Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So due to your responses - we WILL keep up the Show us your life Fridays! It HAS been a lot of fun visiting different blogs, seeing new ideas, etc.

We are going to take a break for a few weeks but we will resume on NEW YEARS DAY with our New years resolutions!!!

I know a lot of you have e-mailed me but I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE if you would leave your ideas in the comments on this post and I'll put together a schedule for 2010!!!


Laura said...

Great idea! I'm so happy it's continuing!! Many blessings and Merry Christmas! :)

ashley said...

hmm i better start thinkin of those resolutions now! merry christmas! :)

Elvis Dog said...

Did you already do pets? They just seem to take such a backseat to kids, let's give them their own day!

momofall said...

Hi Kelll and beautiful sweet Harper!!! Your life is just going to be better and better because of this precious little girl. I can't wait each day to see a new picture of her. Thanks so much for sharing. I have a couple of ideas for the 2010 Show us your Life, although, I hope you can answer one quick thing before then. Those cute littel ornaments you made- how did you get the paper shreds down in there and get them to stay? What instrument did you use?
Here's a couple of ideas for show us your life. any christmas ornament you make and directions, directions on really HOW do you decorate a tree. Like when to put the lights, around and around?, up and down, or weaving onto each branch. And, exactly how do you place the ornaments on the tree? How do you know where to start and where to put the ornaments.Also although, most people have them, where did you get your tree skirt and is there anything you do special with it? Last, but not least--- HOW do you get that mesh on the tree to turn out looking so good? Just a few thoughts that could still be helpful to someone this season. Blessings to your entire family, Kelly.

Jeanette Mundy said...

Maybe "Show us your life" before and after photos of our New years weight loss plans. Maybe we can do that one in June perhaps :-)

Michelle said...

I would like some ideas on fashion for the stay-at-home mom, I'm a 38year-old mom of two boys and I need some help!

Kim said...

How about tell us how you loose unwanted weight.

Oxford Impressions said...

Really enjoy your blog. I love apothecary jars and am always looking for new ideas. I would really enjoy a, Show Us Your Life Apothecary Jar Ideas.....hint, hint!!!!

Leigh Anne Hedges said...

How about collections (things you like to collect), hobbies, favorite books, favorite movies??

Sarah @ Preaching In Pumps said...

How about show us your favorite biblical verses and why.

I know a lot of people would love some direction and I would love some stories behind why certain verses have struck a chord with certain people.

His Doorkeeper said...

1. Show an item that someone has given to you that is very special and tell why it is special.

2. Show & tell about your very pair of shoes OR show your "rattiest" pair of shoes and tell why you don't throw them out.

3. Post a picture of the person you wold most like to look like (like if that were possible) and why you would like to look like them.

4. Show your favorite coffee mug...where you got it and why it's your favorite?

5. Show a baby picture of yourself.

6. For Valentine's Day: What was your favorite memory, gift, story, date????

Cody Sharene said...

I love the fashion for the stay at home mom idea!

His Doorkeeper said...

I left out the word "favorite" in number 2:

"Show and tell about your favorite pair of shoes...."

My mind goes faster than my fingers! har har

Jeni said...

show and tell your exercise routine?? I have been wanting to share with you for so long that because you mention Shred months ago I bought it and have lost 10 lbs. AND I have dozens of friends doing it now too...all because you mentioned it so THANKS!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Alyssa said...

I think we should tour each others' closets!

Elizabeth said...

Favorite Christian/Praise songs...I did a post on the praise songs of my life and loved it!

Todd and Courtney said...

I like favorite charity. It's such a good thing to give our time and efforts to charitable causes. Compassion is mine as I've sponsored a little girl for 7 years but I would love to see other people's favorites. We are always looking to give.

Melissa said...

How about products you can't live beauty products, cleaning tools, cooking gadgets...stuff like that...I'm always looking for new stuff like that and its nice to get info about products first hand!

Jennifer said...

-Ideas for Teacher Gifts--Preschool, Sunday School, Elementary
-Ways to organize
-favorite Hobby
-guilty pleasures

Andrea said...

Show us the inside of your car!!!!(I say this because of all the crap that is in mine right now--if I were to crash and be in a ditch with two broken legs for a week, I could probably live off of all the stuff that is in my Suburban until the rescue people find me!)

Michele said...

i'd love to read about Show Us How You Met Your Husband/Fiance ... I'm one of the young single gals that looks to you for inspiration, and I love to hear stories of how people met!!!

Thanks and Merry Merry Christmas!

Alyssa said...

I've never linked to the show us your life things, but I've enjoyed reading them!

