Monday, July 06, 2009

Mom Poll #436

Today has been a pretty eventful day. First of all - I spoke to Vivian's mom, Somer, on the phone today. Thank you so much for praying - she is truly a miracle. Somer previously was a nurse at Arkansas Children's where Vivian is and I think that is a huge blessing. If Vivian's fracture to her skull would have been even a few milimeters larger - she could have had significant brain damage but thankfully she is doing great and has been up today eating and playing and will get to go home tomorrow!!!

Harper and I left after lunch today to come to my parent's house to visit for a few days. Harper was so good and slept for the entire 3 hour trip. But when I when to get her out of the car - I noticed she had dried blood covering her lips. Of course I started freaking out. So I brought her inside and mom and I had a flashlight looking in her mouth and all over her body. We could not figure it out. Probably 30 minutes later after I fed her - I noticed her mouth was bleeding. I think I've been reading WAY too many blogs lately and hearing so many bad things that immediately I thought "she is spitting up blood or having internal bleeding and she probably has a tumor". So mom and I took her to the hospital to the ER. Of course it was packed and it was going to be HOURS before they could see her and it was already 6 p.m. A really nice nurse looked her over and he works at Children's Hospital and he reassured me and told me if it was his baby - he would take her home. Most likely she has a small cut in her mouth. She also is teething a top tooth now. THREE TEETH ALREADY? That girl really wants to get into some real food. So we are watching her closely but I have to admit I started tearing up after the nurse made me feel better.

So now for a little poll. I have 3 questions for you today and I'd love to hear your answers:

1. At what age did your children start sleeping through the night on a consistent basis?

(Harper is still getting up every 2-3 hours and I'm about to lose my mind so I'm just looking for a little light at the end of my tunnel. And I have all the books (Baby Wise, Sleep Habits, etc.......just no time or energy to read them). She has actually become SO much easier during the day and has been taking great naps - I just love EVERY minute with her - but night time is almost getting worse.

2. At what age did your children start sitting up?

Harper has been ahead on all of her milestones but she is not sitting up yet and I know it's okay but I'm just curious what the average age is for all of you. We are practicing, practicing, practicing.

3. I'm re-doing our family room. Pictures to come soon. We got new furniture (well new to us - we bought it from a couple who sold it to get new furniture) and I've ordered a new rug and now I'm planning to get bar stools. These are the ones I think I want to get. What do you think (without knowing how the room looks) - cute, ugly, a great neutral? ......Give it to me.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday so Harper and I hope to enjoy celebrating with her! My parents live in the country and we were just looking out the window watching six deer hang out by my car in front of their house. So fun!


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Jess :) said...

Praise the Lord Harper is okay! You had me worried...even though you said she was okay...I still freaked a little, I'm not gonna lie! :)

As you know, I don't have kids yet...but Jorgen is only able to sit up for about 2-3 seconds by 5 months. Otherwise, it's simply the Bumbo!

I love the bar stools! Seriously...honestly...wholeheartedly...LOVE THEM!! They just scream YOU all over and I would so have those in my house, as well!

I hope you enjoy your time at your mom's! I know she's super excited to have you!

Love and Hugs

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

1. Mary Margaret slept through the night (8+ hours) at 8 weeks. She now sleeps 12-13 hours straight (she'll be 6 months tomorrow). I really think it's genetic--I LOVE to sleep...and she does too!
2. She sat up when she 4 months and 28 days old so really really close to 5 months.
3. I like them! I really like wicker...and the arms are fabulous!

J said...

my son started sleeping through the nite between 10-12 weeks...we started doing scheduled feedings with him during the day around 7 weeks, and would wake him at 10pm for a "dream feed"...basically i'd go in, get him out of bed and stick a bottle in his mouth :) he started stretching it from there and within a couple of weeks he was going 10-7a. my mother gave me grief about that (never wake a baby and feed it when it wants to philosophy), but he needed mommy who was well rested! at harper's age, she is most likely waking up out of habit and b/c she wants mommy. you might try letting her start crying it out's tough, but it wouldn't take long if you're consistent, and you could do small intervals at first. (not saying let her scream for an hour!) good luck..
oh, and he was a little early on sitting up...about 5 1/2 mos. i think 6-7 mos is pretty typical i think.

Stephanie said...

Hey Kelly,

All 3 of my kids didn't sleep thru the night till I weaned them from breastfeeding. It was about 13 mos for all 3. I tried the crying, babywise, Ferber, Dr Weisbluth etc. Plus I am a Pedi nurse you think I could do it, but I couldn't! Looking back they are now 6, 3, 3 I am glad I did what I did. I know it's hard when you are living thru it (believe me I know), but everything is temporary. My suggestion have her sleep right next to your bed and nurse her laying down. That way you can sleep thru her feedings. Hang in there!! :)

My kids sat up at 7 and 8 months old.

LOVE the bar stools!! Where are they from they would look SO good in my kitchen!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 is 3 and the other is 17 months...I did not sleep through the night from pregnancy with the first till the second one was 11 months :( and both of mine were exclusively breast fed. and i coslept with avery (the baby) till she was 8 months and she roomed in with me till after her 1st birthday. They both sat up right around 6 months old! and Harper got teeth way way earlier than my girls!

Mama's In the Kitchen said...

I hate to say it but my little girl was almost a year old before she slept more than 2 hours at a time. It was horrible! She finally started sleeping better when I shut off the baby monitor. I could still hear her if she was real upset, but not every fuss. I think I was the reason she got up so often. I would hear her whimper and would jump out of bed trying to get her back to sleep before she freaked out.

Jacquie said...

So sorry you had a scare tonight. But, I'm glad it doesn't seem serious.

1. Kale started sleeping for 13 hour periods at 4 weeks (right after I fed him watered down cereal). He was 12 or 13 pounds at the time and nursing just wasn't enough, so the doctor suggested the cereal. Worked great for him. Tyler, however, was still waking up 2-3 times a night when he was a year old. Sorry, if that's discouraging.

2. I can't remember when my boys sat up on their own, but it seems like it was around 6 months or so. I'd have to go back and look. They did crawl before sitting up, though. Don't know if that's unusual.

3. LOVE the bar stools. They look very Pottery Barn.

Leah said...

Glad to see Harper is okay! That would freak me out with my daughter as well!!!

1. My daughter consistently slept through the night around 4 1/2 months or so? But it took work and several nights of crying it out. I knew she was waking out of habit and not hunger because she was waking at exactly the same times and a lot of the time would not want to eat and would fall asleep as soon as I tried nursing her. I read Baby Wise and followed their sleep advice, although I will say it's about impossible to follow that book as they say and lead a normal life. If you did, you'd never leave the house haha. And that is not an option for me, I'd go crazy!! Really, it was training her to sleep though. And now, she easily sleeps atleast 12 hours every night and naps twice a day, usually 2 hours each nap, her afternoon nap is sometimes 3 hours.

2. She sat up a little before 6 months I think? Like you, we "worked" on it and then one day, all of the sudden she just sat there! It's like she got it !

3. LOVE the stool, very very cute!

West Family said...

My daughter is 3 months old and started sleeping through the night about 3 weeks ago (she sleeps 5:00ish- 7 (or 8), wakes up and eats about 2oz and goes right back to sleep until 6. All babies are so different but I know many people who supplement a bottle of formula to help them sleep longer at night. Is harper in her own bed yet? That can also make a huge difference. My friend just moved her 4 month old and the 2nd night she was sleeping for a chunk of 6 hours and a few nights later almost 11 hours! Another friends doctor told her 10lbs or 10 weeks is when they should start giving you a big chunk of time at night.
It will get better at some point promise:)

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

My son slept through the night at 4 weeks. He was formula fed though, so I think that makes a big difference.

He didn't sit up until 9 or 10 months. I remember that we had to prop him up for Christmas pictures.

Beth said...

Hope it is just the new teeth that are making her pretty little mouth bleed! That would freak me out also.
1. My 9-year-old daughter started sleeping through the night when she weaned herself from breastfeeding at 11 months. My 4-year-old son still wakes up EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY night between 2 and 3!!! So I feel your pain!
2. They both sat up by themselves around 7 months.
3. Love the barstools!

Todd and Courtney said...

I got your thank you note. You are so sweet and didn't have to send one :)

Answers to your questions:
1. Lauren just turned 8 months old and she has slept 10-12 hrs at night, every night, ever since she was 4 months old. We did the cry it out method. It's not horrible, I promise. Its not like we left her there to scream but it worked great for her. She also slept in her room, all the time. She likes it better. It's darker, she likes the music, she likes her crib, etc.

2. Sitting up: She was around 6 1/2 months old. She was a little "behind" in this area because she's so little. She only weighs 14 pounds at 8 months so she just doesn't have the fat to help her. Sounds weird but it's what we were told. It was harder for her balance.

3. Love those bar stools. I would totally pay you to decorate my house!!

You are a great mommy Kelly! Keep it up. It's hard sometimes. I'm alone ALL the time it seems with Todd flying and it can be lonely and hard. But you're doing great. It's such a great day when you update your blog and I see I'm not alone going through everything≥

The Pelhams said...

Ok, I followed Babywise, I have the actual 3 ring binder original version called Preperation for Parenting, my aunt and uncle took the Ezzo's class when they lived in California, and then they made it more secular and named it Babywise. My first was about 3 months, my 2nd was 8 weeks, and my 3rd was 6 weeks.
The main thing is: the child needs to be trained that the world doesn't revolve around them, but they revolve around the family. I remember that vividly and changed the way I did things with #2 and #3 and got great results. Take some time and at least read some of the scheduling parts. It is very easy. When they are infants it is: Sleep, wake her up to feed if it has been 3 1/2-4 hours during the day until 11pm at night, playtime for about an hour or 2 and then nap until next feeding. Babywise 2 is for 5 months on up, so since Harper is older than that, you should get that one and start with it.

My kids were 5 month, 6 months, and 7 months in sitting up.

Good Luck. The only times my kids woke up in the middle of the night was a handful of times when they were going through a growth spurt.

ally said...

My son Gavin was sleeping 8 hours consistently by 8 weeks old. From the beginning he was sleeping 4 to 5 hours feeding once at night from the beginning. I used most of the Babywise techniques with the eat, wake, sleep method. It worked wonders. He was fed every 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day. Once or none at night! (breastfed)
He didn't start sitting up until he was six months. He was behind on the sitting up part but I didn't push it either. He loved to roll everywhere instead!

Glad Harper is alright, SUCH a cutie!!

Julia said...

Kelly...You are officially a "mom" if you fast forward to the worst case scenario! I am sure Harper's gums were just a little bloody today.

Now about sleeping...

I have always required alot of sleep, so I moved my babies into their crib in their room at about 3-4 weeks....with the monitor turned to a very low volume. I knew that if they really needed me they would cry loud! All 3 of mine started sleeping a huge chunk at about 2 months....then began to wake up some when teething. I had seen a program about not talking to them or turning on lights I followed that. And the program also talked about how they have to learn to put themself back to sometimes they just need to cry a little.

But here's the thing...I also snuck mine cereal at 2 months! Guilty. A full tummy made them sleep better.

About sitting up...can't remember really, but it seems by 6 months. If your pediatrician isn't worried, you should not worry either. The worst part of motherhood is hearing all the other mothers bragging! Harper had a rough start and she has come a long way. She will sit up one day...when she's ready.

And the barstools! Definitely! Way cute.

I have been reading your blog since Harper's first days and got many others hooked on it, too. You are a testament to our Father...and He certainly used you and Harper as a witness to his love and miracles.

Love, Julia

Katie said...

1. My three children were sleeping through the night around 3 months old. I think you need to get Harper out of your room so you don't hear every noise she makes which puts you on alert. She is definitely old enough now not to need food at night. She is getting up out of habit. You are going to need to have a couple nights of letting her cry it out. Have your hubby hold you down so you don't run in and get her. I promise it can be done. You just have to work at it. More sleep means happier mama. Letting her cry is not going to harm her or damage her psychologically. I hope she gets it soon. Getting a full night's sleep can make you feel like a new person.

2. I think six months is average for sitting up.

3. The barstool is cute.


Birdy's Boutique said...

Poor Harper and poor you, all mothers can relate!! I pray she is okay and hooray for Somers.

My daughter didnt start sleeping through the night until she was a year. We also did use BabyWise that and really helped on our naps. She napped exactly on time everyday. She is 3.5 now and still doesnt like to sleep at night.

Love the stools!!! Cannot wait to see the room when its done.

becca said...

I'm sure I've told you before, but all mine were different. Abigail slept about 8 hours at 6 weeks all on her own... I did nothing to make that happen. She just slept all the time. She slept 12 hours at around 6 months. Amazing, little did I know :) The crazy thing is, the 'night wakings' few as they were, were harder on me with her than anyone else. I wasn't used to it.
Noah slept all thru the night at around 9 months, though he slept 4 hour stretches early on. Again, I did nothing... that was just him. Night feedings didn't bother me with him, I think largely b/c I got the hang of feeding laying down. I never could do that with Abigail.
Isaac... ate every 2-3 hours until I started solid foods at a year. I did the same with Elijah. Obviously if I was ONLY giving breastmilk, I wasn't going to deny them food regardless of the time of day. They were both chunky monkeys, but I know how quickly breastmilk is digested and hunger isn't anything *I* enjoy... so I'm not going to force it on a baby.
I'm not one to say "let her cry it out." I don't believe in that. I think it teaches them to stop crying b/c no matter what, Mommy isn't coming so what's the point? Sure, it works, but it isn't a lesson I want my child learning.
I know that viewpoint isn't a popular one, but hey, you asked!
Glad to know Harper is ok. Honestly, when you post a prayer request, I just pray w/o reading all about it. I get too depressed. I don't know how you do it.

