Monday, February 22, 2010

Mother/Daughter Day of Fun

First things first - I never mentioned but I guess you noticed that I got another blog makeover! I loved Harper's birthday blog but I'm loving the red and blue! What do you think? Thanks to the Design Girl for the cute new look!!!

Harper and I had a fun little day of outings today. After her morning nap - we headed to Gymboree for a little play and learn class! We had a free class coupon and I wanted to see if she would like it or not!

She had the BEST time and it was so much fun watching her!
Her friend Brayden was there also - I think they were realizing they knew each other about now.
Playing and playing
Bless her heart - I think her favorite moment was playing with these big balls. She was squealing she was so excited. I told everyone we didn't own any balls and maybe we should.
I love this picture. They pushed this big thing across the room and Harper did really good!
Gymbo is the little mascot and when the teacher asked if anyone wanted to see him - Harper made a bee line and grabbed him and started hugging him and saying "Oh Oh". We are always playing "love your baby" these days so she thought it was natural to love the clown too!
I think her other favorite thing was the bubbles. She kept reaching and grabbing for them!
After our big hour of play - we went and had lunch - just the two of us at Panera. We are always going out to eat with friends but it was nice to be just the two of us and have some girl talk. ha!
Our last stop was Target. I was looking for some blush. Long story but I went to a different hair dresser this weekend because of a schedule conflict and I ended up with WAY too blond hair. And I'm hanging with it for a few weeks but I realized that I'm one of the few women who don't wear blush and I needed some color. ha! This is us when we got home.

But our fun day turned a little ugly around 5 when suddenly Harper came down with a stomach bug. I feel like a real mom now after all the "throw up" I have cleaned up tonight. She has been asleep for a while so I'm praying she is on the mend. It's been a rough night. It's hard to watch your baby be sick. I can't imagine how all those moms out there with babies with cancer or other illnesses feel. Pray for those moms tonight. Such a reminder to me.

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