I love decorating for seasons! Fall is my favorite, but all of them have great decoraring options, so seasonal and holiday decorations would definitely be fun!

ways you creatively save money
I love the ways to organize idea!

Jenn said...

How about our favorite winter things that we love! You could also do one for the beginning of each season.

.....These are a few of my favorite things! :D

Steph said...

How about children's/future children's names - why we picked that name, any special reasons, etc? I remember once reading how you picked Harper's name and that it has a special meaning (as well as Hudson) and thought it was so sweet and special!

This Texas Momma said...

How about the oddest thing you collect? I know I've got some coffee mugs that have never seen the light of day. Could be really funny! And happy 11 months dear Harper! You don't realize how much older she looks until you put up the past pictures!

Meghan said...

I would love to do Show us your Favorite book or books.

Courtney said...

Show us your significant other, i.e. spouse!
How we met, why you fell in love, what they do....

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

Organization for toys...
Projects and crafts for kids...

laurensmommy said...

I don't always have time to link up, but I have really enjoyed reading the "show us you life" posts!

How about:
~where do you shop?
~moeny saving tips/couponing

Ashley said...

I love looking in other people's fridges/pantries -- I think it just kind of gives you an interesting perspective to what their life is like!

Also, maybe other seasonal decor -- I do usually put out some things for Valentine's, Easter, Fourth of July and Halloween/fall.

Rachel Moss said...

Show Us Your:
Favorite Neighborhood Spot

I also like the already mentioned Collections, How You Met Your Spouse, and Favorite Book(s).

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm thinking ahead a bit...

Easter traditions?
Teacher Appreciation/End of year gift ideas?
Things you collect?
Wedding china pattern?

Alissa:Adventurer said...

You definitely have to do the "what do you collect" idea! A few people have mentioned it and it would be so much fun!

Other ideas:
-Favorite Neighborhood Spot (someone mentioned this one as well.)

-Favorite Craft to make (for yourself, for your kids, for your house, out of paper, out of yarn- pretty much anything!)

Staci said...

I love Show Us Where You Shop. Never know when it help someone find something they have been searching for. One week can be where you shop for clothes, then one week, accessories for the home, then groceries, etc.

Also how about a "Show Us Your Favorite Things". I've seen these before where people post about 5-6 things that make them happy. Maybe it's a favorite candy, bubble bath, candle, magazine and coffee mug. Just a little vignette into what makes us happy day to day.

King J's Queen said...

How about things that make life sweet (like a particular shampoo, or flavor of tea)...
Or, a treasured heirloom...
Or, everyday dishes...
Or, fine china patterns...
Or, favorite family games...

Lena said...

Hi Kelly,
I just started looking at your "show us your life" a couple months ago, so I hope my suggestions are not "reruns." :)
1. Your favorite restaurant
2. Favorite vacation
3. Favorite Movie
4. Favorite Heirloom recipe
5. Favorite blog...yikes that will be hard.
6. Hobbies
7. Sports Team
8. Superbowl parties
9. Favorite bible verse

I would love to continue the home series as I know a lot of people switch things up...Call me a snoop, but I loved looking into others homes. So many ideas!!!

Mrs. Biscuit said...

Show us your makeup bag/bathroom products
Show us your purse/diaper bag (ie what you carry around)

harmonysong said...

Show us your favorite gift of all time.

Favorite store and your favorite things you have purchased there

Favorite decoration in your house

Show us your purse and it's contents

Your favorite outfit

NYCLON said...

Favorite Books or Favorite Children's Books
Favorite Beauty Products or What is your beauty routine?
Weight Loss Sucess Stories
Fitness Tips or what is your exercise routine?
Favorite kitchen appliances/gadgets-ha!
Favorite online store
Date Night ideas
Fashion ideas for mom
Randon Acts of Kindness - do something and tell everyone what you did

Melanie said...


Day in the Life (DITL) - people take a camera around with them all day and take pictures throughout to show what their day is like!

Favorite place in your house
Best organizational tip
China - both formal and everyday (preferably with the table all set!)

Erin said...

yay! i'm so glad we'll be continuing this! after viewing "the perfect poof" yesterday, i want to know how everyone does their hair/morning routine/makeup. that video was HILARIOUS! but it also gave me some great tips!

i also love to see how people organize--i can always use help in that area!

Kimmy said...