Katie B said...

Hey Kelly
1) My Rody started sleeping through the night (I think it is technically a 5-6 hour stretch) very early...I hurt for you b/c I know how hard breastfeeding is on moms...especially the night time feedings...Is she getting enough to eat for her last feed of the night?? Do you let her cry herself back to sleep at all? I know it sounds mean, but we did that at 4 months and it was the best decision- he is such a fantastic sleeper now! Hang in there...

2) sitting up...gosh, I think it was around 4-6 months...each baby is different!! It took some transition to go from aided sitting to complete sitting a 2 month process

3) Bar stools--love them except for the white pillow. I think a black pillow would look much better...

Katie in TN

Paige said...

So glad she is ok...

1. child #1 slept through the night from 6 months on...child #2 slept through the night from birth but she SCREAMED ALL DAY!

2. Child #1--I thought he would NEVER sit on his own...I think he was almost 10 months old...child #2--from birth...just kidding...she sat up around 7 months.

3. Love the barstool...but do you want WHITE coverings?

Have fun with your mom and tell her happy birthday!

Robyn said...

Ok I can say I would worry about the blood too, I think you did the right thing, but it probably is teething. The bar stools are awesome-go for it. Sitting up around 5 months but not steady so maybe I should have counted it until about 6 months. I sat them in the floor with the boppy around them and made them sit up so if they fell over it was on the boppy. Have fun at your mom's!

Isabella's Mommy said...

1. 7 weeks - Baby Wise! :)We did let Isabella cry it out. It was the longest ten minutes of my life the first time we did it but it's so worth it. She sleeps 12 hours at night, naps consistently during the day and is very content.

2. 7 months and 1 week

3. I don't love the stools but that's ok. I just just don't like the seat back.

Jennifer said...

Bless your heart! I know that scared you. You are such a great momma!

1) Brody was about 8 weeks when he started regularly sleeping 8 hours. Then, he was right at 3 months when he started sleeping 11-12 hours. I think part of it was that we did Babywise from the very first week, but the other part was that we were just blessed with a great sleeper. :)

2)He was exactly 6 months old when he started sitting up. It was only a few seconds at a time and then by 7 months he could sit as long as he wanted.

3) Really like the bar stools a lot! I can't wait to see the makeover!

Sandy P said...

My kids did not sleep all the way through the night until they were 1! They went to bed early (8ish) and would get up at some point. They both got up and ate at about 5 until they were weaned or off bottles. Is Harper eating when she wakes up?

I have no idea when my kids started sitting. I know my youngest was sitting in the summer and she was born in January. Keep helping her sit. She will fall over most of the time, but she will get there. They were both right at 8 months when they crawled.

I like the chairs, but I have no sense of style!

becca said...

oh, and I keep reading about sleep making for a 'happy mama' and personally, once I let go of the "I HAVE TO SLEEP X HOURS STRAIGHT IN ORDER TO BE HAPPY" mentality... I was happy.

Heisstillworkingonme said...

Harper is just precious!

1. I have three children and all of them started sleeping through the night between 8weeks and 12 weeks old. I was really strict with the baby wise method though in the beginning and I think that helped. I relaxed on it a bit once they started sleeping through the night. I am glad I did it because they are all able to soothe themselves and fall asleep on their own very easily and sleep through the night still. They are 9, 4, and 1. It was hard for me, but I did it and don't regret it at all. All of my kids still stick to a great schedule and my 4 year old asks to go to bed every night by 8pm no matter where we are:).

2. My first born sat at 4 months old, My second born at 5 and 1/2 months old and my youngest sat at 6months. They are all different and as long as you are practicing I wouldn't worry about it at all!

3. I love the chairs they are GREAT, my bar stools are just plain black chairs which I love too.

Grecia said...

So sorry you had a scare. Those moments are no fun....and there will be more. Just prepare yourself. I know you have mentioned that Harper goes to bed pretty early. Have you tried keeping her awake a little longer so that her bedtime coincides more with yours? I had to do that with my youngest daughter....she wanted to go to sleep at 6 and at 10 when I was ready for bed, she would be up again. That worked for did take a little bit for her to start sleeping longer, but at least when she was sleeping, so was I!
Love the bar stools! They're so you:)
Enjoy your visit with your mom and wish her a Happy Birthday from me!

*I left you an important message on your last blog entry regarding pool float recall.

vera said...

First of all, I am SO thankful that Harper is okay! I know it's easy to get scared and think the worst - hugs to you!

Also, I live and work like two minutes from ACH - PLEASE let me know if Vivian's family needs ANYTHING, I would be happy to do what I can. I'm an attorney for UAMS and work with lots of people over there (they use our docs) so just let me know if they need anything.

My kids started sleeping through the night around eight weeks.... but it took some work on my part. First of all, from the time they were newborns I always put them down awake. I would read to them, snuggle them, nurse them, massage them, etc. but then lay them down in their crib awake so they would learn to fall asleep on their own. I swaddled the heck out of them and used white noise. When they woke up at night, I kept the room dark, didn't make eye contact, didn't talk to them - just nursed them and put them right back down. Around 4 month, my first daughter went through a growth spurt and started waking up a lot to eat. After a couple of months, I knew she was just waking up at night out of habit - my pediatrician reassured me that she did NOT need to eat at night. So we did cry it out. I was really reluctant to, but SO glad we did! It took three nights of her crying (and me crying more!) but she woke up happy and not mad at me, and after that she slept through the night and we were ALL happier! Good luck!!

The stool - I like it for your house!!

Oh sitting up... don't worry about it!! All kids are SO different! My first daughter sat up pretty well at 4 months, my second daughter was more like 7 months before she could really sit without wobbling over.

You're an AWESOME mama!!!!!!!!!!

Laytons mommy said...

I have 3 kids. My youngest is 12 weeks tom. He slept thru at 9 weeks. Goes to bed at 9pm and wakes between 6-7am. Took some crying when he goes down but now he does great. He sometimes wakes up stirs and goes back to sleep on his own during the night. Thats why its a great investment to buy a video monitor. You can see they are ok and let them put themselves back to sleep.

Heather said...

Hi Kelly -

I feel your pain in the sleepless nights departments.

We used Baby Wise with my first son and he slept through the night at 7 weeks. It just clicked with him.

Our second son was not so easy-breasy. He didn't sleep through the night until 14 months - and until then he was up at least once or twice a night, many times more than that. With him, it was a matter of diagnosing food allergies and then I had to cut them completely out of my diet and his diet. I only tell you that because you mentioned the possibility of some food allergies earlier/related to her skin break-outs. Within a week my sons skin cleared and he slept all night. The food was really upsetting him. I don't know if that's what is keeping Harper up at night, but I know when you're exhausted you're willing to try just about anything.

Good luck and good night!

Cara said...

Hi Kelly! My son slept through the night at 4 months. I remember this because I was just going back to work full time and going to graduate school at night. I felt so blessed because I don't think I could have made it through the work day and then school at night without sleep. However, he had to wake up every morning around 6:00 to leave for daycare (yuck) and then didn't go to sleep until 9:30 when I would get home from class (yuck, yuck), If I could do it all over I would not recommend this type of schedule even if it meant sleeping through the night. Sitting up came at 5 months.
LOVE the barstools!

The Clinkscales Family said...

Hey Kelly, This is my first time to comment but I've enjoyed reading your blog for many months now. Actually I think I started reading it right after you had Harper. I have a son that is barely a month younger than Harper so can relate to your frustration/exhaustion with the sleeping issue. My son is 5 months and 1 week old and just started sleeping through the night for the last few days. Of course..he woke once during the night last night but hope we go back to him sleeping all night tonight. He is no where near sitting up on his own. He has yet to roll over. Like Harper, he was a NICU baby (he's actually had 2 heart surgeries) and I've been told hospital stays can delay some of these milestones. I'm hoping we are starting to make progress through. Seems like Harper is doing great with her milestones thus far! And for your last question! I love the barstools. I personally think they are fabulous and I've not seen any like them before. Love them! I hope your mom has a wonderful birthday. I'm sure that she will with her two girls celebrating with her. Be safe on your drive home. Catherine

Rikki said...

Oh that is so scary! I'm glad she is alright.

1. At what age did your children start sleeping through the night on a consistent basis? *She's been sleeping through the night since she was about 7 weeks old. She'll be 1 year on August 13th and sleeps 12-14 hours stretchs at night time.

2. At what age did your children start sitting up? *She started sitting up at about 5 1/2 months but she was still pretty wobbly until probably 6 1/2.

3. I LOVE the bars stools! They are gorgeous.

monkeysmom said...

Sleeping through the night - 1st child @ 2 mths, 2nd child @ a/b 5 mths, 3rd child - 7 mths (I thought he would NEVER sleep through the night!) Sitting up - 1st child @ 5 mths, 2nd @ 6 mths, 3rd @ 7 mths. Notice a trend here? .

lots of love said...

The bleeding in her mouth is probably Harper grinding her gums together. Rylie did that when she teethed & would have blood spots on her bedsheet the next morning.

Sleeping thru the night-Rylie did it at 6 wks. At that point I believe she was at 4-5 oz of formula every feeding. Her sleep at night would be 9pm-5am, eat, then sleep until 10am. Not long after she was sleeping to 8am straight. Have you tried putting a little rice cereal mixed in with your milk in a bottle to thicken it up & keep her fuller longer thru the night? I've heard of some moms doing that. But every time my daughter wouldnt make it to 3 hrs between feedings, we'd increase her feeing .5 oz until she would stay full to make it 3-4 hrs during the day. And we didnt start solids until almost 6 mos, skipped rice cereal cuz of allergies & went straight to veggies.

On sitting up-Rylie did it on her own the day she turned 5 mos old. She was fully on it at 5 1/2-6 mos. She practiced a lot sitting in middle of a boppy pillow.

Hope this helps!

Brunch at Saks said...

First: SO happy to hear that little Vivian is going to be okay! Adding her to my praise list now!

Second: Also SO happy to hear that Harper is okay! She looks so precious in all of these pics!

Last: I'm not a Mom *someday :)* so I can't answer the first two questions, but as for the interiors q- that is right up my alley! I love that stool and think it will great in your living area! The neutral background with a little bit of creme and black will tie all of the colors in from your space and give the entire area a completed look! :) XOXO

Holly said...

Hey Kelly!
Glad to know Harper is OK...We had a scare like that with one of our girls. We woke up to a big puddle of dried blood on her mattress. We took her to the doctor and discovered she had a nose injury acquired a day earlier from my nephew's basketball.....scary! She was about 8 months old at the time.
1. My girls (twins) started sleeping through the night at 9 weeks (8-10 hours at a time). A full bottle of cereal did the trick for them!
2. They started sitting up on their own between 5 and 6 months.
3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the barstools. Where are they from?

Can't wait to see the new room!
Big fan of you and your angel,
Gadsden, AL

Gina said...

Baby wise never worked for me at all ( I have 4 kids and the youngest is 20 mos now)
I just let them do their thing when it came to sleeping thru the night. I believe my first one was doing it at 2 mos of age. and the rest were like 4-5 mos. My 3rd child was 6+ months old. I think once you get them eating some solids for 3 meals they do better with sleeping through the night. My first baby was just a fluke I am sure because i did not feed her solids at 2 months of age. My pediatrician used to let me start cereal once my kids were 13 pounds and 3 mos old and holding the head up nicely. They all hated it at first but I think it was just the new texture so I would try every couple of days until they were interested. I also gave my kids a bath right before bedtime and read them a book and then they were good and tired.
Sitting up was late for all 4 kids for me...They were all 6 months or no worries. They were late rollers but 3 of them were walking the week of their first birthdays and the last was almost 15 mos. ( I think he was just a mommas boy and wanted to be carried-HA)
Hope it helps.
oh, and love the stools.


Whitney said...

My girls both sat up at 6 months. My girls also slept through the night at 7-8 weeks, but I believe it is b/c I did Baby Wise. We had a few bumps in the road at different times with both of them. Kennedy started waking up around 4 months about 6 times a night for her pacifier, so I was basically up all nigh. Once she got her paci, she would immediately go back to sleep. So we had to put her down without it to teach her to sleep without it and we had to let her cry. I used a book (The No Cry Sleep Solution I think) where I reassured her at 5, 10, and 15 minute intervals. It was torture but worth it... she sleeps 12 hours (8 a.m- 8 p.m) every night!

Krista said...

I have three children (Spencer,almost 8; Slade,4.5; Scarlet Grace 16 months). They slept through the night at 5 weeks, 8 weeks, and 4 weeks, respectively. I truly think good sleeping, is in part, genetic. I also tried the bassinet in my bedroom for all three of them, but by about day 3 of them coming home from the hospital, I moved them to their own crib because every little noise my husband and I made or the baby made was keeping someone from sleeping soundly. The baby's crib was a much better option for us. I also love to sleep, as does my husband! I considered 8 hours a night, but they quickly increased to 10-12 hours per night, and my boys continued to take 2-3 hour naps during the day until about 5 years old (my daughter stil does). I did use a pacifier, and I was breastfeeding all of them when they were sleeping through the night. My tricks-No matter what time they went to bed, I topped them off with a feeding before I went to bed, usually around 11 PM. I also did the SAME routine, without fail, from the day they arrived from the hospital (feeding, bath, book, song, prayer, put baby down awake). Completely dark room, except for the nightlight during night feeding. No talking, eye contact, singing, etc., in the middle of the night to send the message, "HEY, it's nighttime!!!", and lastly, I played a lullaby CD all night long for all three of them (I swear by the Disney Lullaby CD#1 and #2). Yes, they still all three listen to the CD to this day, each with their own cd player, and they call it their "nighttime music", even my 7year old.

