Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snail Mail

We are much better today. It looks like the Stomach bug has flown out of our house! Thank goodness - that was NOT fun!
Thankfully Harper slept pretty much all night (better than most nights) and she is feeling good today! We are sticking to the BRAT diet today and tomorrow just to be sure. (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and toast - a good diet for anyone that may have issues on "either end".) (Sorry - but I knew you might ask about the BRAT diet. ha!)
So we've just been hanging around the house in our pj's today and taking it easy. I've been doing a LOT of laundry.
Does this look like a girl who feels better? ha!

I was thinking this afternoon about snail mail. I just LOVE getting anything in my mail that isn't bills or junk. Don't you? Back.....WAY BACK........in my college days before we had e-mail, twitter, facebook, blogs........I used to be the QUEEN of mail. You could ask my best college friend/roommate Kandi (if she wasn't in India on a mission trip - so proud of you Kandi). I probably would have had straight A's if I didn't spend so much time writing little cards and letters to my friends. (sorry mom and dad - but I still graduated!)
I decided I'm going to challenge myself to send at least one card or letter to a friend a week. I may even make up a long list of everyone I'd like to write and make an excel spreadsheet (I miss using excel on a daily basis for work sometimes! I'm such a nerd!)
What about you? Don't you think it would be fun to make each other's day with a cute little handwritten note? Maybe even some stickers or a recipe ripped out of a magazine or anything that reminded you of them?

And just after thinking about that and even writing about it on twitter .......I went to check my mail. And look what I found? Precious shoes Angie S. bought for Harper and a VERY unexpected sweet note from a college aged girl named Hannah! They both MADE my day and all the stomach flu yuckiness of yesterday just flew out the window.

Let's be that little "Pick-me-up" for others......what do you think? Is there someone who you could make their day by mixing a "thinking of you" in between the cable bill and the electric bill?

Someone in the comments reminded me of this - I saw this at Thanksgiving on the Today show. It made me cry. Just a wonderful example of what a letter could mean. This man is my hero!

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