Ideas I'd like to see:

- area/wall up the side of stairs

- craft or computer area/room

- laundry room

- plants/flower bed (in the Spring)

- tupperware cabinet (o:
or under the sink cabinet

~ kim

Val, Brax and Harper said...

people have added so many great ideas! i don't know that i have any NEW ones, but i'll tell you the ones i vote for!
i love the ideas about favorite p&w songs, also fave bible verses.
also, i like show us your make up bag/beauty products, and your closet.
i think we should do one on pregnancy/birth stories or adoption stories!
what about show us your job? whether it's as a SAHM or outside the home, we all work in some way or another!
i love the idea of a before and after weight loss/get fit post-like someone else said, we'd have to push that one out a ways!

Courtney said...

proposal stories!

Courtney said...

-if you live in an old (like, 100 yr. old) house with no closets....need organizational tips
-favorite gift you received this Christmas
-cheap vacation ideas
-favorite TV shows for Spring
-bible study ideas, recommendations

Unknown said...

How about best dates for couples with kids who are trying to save money. We are always looking for fun things to do.

Rachel H. said...

Glad that you are going to keep it up in the New Year! I like the idea about show us your life dates, you could also do church, etc. You've gotten some great ideas!

Chelsa said...

glad you decided to keep it up!

Ginger said...

i know you aren't really there, but I would love to see a show us where you live post on simple caregiver gifts. For the Sunday school teacher or nursery worker or classroom teacher or dance teacher- you get the idea. I would also love to see a show us where you live filled with ideas for gifts for other children- for a child to give to their whole class- school, church, dance, playgroup- that kind of thing. I'm running out of ideas and my daughter is only 4 and not even in real school!!

Bree, Home of Blogmania said...

I am always in search of ideas of things to do with my children, both inside and outside (to other places). OH, yeah, the less expense the better. I know different area have different things but sometimes someone else's idea can help me think outside of my 'box' and give us some new ideas! So, maybe some fun ideas. I have tons for the summer but with the Ohio winter the kids get stir crazy sooner than later!
Thanks! Have a wonderful holiday!

Laura Ann said...


I am so glad you still going to do the Show Us You Life Friday's, I LOVE THEM! I have emailed one of these ideas before but thought I would add it here again.

Favorite Childrens Books
I love the idea of favorite devotional
Also the one about thing you collect
Daily dishes or favorite serving pieces
Favorite Stores to shop
Favorite online stores to shop
Favorite books that you could/do read over and over
Favorite money saving find (i.e. a piece of furniture or artwork you got at a great deal or found at a yard sale at a great price)
Favorite place to buy kids clothes
Favorite money saving decorating tips

I Could probably keep going, I believe in throwing everything out there and seeing what sticks Ha (design school trick).

Merry Christmas!
Daily laying it at the Master's feet!
Laura Ann

John, Riley and Parker said...


I'm so glad you are continuing the "Show Us Your Life" series - the possibilties are endless. I read some of the comments - great ideas! Here are mine (they may be duplicates of other comments)...
~How you met your spouse
~Baby Pictures
~Organizing Ideas (my personal fav)
~Favorite kitchen gadget
~Devotional book
Thanks so much - Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

I am loving the SAHM makeover one! ha! Your mom had some great ideas in her comment also. I remember my mother's favorite pair of shoes. She had a pair of green tennis shoes back in the late 80's and into the early 90's. She wore them anywhere that she could get away with wearing them. Sadly for us, she has been in Heaven for 12 years now. Wonder if she has green tennis shoes up there too?

Unknown said...

I like the Show Us Your Life Apothecary Jar Ideas that someone said because I have one and I am good with stuff for Christmas, but never know what to do the rest of the year besides fruit.

Also, I thought maybe your favorite Christian charity. I love Compassion, but there are so many others out there too that help families.

Megan said...

Hi Kelly! I am excited to be joining you! I went back and read through some of the older blogs and WOW what a touching story! It really made me think! Anyway, Harper is beautiful! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

Brittany said...

I'm excited you'll be keeping these going! My only thought that hasn't already been mentioned is Show Us Your Best Cleaning Secret. My mom always had a great tips up her sleeve and I sure could use other tips for keeping up with the kids!
Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

Shelly Powers said...

1. Favorite childrens boutique (shop)
2. Favorite trunk show line ie matilda jane
3. Ladies or couples bible study book ideas; I am alwyas looking for new ones... We could share ones we have done
4. Ladies ministry ideas for church... We are always looking for new ideas
5. Rainy day or freezing cold inside activity ideas
6. Favorite jeans brand style etc
7. Ditto on the fav shoes
8. Homemade valintine craft or goodies... Easter, christmas etc
9. ideas for taking dinner to someone else... I always feel like I take them same thing to people!

Helen Joy said...