They all sat on their own at 6 months old, pretty much on the nose. Love the bar stools because of the back - much safer for kids.

blg67 said...

All three of my girls slept about 8 hours at 6 weeks and all were sleeping about 12 hours at 3 1/2 to 4 months. I did Babywise with all of them and they each had a couple of nights of crying it out (10-15 minutes was the longest it lasted).

My first daughter sat up at 5 months, and the other two sat up around 6 months.

Love the bar stools-love the black!

Anonymous said...

Ethan started sleeping through the night probably 4 months. He did great for the first several months and then decided he was only going to sleep if I held him. I learned the hard way if I was going to get some sleep I had to let him cry it out. It was really hard for the first few days but it is so easy now!! Does Harper still sleep in your room? It will probably be easier when she is in her room, you may not hear every wimper. I am sure you are like me, when I was not working, I would run and get Ethan up as soon as I heard him wimper as to not wake up my husband since he had to work the next morning. Also, when Harper wakes up if she sees you looking at her she may cry more. Hope this helps:)

Ethan was about 6 months when he started sitting. When he was first starting to sit I put the boppy pillow around him.

Harper is beautiful! Thank you for sharing all of her pictures!

kacole said...

Our son slept through the night at 8 weeks and 2 days. Our daughter is 7 weeks and slept through the night for the first time on Saturday night. I followed the "schedule" part of Baby Wise... I think that is what did it - keeping a consistent eat/ wake/ sleep schedule helped my kids. But I have heard that strictly breast fed babies sometimes have a harder time making it for extended periods. Good luck, I know it is hard!

I can't remember exactly when my son started sitting up, but it was somewhere around 6 months.

And, I like the stools.

Harper is so gorgeous!

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

I'm married, but no kids yet, so I won't be much help in that area, but good luck! As far as the bar stools go, they are great! Very neutral and will work in any space!

Sarah said...


My kids, both of whom had excema, would get bloody faces/mouths from time to time. My daughter gets crazy dry lips, and they crack and bleed (usually in the winter). Sometimes their little fingernails or even a toy with velcro or a teething toy that was sharper than expected will do it, too. It does freak you out though! And the face/mouth bleeds SO much!

1) Both my kids were exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months, and I didn't wean them til they were 16 and 17 months old. My daughter, now 4.5, slept 6 hours from birth. She slept 8 hours (10p-6a) at 2 months. She didn't start sleeping longer than that til later, but also took 3 2-hour naps each day. She was a sleeper!

My son, now 3, slept terribly at birth - every 2-3 hours and only 15-30 minute catnaps at random times during the day. People suggested adding rice cereal to his milk, but he HATED that and actually slept worse. People assume breast milk isn't enough -- but that's not always true. At least it wasn't true in my case. My kids were always off the charts in height and weight. Anyway, at 4 months, it's like he turned the corner and suddenly started sleeping 12 hours each night and didn't look back.

I used a combination of Babywise (except during growth spurts or sometimes when comforting was needed), cry it out, and no lights/stimulation. I would also sometimes go in there to reassure them I was there, but didn't feed them -- they weren't truly hungry. Waking/eating was a habit. I also nursed in bed and slept while they ate.

2) Sitting up, I don't remember as clearly. I want to say 6-7 months unassisted. And when you get to the walking bit -- it was 14 and 15 months! :) So if you worry something's wrong because of developmental milestones -- don't worry! My kids are happy, healthy, and well adjusted -- and they hit milestones when they're ready to.

3) The chairs are definitely a nice neutral. You have excellent taste and the photos you've shared always look amazing. With the chairs, it all comes down to whether or not you personally like or dislike the woven/wicker look, and how well it coordinates with your house. I think they're very modern looking, a nice neutral, and it provides a unique but subtle texture.

Julia said...

Abby partied like a rockstar through the night until right at a year. It was a tough year. We started off waking every 1-2 hours and worked down to only 2 wakings a night. She sleeps all night now! She's 19 months.

Abby started sitting up right at 6 months. She didn't do anything in order or on time! Her brother did everything at the instant he was supposed to! It's been a trip to get accustomed to.

I like the stools, I just don't know if I'd like *sitting* in them! The woven back looks like it could be a little uncomfortable. I always think about dust, but I'm a freak that way....

momMYsliceoflife said...

Thank the Lord that Vivian is getting better and that Harper is okay! I would have freaked too, I think.

As for the poll:

1) London started sleeping through the night at 3 months, but in the past month she has started waking up again once between 3-5 am and going back to sleep. I have read that this is normal as her need for sleep changes. I have pushed her naps from every two hours to every three and that has seemed to help a lot this past week. She just turned 9 months, btw.

Dylan (4) took a little longer but then didn't go back. I think he was around 10 months.

2) London was starting to sit up for small amounts of time by herself at 5 months and had it down pat around 6 months.

Dylan was also about 5-6 months.

3. Love the chairs!

Angela said...

1. both kids slept 8 hours at about 8 weeks. 12 hours when we started solids. I know some babies who just didn't sleep through the night, routine helps, and feeding her before bedtime might help too. Not sure what you are doing now. Maybe formula before bed, might hold her over longer. Ask your pediatrician what could help her sleep longer.

2. My son sat up around 6 or 7 months, crawled at 9 mths, walked at 14 mths. My daughter was 5 months when she sat up. She crawled at 6 months, walked at 12 mths.
Every child is different and will come around.

3, love the stools hate the white cover. It may be easy to clean down the road because you can bleach it, but it won't stay white with a toddler around.

Glad Harper is OK. You did the right thing. Sometimes just calling your pedi helps, they should be used to first time Mom's and don't worry about calling in the middle of the night. It's their job to be on call.

Emily said...

Hi Kelly!

Just out of curiosity: did you take Harper to the ER in MH? I grew up there and figured it was the closest hospital!

Anyway, about the sleeping. I know you said you don't have time to read so I'll give you the highlights from Healthy Sleep Habits. Basically, the key is to put them to bed much earlier than you'd think.

My eight month old sleeps from 6:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Start moving her bed time back by half an hour each night. Look for sleepy cues like being less alert, don't wait for her to get fussy.

If you can catch the window where she is drowsy but not overly tired she will sleep longer/better.

It will take a little while of the new schedule before she sleeps a lot better but it has been amazing for us!

Feel free to email if you've got questions!

Catherine A said...

Poor Harper! Anna bled when she teethed too, my doctor said that it happens and that it usually indicates very bad teething pain. That may be why she has been waking up and nursing.

Anna, the formula baby, slept through the night at about 3 months, no "training" followed. David, the breast baby, at 6 months was still getting up in the night to feed. My doctor told me, "Don't feed him! Let dad get up and comfort him back to sleep" It took TWO NIGHTS and he was sleeping through the night! My doctor is anti-training methods and crying it out practices and feels that it is important to build trust with your baby, especially since Anna is adopted. There are times that Harper will cry with no reason and that's OK, he just thinks it is not healthy to do it as a practice. He is on the board of physicians with Focus on the Family and when he would talk with me about sleeping, feeding, immunizations, it just resonated with me, like the Holy Spirit was using him to help guide me as a parent.

Both babies sat up by 5 months, so sad that I don't know the exact date. I was a little bit busy! They both walked at 9-10 months though, so they may have been over achievers.

Like the barstools but I would nix the white covers if possible. I just cleaned up crayon off of my beige microfiber recliner today, you can not believe what your house may become! Microfiber is a great kid choice!

Jill said...

1.My son, who is 8 months now, started sleeping through the night at 6 wks. I know, that's insane, but we were blessed. My advice: Nighttime means business, seriously. If you have to do something (diaper or whatever)keep the lights out, do it, and straight back to bed. I know you want to cuddle and love on that little angel, but do it in the morning or else she'll want it every single night. Stop feeding her in the middle of the night. Yes she's probably hungry, but after about 3 nights (maybe 5)this WILL pass. Go check on her when she wakes, comfort her, tell her you'll be there to get her first thing in the morning but she has to sleep because that's what is best for her, and then repeat however many times it takes during the night, but keep her in her bed. Stick to your guns. YOU KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR HER! Remember that and insist that she does what's best, which is getting plenty of rest. AND having a well rested mommy is what is best for her too!!!
2.Jake sat on his own at 5 months. I wouldn't worry too much or try too hard to make her do it. She will at some point and then it will be a thing of the past. I'm so over all these mommy comparisons and in-your-face mentalities that are shoved down our throats as moms. She is developmentally perfect and she'll do things when she's ready.
3.Love the bar stools. Casual yet classy. Buy them now!

Emily said...

I meant 6:30 pm to 6:30 am! Ha!

lesley said...

Sleeping 6pm to 6 am: 3 months

Sitting: 6 months(2 healthy boys)
10 months(girl with Rett

Michelle said...

So sorry about the scare. I did the same thing with my son, but luckily my doctor was open. Ended up being nothing, but anytime you see blood and you can't tell exactly where it is coming from, it is scary! Glad she is doing well. Here are my answers to your questions...
1. My son slept from the 10pm dream feed to 7:00am wake feed at 8 weeks. My daughter did that at 9 weeks. They are both breastfed and slept from 7:30pm to 7:30 am around 13 weeks. Both sometimes get up and "talk" around 6:30am, but don't cry. I did a mixture of Babywise and Baby Whisperer and loved it, but sleep was very important to me. I do NOT do well without it! I will say that the CIO method was no big deal with my son but has been a bit harder with my daughter. Not sure why...
2. Both of my kiddos are on the large side of the spectrum and did things on the later end. My little girl is 4 months and still hasn't rolled over. My son started sitting up around 6 months. I hear that is pretty typical, but I know it was towards the later end of the 6th month.
3. I love the stools but watch the white pad. My son loves to sit on the stool to help me cook.

Enjoy spending time with your family, and use the help to get caught up on some well needed rest!

Jennifer said...

BREAK OUT THE BABYWISE! It's not too late! It doesn't matter if your child is nursed or on formula, they need to be trained to sleep. I agree with moving her to her crib by now. Something to invest in would be a TV monitor, this way you can "keep an eye on her". It is so hard for a mom to hear your baby cry, but she is only waking up b/c she knows you are going to come get her. I promise if you establish these habits now, you will be so thankful later. My 2.5 year old has a set nap and bed time and has never fought it. I'll be praying for wisdom and guidance in seeking out the best choices for YOUR child.

2. The worst thing we can do as moms is compare. Trust me, I did it the first few months of my child's life and it drove me CRAZY! My child didn't sit up until 7-8 months, no teeth until 10 months, and didn't walk until 14 months. It will happen!


Allison Hasel said...

I don't have babies yet, but I don't blame you for going to the hospital! Sometimes you just have to for safety's sake, glad the nurse made you feel better.

LOVE the barstools! Where are they from? I have been looking for something a little different and those just might be it. Can't wait to see the family room redone.

Alexis said...

Matty is four months now and has been sleeping through the night since about seven weeks. He still needs me to put his paci back in every little while, but I'm not complaining! I don't miss those almost sleepless nights at all.

As for the chair, it's a little different. It's one of those things that I look at in the catalog and shiver in disgust, but if I see it in the "perfect" room, I envy the owner to no end.

Malinda said...

My little girl started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks exactly. We used the Miracle Blanket and totally believe it had something to do with that. She just knew that when we put her in that, it was night-night time.

She started sitting up around 6 or 7 months. I thought was late, but once she started sitting up, crawling came really quickly. Everything came really quickly.

And the chairs... LOVE them.

Kristen said...

Oh, I'm so glad she's okay!
Mine all slept thru the night at around 3 months old...but we did Babywise and scheduled their eating during the day. It really makes a difference at night. Also, at around 6 months my kids went thru phases where they would wake up to eat, but they would take a few sucks and fall back asleep. I felt like I needed my rest and so at some point, I had to let them cry some. It was so hard, but after a few nights, they got back on track and were sleeping thru the night. I hope that helps!

jenn said...

Hi Kelly--

Glad Harper is ok! having kids is the greatest, yet scariest adventures on earth!! My first child slept through the night around 5 months old. My first daughter started sleeping through the night around 3 months and then started getting teeth and all heck broke loose (she got THREE teeth in one week!! Yeah, that is what we said!!) and didn't go back to sleeping through the night until 7 to 8 months. Second daughter was right around 6-7 months. Baby Andrew is 4months and wakes about twice. All breast babies. It seemed once they were established on soilds--I did veggies first--my dr. recommended starting with veggies instead of fruit, because babies get used to the sweet taste and then don't want to eat the bland veggies--just a thought. But, after getting established and moving around, they slept through the night.

They all started sitting up competely by themselves at around 6 months.

Love, love, love the barstools! love them! Can't wait to see the room! Is this the room right beside the kitchen or the room with the TV? After reading your blog, I feel like we have "visited" forever!

take care and have fun with your little bundle! they grow way too fast--trust me, I know!!


L stewart said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now. I found it through our friends, the Bevins family. My 3rd baby is about to turn one on Sat. I love to read your blog because it reminds me of my life when I had my first baby.(it goes by way to fast!) I am also a Preachers Kid so I can relate!!!

I really wish someone would have told me to do baby wise the first time. My 2 girls were so much easier because of the schedule. It is so easy to let them run your life but it gets really tiring. You might let her cry it out in her own room. It is really hard but so much better for them in the long run.

Second, don't worry she will sit up soon. All three of mine didn't sit up by themselves until 7 1/2 months. (they are all healthy!) I always say the first baby is the hardest because they are the "trial run!" Enjoy it! She is sooo precious! You will blink and she will be going to full day Kindergarden! BTY.... I also share your love for fashion!(like FOREVER 21 accessories!!!) I live in OKC, but if I lived in Arkansas we could probably be good friends!!!:)

~ Lindsay
ps. I also like the bars stools!

