Sunday, February 28, 2010

These feet were made for walking

Thanks to the Great Stomach Bug of 2010 our weekend has been pretty quiet. We mostly just stayed close around the house. Last night Harper and I went over to eat dinner with Laurie and Steve and our friends Amanda & Brad. Scott really wanted to go but we were afraid he was still contagious.
Most of Harper's friends at church are all boys so I'm so thankful to have these 3 little girls for Harper to play with. They are a little older but I hope they will all be friends.

Such sweet little girls
My chubby monkey
After dinner the girls do what they do best - dressed up in princess outfits, tutus and crowns and had a dance party. This is what all good Baptist girls do on Saturday nights in case you didn't know. ha!
Harper didn't dress up or dance but she spent the whole night walking around Laurie's house and playing. Overnight - just this week - she is now a full time walker. She has spent the last few days walking all over the place and not crawling much anymore. Oh how fast time passes. I had to run out today for a little bit and Scott took this picture. I just love that little face!

I took a video of her walking today. I thought you might like to see what a "big girl" we have on our hands. She also started kissing me on the mouth this week. One afternoon I was sitting on the floor and for about 30 solid minutes she would walk over, lean over and kiss me, giggle hysterically and walk off and then come right back and do it again. Maybe the best 30 minutes of my life.
No - it pretty much WAS the best 30 minutes of my life!

P.S. I've been following this story and I often tweet about things like this so often because I don't blog as often as I use twitter so I forget to maybe mention on my blog........but if you haven't read about
Please pray for their family. They have a 2 year old who has stage 4 cancer and is basically at home in her last days. They are having to watch her die and I can't imagine how horrific that is. I keep imagining Harper and us in that position and it's beyond words. Pray for peace and comfort. Please.

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