I would love to do one about names.
Tell what their name means and where you got it from (ie family, read it in a favorite book, etc.) and you could do it with Children's names.
I'd be a great place to look if people were looking to name a child.

Wiz said...

How about embarrassing stories! They would be so much fun to read. My only problem is that I would have a hard time deciding which one because there are so many!

Miz Jean said...

I'm always curious what people do for their personal devotions. Do they read a favorite book, how do they decide which portion of the Word to read, do they journal, do they write out their prayers, etc.

I also love the idea of mom fashion - affordable mom fashion!!!

Chari said...

I wish you would have done an old christmas photo one this month! (there's still time :-)

I love looking at pictures of people when they were kids at Christmas esp if they are close to my age. It's fun!

emily said...

I love the ideas mentioned about proposal stories and how you met your spouse/boyfriend/fiance.

I don't always post, but sometimes use your Friday theme as a post idea. :)

Also, I was looking forward to the hometown post that was postponed. I would love to show off my little town and see where others live as well.

Farris Family said...

Great Idea! It would also be fun to post out New Years day traditions (just an idea). We luv yall! Merry Christmas!

Melissa Miller said...

Kelly I really enjoy the home and decorating aspects of "Show Us Your Life". Fun, Fun!!!! :)

Melissa's Thoughts said...

How about show us your town? Show us historical places in your town? Show us your closets. Show us your favorite outfit. Show us your desk at home/work. I enjoy to travel so show us your travel domestic and abrode.

The Harrells said...

I'd love to see kids parties, especially first birthdays. That way you can show us the decorations for Harper's first birthday. Plus, even though my daughter is only 6 weeks old, I love to plan parties, and I want to start getting a collection of ideas for her first birthday :) I know, I'm crazy.

Casey Fields said...

I love the idea for exercise plans, praise songs, bible verses, and 1st birthday parties :)

Jolie said...

Children's Birthday Parties

SHANNON said...


I do not know you but ran accross your blog randomly last night! Its so freakin cute! Everything about it! Your entries will help me get through my work day! ;) How did you end up getting so many "followers" & how are you able to give away such HUGE gifts? I have started to do 1st one was a $10 pair of earrings & my next is is a $15 scarf! ;) HA!.....I was wondering, do you think you can post my blog site on your blog? Id love more followers myself!!! :) SKV6.BLOGSPOT.COM Feel free to email me! Id love to hear how your blog became so BIG! Continue making people smile! ~Shannon~ :)

angie said...

I haven't read the comments, so I apologize if this is a repeat, but I think it would be nice to see others favorite organizing ideas. Creative and easy organizing for every day things that all of us have!
Have a blessed Christmas! Harper's first Christmas, how very special for you.

Kelli Kegley said...

I'm sure someone has already suggested this, but here goes:

I would love a Show Us Your Life-Bible Verse. Have them pick a Bible Verse that really resonated with them sometime throughout their life. I love hearing how different people interpret different verses. It is a great way to grow and learn!

Kim said...

I feel like maybe you did this a long time ago, but maybe one where everyone can post their favorite places to shop for affordable clothes/accessories. I always love seeing people's ideas!

Shelley said...

I would love to see other people's ideas on saving money. Some topics:
'Stay'cations. Love the idea, Dislike the name. But finding ways to keep your family entertained while staying at home would be great to know since the economy is still rough.
At home movie night. What do you watch? Do you do popcorn, sweets or something different?
Baby or Wedding Shower gift you cannot live without. Maybe both.

Emily said...

I love the idea about show us your diaper bag! I love seeing the creative things people come up with to keeps a diaper bag organized and also would love some ideas/websites as to where the bags were bought.

Jen said...

I think you should do:
Hair and Beauty Products!
I love seeing what other people use!

Alphabet Soup Momma said...

YAY! So excited we are going to the Show us Your Life posts! They are some of my favorites! Maybe we did it and I missed it but did we do show us your town? What about show us your (1) favorite breakfast recipe (2) Your favorite hymn/song (3)favorite restuarant
(4) Easter Traditions (5) Best Date you have ever been on for Valentines Day . Well that is all I can think of for now! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Renata Mariano Kanellis said...

I think you should do:

1) Greatest gift received
2) Funniest gift received
3) Show off the greatest people in the world...Grandparents
4)Birthday party ideas

Hope this helps

Katie said...

I was just reading through comments to see what others had suggested. I loved one woman's list and then realized it was your mom! Hilarious. Maybe in 2010 my resolution is that I will participate in the Show Us Your Life? I always read and never do it myself. My excuses are a mile long but it will definitely be fun to continue.
How about bargain shopping secrets and show some of your favorite bargains you bought? Especially after the holidays when everything is on sale.