Emily said...

I have would have freaked out about the blood and actually have before, but my niece's gums were bleeding the other day and she was just teething. It scared me because my daughter never done that, but maybe thats what Harper was doing.

Carolyn said...

My first child didn't sleep through the night until almost the age of 2. It wasn't as bad as it sounds though. He shared our bed and I would nurse him as soon as he stirred and we would both fall back asleep. My daughter (who is now 17 mths) has been sleeping through the night (most nights that is) for a while now. She wakes around 5 or 6 am to nurse so I figure that is sleeping through the night.

I would recommend the book "No Cry Sleep Solution" and just read the part about normal sleep patterns for your baby's age. You should be able to read this section in about 20 minutes or less so it's not overwhelming. The author explains sleep cycles which will help you understand what works and what doesn't for getting your baby to sleep better.

I can't remember when my babies started sitting up. I think my first was around 6 mths or slightly younger. My second was older but she was born two months early so that was to be expected.

As for the chair, I like the look of it but it doesn't seem all that inviting to sit in.

Fua said...

1. My 6 year old started sleeping through the night at about a month. He's a poster baby so he doesn't count. My 7 month old twin girls had been sleeping through the night since 5 months. We started mixing baby cereal in their formula. It did the trick. We use the WalMart feeding bottle nipples on the normal bottles. I know you breast feed so I'm not sure. Maybe start feeding her cereal 2x a day? and maybe mix some banana baby food in the cereal so it tastes better to her?My girls are currently eating 2nd stage food and they sleep sound at night every night now. Maybe her tummy isn't full and has to wake up to eat more.
2. They just started sitting up good at the end of their 6th month after a lot of practicing. We just put a pillow behind them so they fall into it when they fall.
3. I'm not crazy about the stool but I need to see it as the whole package to see.

Good luck with Harper! Keep blogging!

hey mommy said...

1. Both of my boys (both breastfed) were about 4 months old when they slept through the night. At Harper's weight, she should be able to go all night without waking up. If you do get up with her, just be sure that you don't talk to her. It's all business. It'll be hard, but it's so worth it!
2. Sitting up is about 6-7 months. Have you tried putting her on the floor with the boppy around her? This really helped my boys learn without getting hurt.
3. Love the bar stools - I would just be nervous with white cushions with kids around!!

Andrea said...


My daughter didn't cut her first tooth until she was 14 months...BUT when she was getting her top teeth I noticed that she had a blood blister on her gums and the day before the tooth cut it popped and filled her mouth with blood and I freaked thinking something was wrong too. If I had not read an article the day before about the blood blisters I might have lost it.

I'm probably a bad person to ask on the sleeping thing. Both of my girls, now 2 and 3 months started sleeping through the night (by that I mean 5-7 hours)when they were 3 weeks old. I didn't do anything special and I didn't read any books. I just swaddled them and laid them in the cradle freshly fed and that was it. My oldest started sleeping from 10 to 9 around 6 months when I started putting oatmeal in her bottle with her milk. (she seemed to break out with the rice)

As far as sitting up goes, my second is only 3 months so we're not there yet, we're working on tummy time without throwing a huge fit...but my oldest was late rolling over (7 months...I know scary) and walking (15 months) Sitting up really came even before rolling I think which is weird...but it was the excersaucer that did it sometime around 5-6 months. Our doctor said as long as she made all of her mental milestones not to worry about the rolling we would try to entice her with a toy and she would push up, grab it and go back to where she was instead of rolling to get cookie.

Harper will get it soon...then then she'll be crawling like a week later and you'll find out how childproof your home really is...:-)

Jill said...

Hollyn will wake up with a litle blood on her sheets when she is teething or has chapped lips. It is freaky!
1. 15 months and doesn't sleep. I have tried it all and read it all! Nothing has worked for us! She gets up 1 to 3 times a night. Every night is different. I have shed lots of frustrating tears over it b/c I don't know what to do and I can't fix it! (she also goes to bed a little later than most) People will tell you to try all methods and they swear by them. Every child is different and NOTHING has worked for us. It is exhausting!! I know it will pass though!!
2. A little before 6 months. It was basically overnight.
3. Bar stools look great!

Anneliese said...

Glad to hear Harper is ok. I would have been panicked myself to find blood on my babies mouth.

We placed our baby in his crib within the first week of birth because a bunch of friends encouraged us to get him used to the crib earlier then later. We had a roller coaster ride as far as sleep. By 2 months he slept 7 hours straight, but after 3 weeks he started waking up every 3 to 4 hours. Then he got better sleep patterns by 4 months old. Just as I was getting used to getting more sleep he started to wake again through the night. So finally by 7 months he slept everynight on average 10 hours through the night. I believe a lot of the waking up was due to teething, and growth spurts. When introduced more food I noticed improved sleep patterns. I always get bettter sleep when he is not in my room. Good luck!

Sitting unassisted was around 6 months. This is average I believe. However he was ahead on everything else and started crawling by 6.5 months.

As for the them!

Nutty Mom said...

Both of my girls would sleep from 8pm to 6am at about 3 months. They were both breastfed. It was harder to break my habits of going straight in the get them at the first peep I heard, but once I could do that, they soon learned to self soothe. Does she have anything she's attached to yet? Both my girls have "blankie" and couldn't live without it.

Peanut started sitting on her own at 5 months, and Donut was closer to 6 months. I feel that too much bumbo time makes them not try.

And don't ask me about the stool, I'm so not a decorator :)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,
1. Carson starting sleeping through the entire night at 8 weeks, but at 4 months starting getting back up again. At 5 months he started sleeping 12 hours straight. He is 9 months and will still wake up, but I don't feed him, just check and make sure he is ok then leave the room and he will cry a few minutes and then is out.

2. Carson didn't start sitting w/o falling until a good 7 months.
3. Love the chair

The Gatties said...

1. Aidan started sleeping through the night (12 hours) at 3 months. I wish I knew the trick, but I don't. He's my "trick baby". He will TRICK me into having more...until I get the "stop sign baby". I was the stop sign baby for my parents! HA!

2. Sitting up at 5 months. Love the Bumbo chair. He was able to be more involved in the kitchen with me. I sat him on the very wide countertop and he would go to town with the spatulas and wooden spoons!

3. I do like the barstools. My first thought was "ACK! My Aidan would shimmy up those things and turn over in a NY minute!!" But that could happen with my child and any inanimate object!!


Haley said...

Kelly - love your blog....

1. Ryder started sleeping through the night around 6 to 7 months. He did have nights before that where he would sleep through the night but it didn't last. My husband and I would wake up in the morning in a panic because neither one of us got up. I broke alot of the rules though and started filling him up with cereal, veggies, and fruits early. I felt that he was still hungry after his bottle.. call a "mom intuition" :)

2. He started sitting up around 6 months.

3. Love the stools. I like the different textures it would bring to the room.

Andrea said...

I forgot to mention...on the sleep thing. That I only had on a very dim night light and when my daughters woke up I didn't talk to them and didn't turn on any lights. we changed and fed in the dark....that along with the oatmeal cereal in the bottle...

Nutty Mom said...

Ok so yeah I meant to say, that if she doesn't have a "soothie", something with a silky side is great mentally. It mimicks the lining of the womb and is very soothing to babies. You could also shove it down in your bed for a week or so, to give it "mommy's smell" and she'll soon be attached, and have something to comfort her in the middle of the night.

Zoe said...

Just because I can't resist your polls. :)

1. sleeping through the night... I'm happy with an 8 hr stretch for the baby (9 mo), and her big sister was sleeping consistently through the night (11-12 hrs) at 12 months. You will catch up on sleep eventually - it will be okay! :)

2. Sitting up - 6 or 7 months.

3. Am I the only one who doesn't love the bar stools? I think the arms would make them hard to get in and out of... but that is just me. I do like wicker, but those don't scream 'comfy' to me. But hey, it is your house! So if you love them, don't listen to me! :)

Samantha said...

1. My son is 4 months and still wakes up 2-3 times a night. Every 2-3 hours is rough though!! :)

2. He isnt sitting up yet either- just in the Bumbo!!

3. I personally don't like those chairs. :) That's just my opinion.

Jill said...

My son didn't sleep through the night until he was one, and he is now three and has only slept through the night 10 times or less. I am not one to give advice, and obviously I am not stellar when it comes to getting my kid to sleep, but the best advice I got when my son was a baby was #1 - babies do not wake up because they feel hungry, just like we don't. They may realize they are hungry once they are awake, but they wake up to be comforted and held. #2 - Babies have to learn to comfort themselves and put themselves to sleep. It's best to put a baby into their bed when they are sleepy, but still awake. I am sure you've heard story after story about letting babies "cry it out" in an effort to get them to sleep and it is so hard. Try just going into her room and talking to her to comfort her without picking her up and start weening her off eating during the night. Soft music, a ceiling fan, a nightlight etc. all help. GOOD LUCK! I know it is so hard and I also feel your pain of lack of sleep. As for sitting up, I honestly can't remember...maybe 6 months? And I love the bar stools!

Viva Cuervo said...

I remember finding blood in my son's crib and on him following a nap. I totally freaked out. After thoroughly searching him, I found a tiny cut on one of his fingers. Couldn't believe how much blood came from such an itty bitty cut on an itty bitty finger! I'm hoping it's nothing serious with Harper.

1. My son is 9 months old and just recently began sleeping through the night. I was going crazy too...continuing to get up during the night to nurse him. Pediatrician assured me that based on his age, weight and caloric intake that he didn't need more overnight. I had to practice "tough love" on myself and help him develop a new sleep habit. He may still wake up and cry, but quickly goes back to sleep. Basically, he sleeps from 8:30 p.m. to 7 a.m.

2. Feeling like a bad mom because I can't remember when he began sitting up! Currently, he's pulling up on everything.

3. I think the bar stools are a nice neutral.

Samantha said...

I'm reading through everyone's comments and realizing I am like the only one who doesn't like those chairs. ha! I just don't like wicker for some reason..

Elizabeth said...

praise the lord that vivian is ok and harper too!

1. ella started sleeping through the night when she was about 8 months old. she had colic the first two months and after that it was like every three hours she woke up. we read a lot about it and asked others. the book that worked best for us was the least cry sleep solution. within 2 days it was working like a charm. to sum it up, basically you feed them, have quiet time and lay them down while they are drowsy...not asleep. they will fuss...they will cry a bit. wait 5 minutes. go in, reassure her everything is ok and walk away. next, wait 10 minutes, then 15. then 15 again. trust me, i know this is really hard. i think i even cried some. the first night is the hardest. it works though..well, at least for us it did. it was worth it b/c we both work full time and was getting no sleep at all. oh, she also sleeps with a lovey which is very comforting. now she goes to sleep without a peep!
2. ella was sitting up around 5 1/2months old.
3. i think the barstools are cool!

Misty said...

Hi Kelly! I don't post much but read everyday. Just wanted to encourage your regarding Harper's sleeping habits. My daughter, our second child was a constant nurser. Pretty much to get any sleep at all in those first 4-5 months she slept in the bed with me. But because we were never sucessfull at getting our first child out of our bed (He is 10 now and would still sleep with me if I let him!) I was determined not to make the same mistakes. At around 4 & 1/2 months I started putting Emma in her crib. I did all those nightly routine things (bath, nurse & rock, sing) and then I would put her down in her crib. The first night I thought I would DIE, she screamed and screamed but after about 30 minutes she went to sleep and only got up a couple of times. The next night we did the same things and she only cried for a few minutes. By that third night she whimpered and the went off ot sleep. Every night forward she was asleep before I put her down and within a few weeks she was sleeping thru the night. That first night was SUPER hard, but I just kept telling myself that it was beacues I loved her so much and wanted what was best for her...a well-rested baby and mama! It was the best thing I ever did. My husband and I would look at each other and say "why in the WORLD didn't we just do that woth Jared?!"

As far as the sitting up, I would have to go upstairs and pull out the baby books for an exact date, but I do not remember it being a concern. I have taught the Sunday School infants class at my church for over 5 years and all my babies have hit milestones at different times. Some are walking at 9 months and some have not even learned to crawl. The worst thing we do to ourselves as mommies is compare our kids. It just makes us crazy!

And, oh yeah, LOOOVVVE the barstools. Would love some new ones myself.

I will be praying for Miss Harper's little mouth. I will never forget one time I cut Emma's nails too short without realizing it and few minutes later I looked over and she had little streaks of blood all over her shirt. I ripped her clothes off searching for where she was bleeding and in full out panic. I was relieved when I realized it was her nails, but I sure did feel like "Mom of the Year"! Needless to say my husband cut her nails from that point on. I will not even touch them now and she is 5!!

Hope you have a nice visit with your mom!

Misty in NC

Michelle C said...

Kelly - both of mine slept through the night by 4 months (and were breastfed for the first year). I think you and Harper would both sleep better if she were moved into her own room. Then you wouldn't be there the minute she wimpers, and she would learn to self-soothe.

My son sat up by 5 months and walked before his first birthday. My daughter didn't sit alone until nearly 7 months, and didn't walk until 15 months. She was a late crawler, too. I think she just liked being the baby. :)

Love the barstools.

Happy birthday to your mom! Enjoy your visit. I always love the little respite and visit with grandparents!

harmonysong said...

Will be praying that she is just fine!! I bet the nurse was right!! Not to worry!!

Happy birthday to your mama!

LOOOVE the stool!

No kids, so that is the only answer I can give you. :)

Kat and Crew said...

