Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Simple Pleasures

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I have a friend named Rachel who is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She was talking last week about how her and her friends in high school used to play a game called "Simple Pleasures" where they would list things that were just "simple pleasures" like warm socks out of the dryer or hot chocolate on a cold day. I got tickled because that is SO her but I've been thinking this week about the simple pleasures in my life.

I was thinking about it today because last night Scott and I experienced what to me is probably my BEST simple pleasure these days. It may seem silly to you - but I literally had to run out of Harper's room last night with my hand over my mouth because I was so happy I thought my heart would burst. Why?

Because Harper suddenly wants to sleep with a "dolly". Every time she goes to bed lately - I hand her her baby and she squeezes it close to her chest and flashes the biggest smile and that may seem like nothing to you but to me it's just precious. I just love having a little girl who wants to hold a baby doll and love it like I love her!
This little smile with the wrinkled nose and the 8 teeth flashing is one of my simple pleasures.

Fresh cut grass in the middle of the summer

A Sonic vanilla diet coke

Hearing one of your favorite songs on the radio

Having a good hair day

Waking up an hour before your alarm goes off and realize you can still get more sleep!
A sweet note in the mail from a friend

Phone calls and e-mails from your friends on your birthday

Going to bed at night with a quiet dark house and the sound of the dishwasher running

Freshly mopped floors - even if I'm the one who just mopped them!

Reading cookbooks

A Saturday with nothing to do and staying in your PJ's ALL day!
Lunch with a friend

Finding change (or dollars) in your pocket or purse

Your dog licking you (this may not be a simple pleasure for everyone but I love it)

The whole family cuddling up in bed together and laughing

Snow days

Warm, humid summer nights


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