Cerys said...

How about favourite etsy items/shops or ebay items/sellers. I know I use etsy all the time for cute things I could never ever make myself (I am somewhat challenged in the sewing department) but there are just so many cute things to look at it can take forever!

Our Happy Married Life... said...

I'm a newer reader to your blog so forgive me if you've already done this one but I think a show us your life vacations would be fun. During these super cold months it would be fun to think about where to travel next.

noahandlylasmommi said...

I am so glad you decided to keep it!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I love these! It totally helps me when I have writer's block too!

Beth Haley said...

I think I'm a multiple person to suggest some of these so I'm just going to "second" them.

1) show us your love story (how you met/fell in love with your spouse/s.o.)

2) Show us your birth/adoption story -- or your story about how you're still waiting

3) Show us your favorite outfit

4) Show us your keepsakes

5) show us your favorite vacation

Anonymous said...

Show us your pets!

Show us your desk!

Sarah said...

How about show/tell your favorite games to play with your kids? When my son was younger (he's only 2.5 now!) I had no clue what kind of games to play with him so some ideas for that would be great!

Amiee said...

I am so happy you are continuing this! I have never posted, but just got done building a new home and got some great ideas from all of your readers!! I would also love to read the weight loss plans, SAHM wardrobes, organizational tips, and money saving ideas.
Thanks so much for your blog and hope your beautiful family has a very merry Christmas!

Kristen said...

I don't think there could ever be too many "Show us your favorite recipe" Fridays. It could even be broken down into "Show us your favorite Chicken recipe." or SUYF quick meal recipe; go to meal; freezer meal. Etc.

I love a lot of the ideas previous commentors have made! :)

Jennifer Owens said...

How about show us your shoes?! Or purses or earrings - any accessory. THat might be fun! (o:

Kara said...

I want to know, because I am going to be a working mother next year: SHOW US YOUR MORNING ROUTINES-GETTING OUT THE DOOR WITH A LITTLE ONE...a how to guide for working and SAHMs!

Anonymous said...

What about show us your family traditions or show us your favorite "going out" outfit?

Lori said...

Show us your life idea's:

Beauty routines like, haircare, make-up etc.

Sarah said...

What about organization methods (bathrooms, pantry, kitchen, etc...) - favorite wedding gifts, pets, home town tour in pictures, favorite restaurants, favorite stores & why....

The Undomestic Mom said...

Yay! I love this! Maybe show us your kids rooms?

John & Michelle said...

I loved your mom's ideas! Also collections and favorite bible verse!

I also think "what you see from your front door" might be fun! And how about your favorite summer grilling recipe? Be it a secret sauce or side dish.

I will start participating in the new year!

Kyetra said...

I LOVE Show Us Your Life!
1) Collections
2) Holiday Decor and Goodies for all the Holidays - I bet that those jars of yours would look great with Valentine candy in them
3) Best/Favorite Vacation
4) Heirlooms - how you got them, how they belonged too
5) Chrismas aftermath - It takes me forever to get the trees down and packed away
6)Favorite childhood memory
7) I love the shoe, car, purse, diaper bag ideas
8) I like the baby names idea with why the name was chosen
9) Highschool flashback - It would be great since we are all ages and from different decades

Father's Grace Ministries said...

What about sharing your CD collections?


Angela said...

How about Show Us Your Life, 1st Birthday's? I really would like some more ideas for my son's party, coming up Jan. 19th!

Kate's Mommy said...

how about a "show us your life - where you volunteer" the spirit of Christmas and all!

Sarah Bryant said...

Show us Your Family
Show Us Your Hometown(where you live now)
Show Us Your Favorite Vacation
Show Us Your Honeymoon
Show Us Your Favorite Parenting Tip

JAMIE said...

We gotta do a Show Us Your Pets!!! :)

momofbugs said...

Favorite recipe, daily schedules, favorite baby product, what you like about where you live, your place of worship....hope this gives you some ideas. I love these Friday posts so I am glad you are keeping it going.

mishamoo said...

How about show us your pools? Would love to see how others landscape around their pool....also maybe include favorite pool toys and where purchased??

Stephanie said...

How about --tablescape/decorations
--low fat/low cal recipe
--wall art
--quote (separate from
Biblical ones)
--fashion accessories
--creative renovations/solutions
changing things on a
--biggest decorating problem
I have no blog of my own, but I think we can all gain TONS of help by reading what folks post!