1. My first son didn't sleep through the night until 15 months and that took lots of hard work from me and hubby both. My youngest now 13 months STILL isn't sleeping. I totally understand your pain. I'm going crazy!!! He is at the point where he's okay if I just stand by his bed. Wish I could learn to sleep standing up!! Harper may be like my boys and just want to know where Mommy is! Good luck. Let me know if you find a magical way to get little miss to sleep.

2. My boys sat up around 5 months. There's a wide range of normal though.

3. LOVE the bar stools!!!

ps-- my mouth drools everytime I see Blue Bell ice cream in your pics. I'm a ice cream loving Mississippi girl living in Colorado. The ice cream here is no good!

Have fun at your Moms,

GotGRITS said...

I am so happy to hear that she is ok. I say that my 3 girls are gonna be the death of me...I truly know what my parents meant by this hurts me more than you. My girls have slept through the night since day 1. My secret is that I started them on baby food/cereal from the beginning. I started with vanilla custard and always thickened their formula a bit with rice cereal. I know the drs. don't agree, but my oldest never was satisfied with formula only. I even put a touch of hot cocoa in her formula. She would drink a bit and lips would pucker up and off to dreamland. Wally World has a feeder system (like the kind my Mom used with me--she even gave me the one she used with me) I would put peaches,custard, blueberry buckle or something alon those lines and five it to her and off she would go happy and full with no need to get up.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Well I would have been FREAKING OUT too, Kelly. Blood is so scary! I'm glad she seems okay now, and so glad you're with your mom.

Sleeping through the night:
Child #1 - 16 months old (it was a LONG 16 mos)
Child #2 - 4 months
Child #3 - 5 weeks
Hang in there!

Sitting up:
All three kiddos were doing it by 5 months.

I think the the range of normal is quite varied on both questions though. I wouldn't stress about it too much.

Rachel said...

I'm glad that Harper is okay. She could possibly have had blood in her mouth from her teeth cutting through. I saw that once or twice between my two children.

As for the sleeping oldest slept through the night around 10-12 weeks. I didn't do anything special - I think I just got lucky with her. Unfortunately, that luck did not spread to my sweet son. I don't think he slept through the night until he was around 9-10 months. It was a very difficult time as I REALLY enjoy a full night's sleep. :) Harper is more than likely waking up out of habit. That is what my son did. To break him, I started out by not nursing him when he would wake up in the middle of the night - I would just rock and cuddle him. It was rough for the first couple nights, but it eventually got better. After he got used to falling back asleep without nursing, I started letting him cry it out at night. Since he was already good about falling asleep on his own when we put him to bed at night, this phase was not long and drawn out. I hope it gets better soon. I know how hard those sleepless nights are. I also recommend having your husband get up for a couple of the nighttime wakings on the nights that he does not have to work the next day. In my opinion, this is what breast pumps are for. You would be surprised how having 1-2 nights of a full nights sleep can make the rest of the week a little more bearable.

As for the sitting, both of mine did it around 7 months or so. My children actually did things a little backwards. The crawled before they sat. I wouldn't worry too much. If she is meeting all of her other milestones, I wouldn't worry about this one.

Also, CUTE bar stools!

Christy said...

My daughter went on and off but by around five months was sleeping through the night but I catered to her until she started doing it on her own. My philosophy is that once they sleep throught he night a few nights in a row, we would let her cry because we know she CAN sleep through the night.
Denay wanted to crawl so bad and started at six months so everytime we put her down she would crawl so sitting up came around seven months. And I like the bar stools, they are unique and good luck with the redecoration!

Janessa said...

No! I love your living room and I'm still trying to copy it the OLD way. You can't change it!! lol

Laurie said...

I am glad to hear Vivian is better. I have been wondering.
I think those bar stools are PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!
Hummmmm.......the bleeding must be a teething thing.

Audra Laney said...

Sleeping through the night--6 months. It was a miracle. We were up every 2-3 hours until Drew was just before 6 months old. I thought I would die.

Sitting up on his own--6 months.

LOVE the bar stools.

Unknown said...

My son didn't sleep through the night until he was two. You can read a post I did last week about my co-sleeping confessions. The sleep thing is so hard, but you'll figure it out. I think mine was worse case scenario.

As far as sitting up, I think he did it around 6-7 months.

Like the bar stools, but they are heaving looking. I like bar stools to blend in with the room vs. being a major focal point, but it really depends on what you put in the room I guess. Depends on how much you use them too.

the bowlin family said...

I am so glad Harper is OK. You don't read to many blogs just a normal mom!! :) At least I would like to think that I am a normal mom and I would have reacted the same way.

So on to the questions...
1. Although controversial, I swear by Baby Wise. Both of my kids slept through the night 8-10 hours around 10 weeks. You can skip a lot of the book if you don't have time to read it, but the "flexible schedule" was great for us and my kids are still great sleepers. Jack (13 months) sleeps 12-13 hours a night and Olivia (3.5 years) sleeps 10-12 hours a night.

2. My kids sat up on their own around 5 months. I think Olivia was a little earlier and Jack was a little later, but 5 months is their average.

3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bar stools. Can't wait to see the home improvements.

Hope y'all have fun celebrating your mom tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

1. My son started sleeping through the night at about 10 to 12 weeks. Right when I started getting used to more sleep, he started waking up every 2 to 3 hours from about 4 months until he turned 6 months old. I was going crazy! Then right after he turned 6 months he started sleeping well again. He has never been a good sleeper though. He was always a great napper and very happy during the day but I used to dread the nighttime! Even now at almost 6, he is not a consistent sleeper at night.
2. My son didn't sit up until he was about 7 months old. He started sitting up and crawling at the same time, kind of weird. He did everything else early but I remember worrying that he could not sit up by himself.
3. Love the barstools!

Anonymous said...

Oh, bless your heart! I don't blame you for taking Harper to the ER! Being a new Mama is hard enough, and she had such a rough start to begin with. If it made you feel better to take her, good for you.

(1) Our older son started sleeping through the night (in his own room!) when he was about 4 months old, but before that, he slept right where I could put my hand on him. We did have to let him cry it out, but it only took 3 nights. After that, he was sleeping like a champion.

Our 2-month-old is sleeping 7-8 hours at night, but I'm not breastfeeding and I've just started putting a little cereal into his last bottle at night. However, I will tell you that at his appointment last week, our pediatrician actually said, "It's his job to learn to sleep at nigh, and by 4 months (the next appointment) we don't want to be getting up with him at all at night." I know. Easier said than done.

The first night of letting our older son cry (5 minutes at first, 10 minutes the next time, and so on) I thought I was going to die. But I kept telling myself that helping him learn to sleep through the night was best for him in the long run.

I'll say a prayer for you on this one! Who knows, though? Harper may surprise you on this one!

(2) I think our older son was about 6 months when he sat up on his own. Harper will get there. You can always bring it up to your pediatrician, and if he/she isn't worried, don't sweat it.

(3) The barstools? Perfection!

Unknown said...

1. My eldest son started sleeping through the night at 8 months, my second son at 4 months, and my youngest son - I'm still waiting. With each of my children there was about a 2 month period when they were teething when the hours would be cut with one night feeding. Anytime there is a milestone (teething,growing pains, transition from crib to toddler bed, etc) there was always an interruption. Truth is there really is no "consistent" basis =)

2. My eldest, middle, and youngest son all sat up at 5 to 6 months of age. And that was when the terror began, LOL!

3. Okay... I'm diggin the chair with a red small pillow accent and if you're getting a rug get one that's a cream/beige color with red large patterns. Truthfully though, as harper gets older that white cushion is going to get dirty. So I'd either scotch guard it or change the color to taupe or a microfiber material. (you can do that on your own and just make a cushion slip that you can take off and wash weekly. We do that now, having three boys and all =)

Harper is adorable! Glad the nurse sent you home though, it's pretty normal for teething babies to bleed a little so long as it's bright red blood coming out - since they grind their teeth when sleeping or clench pretty hard in anticipation of new foods.

Canyon Country, CA

Donna D said...

Kelly - My son was sick also when he was born (almost 17 years ago) was in NICU for a month and had some developmental delays the first year - nothing major but little things. We went to a developmental clinic periodically the first year and when he was 7 months old at one of the visits they asked me if he was sitting up. I said no. They asked if I was putting him in a walker - I said yes (he LOVeD it). They said, "Put him on the floor and I guarantee you he will be sitting up within 2 weeks. I did that, and sure enough he was sitting up in no time! So ... put Miss Harper on the floor and see what she does! Seriously, they get used to the security with the circle that walkers and exersaucers provide them and don't learn to balance. Lots of luck and by the way she is absolutely precious. I lOVe the photo that your friend redid. My favorite yet!

O'Dell Family said...

Hi, Kelly. I am so sorry to hear about your very scary day. SO thankful you were with your mom! I have 3 children who are 3 and under - so our house is CRAZY. I have so much to learn about being a mommy! I want to recommend a book to you, not because I know all, but I recommend this to all friends, in fact I buy it for many. Let me know if you don't have it and I will send it to you. I am that passionate about this book. It is called BabyWise. It is written by Gary Ezzo who is a doctor and believer. The book teaches you how to teach your baby to sleep through the night.

Every child is different too. My little Tilly was crawling before she could sit up which I thought was so strange! She is my youngest and I think she was sitting up by 6 months.

I know nothing of room decor, but I love your new stools!

Enjoy your time with your mom!

Love, Heather

Wayne and Ketha said...

It's been a long time but my babies started sleeping through the night around 8-10 weeks. I would give them a warm bath, then fed them about 2-3 ounces of rice cereal mixed with a little bananas with an infa-feeder (I don't think they make them anymore). Followed with a small bottle and off to bed they went. When they'd go to bed... so would I. Doesn't do you any good if you put her down and then stay up late yourself. At first, if they did wake up, I wouldn't rush in and pick them up. Didn't turn on the lights either...even let them cry for a short period of time. They may be little but they're smart...they learn early how to manipulate

Sat up alone.. around 6 months

Stools are cute, but wouldn't fit into my scheme of things.

Glad Harper is okay...after what you have been through in the beginning... I understand your concern. God Bless you

Lyndsay said...

I used Baby Wise for my first son and it worked like a charm...he first slept through the night at 9 weeks old, but not consistently until he was more like 4 months old. For my second son Baby Wise did not work so we used the Ferber Method and that worked, but it took some time. Jack is more stubborn. He slept really good through the night around 6 months I think. Jack now sleeps from 8 - 6:30 and Owen sleeps from 8 - 8 usually.

I think both my boys sat up around 5 months. We used the Bumbo too and loved it. I just started putting them on the floor with pillows around because then they had to use their tummy muscles more instead of being able to lean on the Bumbo for support.

Love the barstools BTW!

laurensmommy said...

1. Lauren slept "through the night" about 7-8 months. I read all the books (Babywise really is good), tried everything and then one day she just did it. On her own. I know what you mean about going crazy...when you are breastfeeding, it's frustrating because you don't know whether they are really hungry or just getting in a habit. Lauren also slept better when we moved her to her own room....we were right across the hall and had the monitor on and both doors open!! :)

2. Lauren did not sit up on her own very well until around 7 1/2 months. She didn't crawl until 9 months.

3. I like the bar stools. Are they comfy? said...

i can't really help with the sleeping through the night. my daughter co-slept with us until 8 months :)

she didn't sit up on her own until 6 months. but she started walking at 9 months, so please don't worry about it :)

Gina Dayton said...

Hi Kelly,
I love you and your blog. I've learned so much from your fun ideas. But's time to get tough.

Buy yourself the book 12 hours sleep by 12 weeks. I know it sounds odd to buy this book when your daughter is older than 12 weeks. However, I was dying with my daughter's sleep habits at 3-4 months too. This book changed my life.

Ultimately the jest is..we love our daughters, but we love our marriage and sanity too. We're the mommy and daddy in charge. It sounds harsh, but it works.

Let me know!
Gina Dayton blog is way out of date, but I'm trying to get going on it again.

The B's said...

emma was sleeping through the night by about 3 months. Key is letting her cry even though it is really hard. Harper has slept through the night before and was fine so she can do it again...she is waking becuase it is comfortable for her.

This is awful but I cannot remember when Emma started sitting up by herself...she was crawling and standing up by six months so sitting had to be before that...I just don't remember when. She did everything fast except for walking...that was another story. But when she finally started walking she didn't need to hold on to anything!

I LOVE the barstools. I would get those without question. They have your name written all over them!

Mackenzie said...

I like the bar stools! Definitely good :)

Julie said...

1. Six weeks for sleeping thru the night. Key is get the baby out of your room. She needs to learn how to get herself back to sleep alone--without you soothing her back to sleep for her.

2. Sitting up-Six months on the dot.

Renae said...

Glad to hear that your baby girl, is for the most part okay!

My 6yr old didn't start sleeping ALL the way through the night until she was about 10 1/2 mths old.
My 8mth old is still not sleeping through night she wakes up an average of 2-3x a night, although sometimes she only wakes once.
So I say just give it time it's just apart of the territory.

I like the chair- it's hard without seeing the furniture though.

Julie said...

example of what I mean is Jess's post:

"... She finally started sleeping better when I shut off the baby monitor. I could still hear her if she was real upset, but not every fuss. I think I was the reason she got up so often. I would hear her whimper and would jump out of bed trying to get her back to sleep before she freaked out."

The Simmons Family said...

So sorry to hear about the bloody mouth. It's most likely the teething. Owen had a FULL set of teeth by 12 months and there were several times that he would have TONS of blood (due to his daily asprin dose) coming from his mouth.

1. My kids are sleepers. From the moment I bring them home from the hospital, they slept 12 hours straight. I don't know any tricks, but hopefully she'll sleep a little more soon.

