Monday, February 01, 2010

Little Ears

This will be the shortest blog post ever because I really only have one thing to say:

We've had a few rough nights and long days lately. Harper has not been sleeping. She hasn't taken a nap in the last couple of days and she has been very fussy. She screams at night and won't sleep. So I finally got her in to the dr today and surprise surprise - she has an ear infection. Bless her heart. I feel SO bad for her. I'm hoping a few doses of antibiotic will make her her old self.
And momma and daddy are SO tired. That pretty much sums up our life over the last couple of days. (yes - I have on the same clothes as yesterday. ha! I'm too tired to pick out another outfit. ha! And I only had it on for an hour yesterday!)
She still gives me sweet smiles from time to time. I love her so much!

I have to get my rest tonight - tomorrow is a HUGE TV night - American Idol, Biggest Loser and LOST! Who else is excited about all three????

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