowing.
As of this afternoon - we have around a foot of snow. CRAZINESS! When exactly did I move to MN and no one told me? ha!
We didn't have church today so we spent the day at home.
Yes - we think it's so funny that we would get this much snow.
And pardon our crazy hair - we didn't comb our hair or put on makeup all day. And we also didn't get out of our pj's.

Harper also fed herself with a spoon for the first time tonight. I filled the spoon with sweet potatos but she would take the spoon and feed herself. She did pretty good except what you can see on her face and pj's. She was very proud of herself.

I hear it's going to be in the 70's again by Tuesday. This has been one crazy winter.
We have set a record in our area for the most snow in one year ever.

A little while ago I wrote about a local group who was going to the Ukraine to work with special needs orphans. I was so taken aback that in the Ukraine - parents normally give up their special needs children and if they are not adopted by age 4 - they are put in an institution where they are basically put in a bed all day and they get little interaction or medical care. Most of these children die there at an early age. I was appalled at this.

I recently heard from a reader who has seven children. Several of her children have special needs. That alone to me sounds like so much for one person to handle. But the Lord has put on her family's hearts to adopt two girls with Down Syndrome from the Ukraine. I think that is amazing. They must however raise a lot of money soon to do this. Would you consider looking at their blog and read their story? Thank you! It's a pretty good one.

I also heard from another reader who their family is serving the Lord in France and they are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. Check out their blog and read their story and see if you could help!

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