2. Owen sat up at 9 months. You have to count all those days she spent in the NICU. Harper will sit soon, it sort of happens overnight.

3. LOVE the barstools. Where did you find them??


Anonymous said...

My son didn't sleep through the night until he was 10 1/2 months old, so I definitely feel your pain! We eventually had to let him cry it out and he got the idea after about 3 nights. The good news is that he is 14 months now and I hardly remember all those long nights.:)

He sat up on his own a little later, about 6 1/2 months, but was walking by 10 1/2 months!

Jeff and Steph said...

Yup, I agree with Julie. That was the key with both of my kids- making sure they knew how to put themselves to sleep and back to sleep. My daughter slept through the night at 12 weeks and sat up at 5 months. My son took longer- slept through the night at 7 months and sat up around the same time. She'll sit up when she's ready!

Katie said...

I think if Harper took less naps she'd sleep through the night. When my daughter cut out her morning nap, she began sleeping 12hrs at night. Try getting her on a 2 hr nap around 12 or 1 and then put her to bed at 7-6pm. But if she sleeps all day she'll never sleep through the night.

My daughter sat up at 7 months. Have Harper try the tripod position.

Jill said...

This is just a thought I had: Maybe she's not sleeping well because she's not in her own room. Maybe every little noise you or your husband makes is waking her up. My daughter didn't sleep well in her bassinet, but once we moved her to her own bed, she slept great. Just thought I'd mention it. Also, LOVE the barstools and can't wait to see your made-over room!!!

Mary Beth said...

1. I've had 3 babies and they have all slept through the night at different ages. My oldest who is now 10 was like Harper. She was up every 2 hours for months I was exhausted and didn't know what to do. We finally put her in the bed with us around 9 months. Probably not what I would do again, but... Second baby went very much like the first, but was at least sleeping 4 hour intervals. She slept through the night sooner because I relented sooner and put her in the bed around 6 months. Again, if I could go back. . . Now I have a three month old. She is mostly formula fed, which may be part of the difference, but I also read to teach the baby that the daytime is for eating. So I fed her whenever she even remotely acted like she was hungry during the day starting about a month ago. She ate like crazy during the day, and all of the sudden, she began sleeping from 11:30-6:30 at night. Sometimes she wakes up around 4 and she is in her pack and play right beside my bed. I put her pacifier in her mouth or just pat her bottom a little and she goes back to sleep. Really, I don't think that it is anything much that I did. It is just how she is, and I am so glad. My oldest two are now 10 and 6. The oldest finally left the comfort of a sleeping bag on our floor a year ago, and the six year old started sleeping in her room about a month ago. Hang in there!

2. 5 months, 7 months, and probably ASAP for #3. She wants to sit up and watch the other two so badly. She is really working at it.

3. Love the barstools. They are super cute.

I glad Harper is okay. So many times I come to your blog, and I can totally identify with what you have posted. I've been pretty sensitive about my girls' safety/health lately too. It is good to hear I'm not alone. Enjoy your sweet baby. I love being able to look ahead a couple of months to see what is in store for my own precious girl.

Abby Johns said...

1. I talked to Ava's doctor last time I took her in for a checkup about her sleep and she said that they are programmed to wake up 5-7 times a night until they are 9 months at which point all of the rules change apparently. She did say to start breaking the food/sleep association at 6 months (i.e. no bottle to fall asleep on). Ava still uses her swaddler to get to sleep (she busts out of it in the middle of the night) and a pacifier. She can sleep without them but not as well.
2. Ava sat up for a few seconds on her own the morning she turned 5 months and didn't get really good at it until probably this last month she has quit just falling back. She is finally good at correcting herself when she starts to wobble. We just would sit her up and put her boppy pillow behind her incase she started to fall back or to the sides. We also had to help her position her legs at first for maximum balance. Don't worry, Harper will get the hang of it. Ava is 8 months old and rolled from front to back for the first time (I have witnessed) today.
3. Love the bar stools! Although, I would probably recover the little pad thing with something more vibrant. But that is just me.

A Christian Mom said...

Both of my girls were sitting up between 6-7 months.

As for the sleeping. My oldest, who is now 7 1/2 started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. Well, for 5 hr stretches anyway. She has always been a great sleeper. Now, she'll sleep about 12 hrs a night. If her sister doesn't wake her up to early in the morning, that is.

My 3 1/2 yr old... still wakes up sometimes, although I've noticed that she hasn't really woken up much in the last month, so maybe we're finally past that stage? As an infant, she was almost a yr old before I could get her to sleep for even 5 hrs straight. I'll admit, I didn't handle that very well. I'm just glad it's getting better.

Love the bar stools. ;o)

And glad to hear that Harper checked out OK at the ER.

(I think this is my 1st comment here.) ;o)

Candy Jones said...

1. My oldest little girl sat up well at age 7 months. She not really try until 6 months.

2. I have my second baby girl now who is 3 months and she is getting up 1 time per night. My oldest slept through the night by 2 months. What worked for me and is working now is Babywise. You do not have to read the entire book....believe me, I know there is never enough time. But the schedule is what really works I,play,sleep. And then you start over again. It is hard the first few days but really worked for us.

3. And love the bar stools. Wish I had a bar to set them up at!

Robin said...

My oldest daughter started sleeping 10-12 hrs nights at six weeks and our second daughter around 5 months started sleeping 10-12 nights...she had colic 24/7 for 4 months. Those days were hard! We learned that scheduled feeding were necessary and then we gave them their cereal also at night right before bed. Neither of my daughters would eat rice cereal, so we had to change to oatmeal. It worked very well. With full tummies they slept all night.

Both of my daughters sat up at 6 months.

I love the stools. They are beatuiful!

Stephanie said...

Ok Kelly, here is my two cents :)

1. Ava has been sleeping through the night since about 6 weeks (6 hours at that point). For the last month, she has been sleeping 8-9 hours. I think the trick for us has been a consistant routine at bedtime that is different than her napping routine during the day; letting her sleep in her own room, where it is dark with some white noise; feeding her a bottle right before she goes to bed (usually breast milk that I have pumped, sometimes formula though); and turning the monitor way down so we don't hear every noise. When she was itty bitty, I started putting her in bed before she was asleep so she could "self soothe" and that seems to help too I think. If I were you, I would let her cry it out because she's probably just used to getting up now and doesn't need to eat at all. I bet she'll only cry for 2 or 3 nights and then she'll get the hang of it. I have no idea how you are surviving on such little sleep...It is a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE when you are able to get 6, 7, or 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep! You can do it, just figure out a plan and stick to it :)
Good luck!!

2. I love the barstools, they are beautiful and I don't even know what the rest of the furniture looks like! Definitely remind me of you :)

Glad your ER trip was a short one, hopefully those teeth will come in quickly!

Amy said...

My son started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks (13 hours straight) I know I am extremely lucky, but everyone says my next will probably not sleep so well! haha As far as sitting up he was about 6 months. By the way I love your blog, u have inspired me to start my own.. I heard about you through Lisa Sherrill Roach, I work with her at the school.

Jennie Peakin said...

1. My son slept through the night consistently at 4 months...we let him "cry it out" at 4 months because he was waking up every 2 hours and it was just so miserable! Letting him cry it out was SO HARD, but the absolute BEST thing we ever did! It was better for him and us as well. He was a happier baby in general after sleeping through the night.

2. My son was 7 months old when he could officially sit up on his own.

3. Love the chairs!

Unknown said...

I took my baby to the dr. when she was 2 weeks old to show them a bruise on her arm. I swore to them that I was a good mom and hadn't harmed her in any way (but was still scared they would call CPS). The dr. laughed and said it was birth trauma that took some time to show the bruise.

All that to say...I'd be the same to the ER we go!

I did Baby Wise and mine slept through the night by 2-4 months. My 3rd child sat up much later than the other three but I don't remember when they did it. And...after child #2 I never wrote another thing in baby books. In fact I don't even know where they are now. Pitiful. But I have a blog, right?!? Now I can remember.

AND!!! My Edy's ice cream box came! I'm so excited for my party. July 25...thanks for the heads up on the contest!!! I'll post pics.

Jennifer said...

1. At about 6 months, my daughter was sleeping from 8 pm to 5 am (woke up for a quick bottle then back to sleep until 8 am). At about 9 months, she dropped the 5 am feeding and slept 8 pm to 8 am. Prior to 6 months, she was in bed at 8 pm, I did a "dreamfeed" at ll pm, and she woke to eat at 5 am then back to sleep until 8 am. We did not do any special sleep training or CIO with her...just followed her pattern. She started sleeping in her own room in her crib at 6 months. My biggest recommendation is get a firm bedtime routine and bedtime (although you probably already have one).

2. Sitting up unassisted at about 7 months.

3. I like the chair!

Kimberly said...

Hi Kelly, I didn't have time to read through all your comments so I am sorry if this is duplicated or unhelpful.My first born son(now 8.5) was a great sleeper! He slept through the night with very little coercing at about 9 weeks. No supplement feedings or cereal,just nursing. It was wonderful! However, my second son had a completely different personality/temperament(of course!!) and did not sleep through until he was about 7 months old. One night on vacation, my husband and Mom sat me down and told me they wanted me to let him cry a little and that he would be fine.It was so hard for me but it only took a couple nights and then he slept through. I found that because his cry wasn't a sick cry or hungry cry that I could tell myself he was fed and fine. I think you just have to listen to their cries and if they are just up fussing and because they are used to waking, it's okay to let them go back to sleep. It's hard to do when they're teething though because you don't know if they're in pain,etc. Good luck! ;)

Both my boys sat up around 6months and I think my daughter was closer to 7. Just keep encouraging her and she'll do it when she's ready.:)

Kari said...

First, I hope Harper is okay. Sounds like nothing major, but you're right, when you read about other things happening to babies all the time, it's usually the first thing that jumps into your head.

1. my first slept through the night consistently about 3 months. my son who is 4.5 months started at 2.5 months - of course he was getting normal nursing time and eating cereal 4 times a day. The cereal stopped the fussing and he started sleeping through the night and taking longer naps.

2. my daughter could be sat up on her own at 4 months. my son is finally able to do it at 4.5 months. we worked on it though all the time. using the boppy as a prop, sitting on the floor with them and setting them inbetween our legs allowing them to get the hang of it and work on muscles.

3. love it!

Enjoy the time with your mom :o)

Karen said...


It is crazy how much we have in common . . .

Ella is about the same age and is not sitting up either . . but, we are practicing.

Ella does sleep through the night but she is not breastfed . . I think that does have something to do with it (also breastfed babies get the bad poopies like you had at the pool the other day).

Anyway, my mom's birthday is tomorrow too . . she will be 60! My parents live in Magnolia . . let me know next time y'all go down there . . it might work out where we can meet up. I LOVE Backyard BBQ! It will be my treat.

Good luck . . hope you get lots of sleep!


Ande Malinowski said...

I'm not a mom, yet (not for a LONG TIME-I'm only 14 lol) i like the chairs!

Ashley McWhorter said...

I'm glad everything went ok at the ER. We now go to those Urgent Care places, b/c the wait was always way too long at the hospital. We just took Cash last week for an ear infection (it was a Sat.) and they had us in-n-out in about an hour. No appointment and all we had to pay was our co-pay. No emergency room fees. It was great!

-As for your questions...Cash didn't sit up until 6 1/2 months. He was almost crawling before he could sit up. I just sat him up one day, and he stayed. Funny!
-All three of mine were different on sleeping through the night. First was at about 6 months. We gave her formula for her last feeding at night, and it worked. Some friends gave me that advice and I ran with it!!! Second was 10 months and that was just b/c we finally made her just cry it out. We figured it was time. :) Now, our sweet little man, started sleeping through the night about a month ago. I am not gonna lie, it is glorious. It was around the time we starting feeding him something other than breast milk. I think he was just starving. Whatever it was, it is working. But, he doesn't go down until around 9:30 and sleeps until 8:30 or so. But, if we put him to bed any early, is messes everything up. So, we stretch it out as long as we can.
-LOVE the bar stools!!!

Sarah Robbins said...

Hey Kelly,

So glad Harper is okay! Teething is no fun- but she will be eating steak before you know it!

I LOVE the chairs!

Developmentally, babies start sleeping through the night between 3-6 months. It is also okay to let them cry to learn to self sooth after 3 months. Before three months, it is important to meet every cry to build attachment, but after three months, babies are developmentally able to start learning to sooth themselves. It is also important at that stage for them to begin to try to do that. If she can roll over (which I think you mentioned her doing) it is also okay for her to sleep on her tummy. I'd try a sound machine and humidifier like you do for her nap as well. . .

Also, babies have a startle reflex that causes them to cry out, but not fully wake. You might try letting Harper sleep in her crib- if she cries enough in the night to wake you, it's because she is in need. You may be waking her unneccesarily at her startle cries when she would normally go back to sleep. . . Hope that helps!!

An iMperfect wIfe said...

Just wanted to say that its not abnormal for nicu babes to have irritability and sleeplessness for much longer than babes who didnt visit nicu.

Good luck! Hang in there!!


Unknown said...

I have two kids and both were sleeping through the night by 4- 6 weeks, they were very big babies though. My first (boy) was sitting up at 5 months, and my second (girl) didn't start sitting up till 7 months, but right after she crawled and walked very quickly.

Us said...

1ST my oldest had blood on his mouth/face @ 6 weeks wih no explanantion...we took him to a pediatric after care place and the doctor looked him over and said he was fine. 2nd both of mine slept through the night pretty consistently at about 11mths....not to scare you but around 3 they discover they can get up and ask for things....;) 3rd my son started sitting up at 5 mths but wasn't a pro until 6 mths. My daughter was more I used a boppy around her for good meausure until around 7 mths. She also had a 1 yr old brother who liked to knock her over alot ;-) not alot of reason to try to sit up.

His Amazing Grace said...

Well, our daughter, Halle started sleeping through the night when she was about 3 months...we did have to go in to put in her paci occasionally after that. BUT...once she hit about 7 months that stopped too...she can find her own now. I'm pretty sure she started sitting on her own about 5-6 months. AND...crawling at 7 months. She is Full African American and our Dr. has shared with us that babies of that race and gender reach milestones sooner. I really do like those bar stools...they don't go with my kitchen, but...they would look wonderful in yours!
...April :)

The Garners said...

Oh, I'm so glad H is okay! How scary! I noticed dried blood in A's ear in the middle of the night last year at the beach and freaked out--pretty much the same thoughts went through my head as what you mentioned...I always go to worst-case-scenario when it comes to the kids' health for some reason. Thankfully, a much calmer, less-dramatic Lane took a flash light and saw a cut on the outside of her ear...the source of the little bit of blood! :) Those moments seem to never end as a parent. I pretty much find something daily on one of the three kids that sends me into panic mode.

In response to your questions:
1) Rhett--set the bar way too high for us...he slept through the night at 12 weeks I think (and I think it might have even been 9 weeks when he dropped that "middle of the night" feeding??? I can't remember for sure). But that gave me a false expectation, and Alexee saw no need to measure up to her brother's schedule...she was 5 months (4th of July weekend, actually) when she slept through the night. Crosby is 3 months and doesn't seem to be interested in giving up that middle of the night business either. Ahhh, someday I will sleep again...maybe!?

2. Rhett sat at 5 months, Alexee sat at 5 months, 1 week I think--somewhere really close to that. Hopefully C will follow that pattern because R & A both seemed so happy when they could sit alone (C's happy most of the time already, so he'll be a real ball of fun once he's sitting!) :)

3. Love the bar stools! I think you'll be glad they have backs on them. We got stools with no backs (I think my idea was to keep the small breakfast are from looking so crowded?) but both kids have fallen off of them already. I think R's had two busted lips due to bar stools. Harper will be climbing up on them before you know it!!!!!! Can't wait to see your family room re-do!

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

1. 1st child slept through the night (8+ hours) around 4 months. However, I always rocked him to sleep. At 6 months, he started waking up again and didn't know how to go back to sleep on his own. He was old enough to understand "Where did Mommy go? This is my bed and not mommy's shoulder anymore." dr gave me all the tips for sleep training (the child putting self to sleep) and it worked like a charm. At 6 months he was back sleeping through the night. If he did wake up at that point, it didn't matter because he didn't need me to put him back to sleep. He was good on his own.

Our 2nd child - since we LOVED sleep training so much with the first, we started it with him around 4 months, but he wasn't sleeping through the night until 6 months. From 4-6 months I allowed less and less for middle of the night feedings. I had to break his belly time clock! :)

2. Sitting up - both a little after 6 months.

3. LOVE the bar stool!

lil mama said...

Just in the few comments I read I could see that you're going to get such a wide spectrum of answers that I'm not sure it'll help much :(. All babies are different and you honestly seem to be the kind of mom that's whole-heartedly doing the best for that little girl. Outside of that, there's little you can do.

My oldest started sleeping through the night at 4 weeks and my baby at 2 months.

They both started sitting up between 4.5 and 5 months.

And, last but not least, LOOOOOOVE the stools. Seriously. Go buy them. Now. Stop reading your comments and go snatch them up, girl! They're GORGEOUS!.

Try not to worry too much about little Harper's milestones. I know that's easier said than done it's your first baby but trust me, she's perfect and she'll do things when she's good and ready :).

kadencesmommy68 said...

My daughter started sleeping through the night at 3 months (praise the lord LOL). But she has her nights where she gets up and doesn't sleep well. She is now 13 months but doing great!!! Oh yea and we had to do the cry method with Kadence because I nursed her to sleep and let me tell you what....that was the worst but now she does such a great job sleeping I wouldn't do it over again!!!!

Kadence started sitting up at I think 6 months and didn't start crawling until she was ten months. She still isn't walking yet but I'm not too worried about it because she has been trying. She also has all her teeth top and bottom and is starting to get her molars!!!!

I like the bar stools they are neutral and you can do a lot with them. They would look great in a kind of forest green room with some dark trim or something!!!!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Sounds like an ordeal today! Their gums can bleed while teething. I had that happen with my daughter, and sure enough, the tooth pushing through was causing the bleeding.

1. My son was born 4.5 weeks early, but was sleeping 6 hour stretches when he turned a month old. My daughter started 6 hour stretches before she was 2 weeks old. I know they are a rare exception, but they both have always been great sleepers, who like to sleep a lot! My sisters were so mad that I never had the new mom exhaustion from lack of sleep. I have a feeling # 3 won't be as kind!

2. They both were sitting up on their own at 5 months.

3. I like the bar stool, but I'm not a big fan of the white cushion on it. If the cushion color were different, I'd love it!

Anonymous said...

Genevieve was 3 months old when she sat up alone by herself. she Started sleepin thru the night at 6weeks. But we have ahd issues, with her sleeping all night in her bed now. She will be 3 tomorrow.

Happy birthday to your mommy.
Tomorrow is a busy birthday. As my hubbys birthday, and our miracele baby Genevieve turns three.

could Harper maybe of cut herself with one of them teeth while she was sleeping in the car? hows the bleeding now?

Anonymous said...

My daughter slept through the night consistently at 8 weeks. Sorry! :(
She sat up at 6 months.
I love those barstools!

Kathy said...

My oldest was 5 1/2 mos when he sat up. The twins were almost 7 mos. All were sleeping thru the night by 6 wks (and one of the twins at 3 wks) and by that I mean I put them down for the night at 11pm and they slept til 6ish, ate real well and then back to sleep til around 9. Naps several times a day but when they were Harper's age, naps at about 11:30 and then again at 3. Then up for the evening. Sometimes, I had to get up and pump, though...especially with the twins. I felt silly being up when the babies were sleeping.

I learned pretty quickly with my oldest that he slept much more soundly alone in his crib without hearing us.

Amanda said...

1) Jackson STTN at 8 weeks for about a month, and then not again til he was weaned at a year old. But he was only waking up once in the early morning. Annabeth STTN at 8 weeks and has kept it up.
2) Annabeth isn't sitting up yet. I think Jackson did it at 6 months.
3) I like the barstool! It's really different.

Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

Sorry about the scare with Harper! I would totally worry about that as well!

Both my girls started sleeping 6-7 hour stretches by the time they were 2 months old and by 4 months old were sleeping 12-13 hours straight. I did follow babywise and let them cry it out some, but it was nothing terrible. I think the biggest thing was I put both of them in their rooms at about 4-5 weeks old and turned the monitor down low so I wouldn't hear every noise. Sometimes they might wake up and stir some but put themselves back to sleep within a few minutes. I think that Harper is most likely waking out of habit because at her age and size, she should be able to sleep through the night. It usually just takes 2-3 days of some training and the kids usually figure out the sleep thing! Good luck! You will feel like a new woman when you start getting consistent sleep. And the main thing is that good sleep is really really important for our babies as well. They need to get long stretches of good sleep for brain development. Knowing that made sleep training a huge priority for me!

Oh, and my 2 year old sat up at 6 months exactly and my 8 month old started sitting up at about 6 1/2 -7 months.

Love the barstools and can't wait to see what your living room looks like with new furniture!

Ashley said...

1. Ava slept through the night for 8 straight hours on THE VERY FIRST NIGHT (at 5 months) I put her in her own room. It was like she could smell me, was a light sleeper, or was uncomfortable sleeping in the pack n play. She has never looked back.
It was SO HARD to put her in her room. It was as if I was losing part of my heart or something...but seeing her sleep so well made me feel much better about the decision that next morning!
2. She was ahead on all her milestones just like Harper. However, she sat up at 6 months...and started crawling 3 days later! I chalk it up to sitting never being her thing. She wants to go, go, go!
Cute barstools!

C said...

My daughter slept 5 hours straight our first night home...and continued to sleep 5-7 hours straight until she was 3 months old, and we went on our first trip. Since then it's been all over the place:)
She'll be 11 months tomorrow, and as of late, she sleeps about 6-7 hours straight and then wakes up twice within the next 4-5 hours of sleep.
She's never done the 2-3 hour wake-up thing consistently, but I honestly have never done anything to make her sleep the way she does.
I've found that when her sleep starts to go south (like waking up every 2 hours), it's because something is up...teething, learning a new skill (this is huge! Whenever she's been about to sit up, crawl, walk, etc. she's slept horribly), or a growth spurt. If I just wait it out and let her nurse when she needs it in the night, it goes much better than if we try to mess around with naps, bedtime or anything else to try to get it back to "normal.":)

She sat up at just under 5 months old...really early. It's totally normal for them to not sit up completely unassisted until 9 months though.

Jo said...

My dtr started sleeping the whole night at abt 3 months, right after we moved her into her own bed with a monitor on. We started it slowly, 1st for naps then night time. One of my fondest memories is hearing her wake up singing to herself in the morning (she's 18 now)She sat on her own at 7 month - she was a premie but seemed to hit the milestones abt right on...Jo
PS Love the stools - only concern would be how well they are constructed and can they take the wear and tear?

amie said...

Hi There :-)
5 year old slept through the night at 4 months, 3 year old at 6 months and 11 month old---not yet!

Sitting up all 3 have by 6 months

Stools- love them!

Jennifer said...

I have heard in the past you read all the comments so if you do remember all children are different, I was like you tried for many years 5 to have a beautiful son now 8 years old. He never slept more than 2 hours at a time for the first 18 months it was very hard, I just prayed alot and had no energy but he does now sleep all night, the only advise I would give is to feed her a big bottle with rice cereal (can't remember if Harper can have that or not) if not put applesauce in the bottle make nipple larger and that way more of a heavy food would be on the tummy. The other option is cry it out I was never able to that ,so that is problay why he was up all the time, he was a fussy baby I thought what have I done but like you did not complain just wondering why the heck are all these other babies sleeping all the time and even better than that in their CRIB!! Praying for you girl. BE BLESSED

threecupcakes said...

Hi Kelly and Harper,

I think maybe Harper is waking so often, partly from habit (love to snuggle with mummy and a little top up too !) and because she is not full enough when she goes to sleep for the night.

I have three children and they all slept well during the day and through the night. You could try 'closing the the gap' between her last two feeds of the day and give her some applesauce too.

Also, when she does wake at night, talk to her as little as possible, keep the lights low etc. All babies need to learn that night/bed time is for sleeping and dreaming !
best wishes and good luck
xx alyson

asplashofsunshine said...

My kids slept through the night relatively early. My daughter was about 8 weeks and my son was about 3 months old. With both of them, I simply turned off the monitor. I was so exhausted, and knew that they were warm, fed, changed, and safe, so I had no worries.

Sitting up... my daughter sat up at 7 months, and crawled a few days later. My son crawled at 6 months, and sat up at 7 months.

YES, the chair is fabulous! Just be careful, Harper will be crawling on it 24/7. Just make sure that there isn't anything on the chairs until she is taller than the chair, especially Mommy's favorite treasures. She'll make sure to get to them and destroy them. :)

Cassia said...

I have five children and they have all waited until 18 months to sleep through the night. I thought the first one wouldn't sleep until he was 16!! It is very discouraging but hang in there. I don't think it has anythign to do with parenting..just each child is different. Mine are great sleepers now!!! There is hope. The only mistake I made with the first was when he was old enough to wake up and ask for a drink I got it and he started doing it EVERY night and I had to break that.

Kathy said...

1) I have three children and my first NEVER slept through the night and was in our bed until she was almost 4 years old. Needless to say when we had our second daughter we put her in her crib immediately. I did the Ferber method and although it was hard, I knew that the alternative was NOT an option. My third is now 2 years old and I used Babywise with him and he was sleeping 12 hours at night from the time he was 8 weeks old. It really truly is hard to hear them cry, but you will both be SO MUCH HAPPIER when you're getting a full nights sleep. If Harper is waking up every 2-3 hours it is purely habit at this point and it can be fixed in less than a week..I promise!! But, here's a valuable piece of advice my mother gave me: It takes five days to break a habit and ONE night to make one!" this is SOOO true, if you give in one time and go get her up...
well you can set your clock by it that she will wake at the exact same time the next night! They are smart little creatures!

2) All my kiddos sat up at about the same time - 6 1/2 months.

3) Love, love, love the barstools!!

Lindsay said...

1. my first son slept through at 6 weeks and has ever since. my second son is 3 months and still gets up once at night (I'm up with him now, thus the reason for posting at 3:30am!) I give the baby rice cereal at night with prunes to help him sleep a little better. One thing I found with both is that if they are in their own room I don't hear every little fuss and would try to let them work it out before getting up with them. Sometimes crying it out is the answer too, I would say that unless you feel like she is really hungry and needs to eat every 2 hours for nourishment then it would be ok to try and let her cry. I know how hard that is though!
2. my son sat up at 6 1/2 months
3. I love the barstools!

Claire said...

Oh Kelly, what a scare! I'm glad that nurse was so kind to you, and I'll be thinking of and praying for you and Harper. I have no kiddoes, so the mom poll I'm no use on! ;)


Jennifer said...

My twins started sleeping 8 hrs at night at 6 weeks and were up to twelve hrs at night by 8 weeks and took two naps during the day we followed Baby Wise, it isnt too late to use it there is a chapter in the book Re: starting with an older baby! they didnt sit up on their own until they were about 6 months so I wouldnt worry about that God Bless your sweet family!

Holly said...

I believe by Harper's age my daughter was sleeping a 5 hr stretch and she didn't start sitting up by herself til around 6 months.

Sorry, but I'm not a fan of the stools! (I think I may be the only one! haha Seems like everyone else loves them.)

Hello There said...

My son started sleeping 7 hours a night at 8 weeks old, but he didn't take any kind of nap until he was 10 months! I thought I was going to go crazy.

Coughlin's Corner said...

My daughter began sleeping through the night regularly at about 4 months. We had to work at it though. She would have her last bottle at about 7:30 and the go to bed. My sweet husband would then get up at midnight regardless if she woke up or not and feed her again. This would tide her over till morning. But we were doing formula. If you are still breastfeeding I had the same thing. Until I put Cadence on formula she woke up every few hours. She was not getting completely full from breast milk. So there I dont know. She started sitting up on her own at 5 months. We have been ahead on everything like you say Harper has but we still have NO teeth. I am beginning to wonder if something is wrong. She slobbers like you would not believe and she even tries to chew her applesauce but no teeth!!

Unknown said...

Yikes that is scary!
My daughter started sleeping 12 hours at 3 months old..(baby wise). I would just make sure she is not sleeping too much during the day (length of naps)... You don't want her confusing night and day. She started sitting up right around 6 months.. and I LOVE the barstool!

Bev said...

I am sure this is not the news that you want to hear by my youngest (17mos) still does not sleep through the night. Sometimes he is up once, sometimes twice and occasionally 3 times a night. I have read all the books but I just can't seem to get the advice to work or I don't agree with it (like letting him cry it out). I know how hard it is to not get sleep. It does not matter how much you love your little one, you still need your sleep and some weeks are harder than others. I also think it has to do with the childs personality. I had one that was a great sleeper and then 2 that are not so great! Good luck with it. I wish I had better advice.

All my boys sat around 6 months.

I love the barstools. I don't think I would do a white cushion though.

KateO said...

I love the bar stools!!

In regards to your mom poll, I won't lie, both my kids slept thru the night early. like at 6 weeks, but they were terrible nappers until they hit 3-4 months. My second boy, slept thru the night, but started teething and then the sleeping thru the night went away for a while...then he'd get sick and that would throw him off. Finally at a year old I just let him cry it out, cause really, he could do it, but developed bad habits.

As for sitting up, both my boys had motor delays and it was at about 6 months for one and 8 months for the other. I think they're supposed sit up at between 4 and 6months. One thing the occupation therapist told me was that those Bumbos hinder more than help w/ sitting up. She actually told me to throw it out...that it was really bad for posture's sake and bad for reflux babies. Dunno, I know a ton of kids who use them, and they're fine.

Love your blog!! although it crashes on me a ton!

ClintandGina said...

I read ALL the sleep books during pregnancy and think Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and Happiest Baby on the block are the two best. My baby is only 5 days old, so I can't tell you yet how they are working ;) I am saying prayer for her to be a good sleeper, but we are working on nursing now. Blessings to you and sweet Harper.

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Kate started sleeping through the night around 2 months. She was in her own crib from day one. I think the big thing, though, was initiating a bedtime (7:30 for us)so it's not just that endless three hour cycle--you can have some evening couple time!--and while sometimes we have to put her paci back in a couple times, she's usually asleep within ten minutes. For a while, we did what one commenter called a "dream feeding," an unsolicited feeding around 11 or 12, if one of us was still awake. We soon found she was still going 10-11 hours even without it.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad Harper is ok. My daughter's top teeth bled a bit when they came through so perhaps that was it as well. I could see where the bleeding was originating from so that's why I wasn't worried.

My daughter didn't consistently sleep through the night until 9 months but from week 6 and on she only woke up once to eat. We started letting her cry at week 5 so she could learn to soothe herself back to sleep (what I suspect Harper is using you for) so her habits were certainly manageable.

We also had some a dilemma with our daycare providers (there were 3 of them) and the different ways they had her nap. I am fully convinced that the inconsistency set her back as well!

She sat up (with pillows behind) at six months.

Now that I am expecting #2, I am going to be very consistent, be assertive about my baby's sleep habits, and stand my ground from day 1. It is so worth it to get some good sleep. You'll feel like a new person.

The nights that she cried for a while were rough but I am 100% in favor of it!

We used the 5, 10, 15 minute rule increments and it was as gentle as possible.

She is a champion sleeper now at 17 months. She sleeps through, most of the time, even when she's sick.

My prayers are with you!

The Striving Homeschool Mom said...

Hi Kelly! I'm praising with you about the little girl Vivian and that your little one is ok! It's so scary when it's your own little one!
1.) I don't know If I should be the one answering your questions haha b/c my kiddies were terrible sleepers, I breastfed both of them both over a year and they didn't sleep through the night until they were over a year! I hope that doesn't scare you, but I nursed on demand, and if it meant i could go right back to sleep then so be it!

2.) Both of our little ones started sitting up at about 6 months! I always had the bobby pillow around them!

I hope this helps! I hope you have a great visit with your parents! I'll be praying for you!

Lauren said...

Hi! Wow, what a day!

1. Hopefully Harpers bleeding was due to teathing. Our little boy (6 months) had pink all over his oufit the other day...he had some blood in his drool...but no teeth yet.

2. All three of our children slept through the night within weeks (sorry). We did let them cry it out a bit though.

3. I love the bar stools! I cannot wait to see your new room! I need some inspiration! :)

...and in the words of Scarlett O'Hara, "After all, tomorrow is another day!" :)

Liz Elvir said...

mom poll #1 - my kids started sleeping through the night at about 6 weeks. once they are sleeping through the night there is no need to wake them for a night time breast feeding. or if she would have an occasional waking, try to do other things to get her back to sleep besides feeding her. once she is off that feeding don't go back to it....then she will be up at that time again every night.

another thing i did with my 3 kids was to double feed them at night. this may not work with all moms...but i was like a little milk cowm i made tons of milk. say her last feeding is 8pm.... try to feed her about 7pm and 8pm. if she dozes off between those feeding, do all you can to wake her and feed her again.

if all else fails....i was a huge believe in letting them cry it out. if nothing is wrong (of course go check her, soothe her) she if she can put herself back to sleep.

of course all this being about 2-3 years old all my kids starting climbing into bed with us. its a battle. especially with the youngest! we are trying to break him on that now.....

good luck!!

Jennifer said...

First let me say, I am so glad everything was okay with Harper. I would have totally freaked out! Glad you were with your mom and not by yourself when you discovered the blood.

Ok, to your questions...My daughter started sleeping through the night just shy of 4 months old. She was always a great sleeper at night but we always had a hard time with naps. At around 8 months old, I read "Happy Baby, Healthy Sleep Habits" (probably messed that title up but you know what I mean) and let her cry it out during naps and it was amazing, after a couple of days she was taken awesome naps and actually sleeping even better at night (if that was possible but true).

As for sitting up, I think it was around 5 1/2 months maybe 6 months. Don't worry about the sitting up, she will do it when she is ready and then watchout for the crawling :)

I really love the chairs, where did you find them? I really like them!

ashley said...

so glad harper is okay!!!! :)

i have a little girl, audrey, who is just 5 months old. she consistently started sleeping through the night at 2 months. she was sleeping in her own room/bed at that time. when i was pregnant everyone always told me big babies are good sleepers (audrey was 9 pounds at birth) and breastfeeding didn't work out, so she is formula fed. i've also heard that they sleep better on formula....(although i'd really prefer she was getting breastmilk).

audrey has also been ahead on milestones, and she cannot sit up yet. i was thinking 6 months is when they usually start sitting up on their own.

i think those bar stools are cute! good luck redoing your room - i'm sure it will turn out great! :)

Lindsay said...

Hi Kelly,

Long-time reader, first-time commenter here (can't believe it took me this long).

First of all, glad that Harper is okay, I totally know what you mean about your mind getting out of control after reading so many sad stories about sick children. Someone praying for their child to say Mommy again makes me have a little more patience when I hear it all day long!

Anyway, to answer your questions:

1. My son was somewhere between 7-8 months before consistently sleeping thru the night.

2. He sat by himself at 6 months.

3. I love the barstools!!!

Carrie said...

Hi Kelly. I would have freaked out over the blood in her mouth too. My son had a fever for 4 days last week and I was convinced he had Swine Flu :)

Now to answer your questions:

a) He started sleeping 7:30pm to 7:00am by 3 months. We used the Baby Wise philosophy. I know a lot of people speak negative of it, but it has worked for us and I couldn't be happier.

b) He sat up a 6 months old.

c) You don't want decorating advice from me. I am terrible in this area. But, since you asked, I do like the bar stool but maybe would recover the white fabric with a darker color. Stains wouldn't appear so easily on a darker color!

Have fun celebrating with your mom!

loveburrito said...

Hi Kelly~~
First time commenter, long time reader.
1. My son (Evan) is 4 months old and wakes up once a night to eat--usually around 2am. We are experimenting with rice cereal in his bottle and Stage 1 foods. He does tend to sleep more soundly after a 'big meal'(dont we all??), but he still wakes up for that feeding--but now it's 4am instead of 2am. Ha!
2. He is not sitting up yet-still working on the rolling over thing. Horrray for the Bumbo!!
3. Love Love Love the stools!! Where did you find them?? Ballard Designs? I would change the cushion to match the colors in my house, but I love the style!


Angie said...

Hi! Well, I'm a pediatrician and a mom, so I'll answer from both perspectives:
1. I have 2 kids--my baby girl is 3 months old and sleeps from 9pm to 5:30 am without waking (don't hate me--that's not the norm, we just got lucky with her). My son (now 3) started sleeping from 10p to 6a without waking at about 6 months old. He was very colicky but his behaviors and sleep sll started getting better between 4-6 months. Breastfed babies don't HAVE to be fed during the night at Harper's age, but most do (often for comfort more than nutrition). She's still young (plus she has the added irritation of teething), so she may improve soon on her own! One big tip is to make sure you put her to bed slightly drowsy but not fully asleep--if you nurse her to sleep and transfer her to the bed sound asleep, that will become her sleep routine and she'll feel like she needs to nurse herself back to sleep everytime she wakes during the night (that is VERY common with BF babies, but it stinks for their mamas!).
2. My son didn't sit unsupported until about 7 months old. He could tripod (sit leaning forward on his hands) at 6 months old for a few seconds before toppling over--that's the norm. He always at the slowest side of normal on his milestones, and I was all neurotic about it. Practicing is always good though, just pad her with some pillows!
3. I like the barstools!

Good luck! (and it sounds like you got good advice from the ER nurse!)

Suesan said...

I totally feel ya! My 9 month old started a nose bleed out of no where 2 days ago- I freaked! He started sleeping through consistently about a few weeks ago, I cheated for a long time and let him sleep in the swing, he sleeps in his pack n play now because he likes to rock it by moving his body & that is how he puts himself to sleep. I tried moving him to bottom of pack n play and he couldnt sleep because he couldnt rock, he needs to make his way to his crib but I dont know what will happen. I will say I prayed and prayed and prayed for easy sleeping habits with him because I did not with my daughter & it is still (at age 3) a problem. Those bar stools are adorable, I would say only thing to make them a little more "you" would be to cover that plain white cushion.

Angie said...

Oops...just saw one girl's comment about moving Harper to her own room. By all means, do it!! She's right, babies often cry out in the night and will settle themselves back down, so you don't have to grab her with the first cry or stirring. I put our kids in their own room (with a monitor) at about 8 weeks old--first in their pack-n-play, then transferred to crib. It made a HUGE difference in my sleep because I didn't hear their every movement.

Naff News said...

1. My daughter started sleeping through the night around 8 weeks. I, too, followed the BabyWise schedule (but not necessarily everything--or anything- else in that book!)

2. She started sitting up at 4 months- but she has done EVERYTHING ahead of schedule.

3. I love the stools.

4. Harper is beautiful. :) (Just had to throw that in there!)

Michelle said...

My son did not sleep through the night consistently until he turned a year old. It was like a switch went off and he just decided to start sleeping all night. Over that first year he did get to the point where he was only waking up once to nurse. So, I nursed him once in the middle of the night the entire first year. It was easier to let him nurse than to fight him or make him cry it out. We both got back to sleep a lot faster.

As far as sitting up goes he was between 6-7 months before he started sitting up by himself. All babies are different on this one though. My friend's little girl was 5 months old when she started sitting up by herself.

Erica said...

i have 2 kids & they have both been very different!
1. my first who i nursed woke up every 1.5-2 hours until he was 4 months old. at that point i was exhausted & started giving him formula just before bed. that helped a little. he didn't really sleep through the night until he was 18 mos (i know that doesn't encourage you much). he got tubes in his ears & afterwards started to sleep, the poor thing was in so much pain! my second baby who i'm also nursing is 4 months old and has been sleeping for 6 hour stretches for 2 months now! i started praying over him that he would sleep all night & it helped!!

2.) my oldest sat up when he was 4 months old. my youngest is 4 months old and hasn't sat up yet lol

3.) those barstools are cute! i'm not a huge fan of whicker but i think it looks good with the black. i'm sure you'll pick the perfect kind, you seem to have good taste :)

Robyn said...

Hi Kelly!
Harper is beautiful and you are a wonderful mom! Let me encourage you to get her to sleep through the night and you will be a new woman! At this point in her life, she has NO nutritional need to get up at night, she has just formed habits and she knows you will get her. You will not be a bad mom if you let her cry...just make it a little longer each night. It will be painful for you, but I promise it is worth it, for both of you. Babies NEED good sleep, and so do mommies.

Erin said...

Hi Kelly,

I think Harper sleeping through the night is up to you. My sister has three girls and who were sleeping through the night by three months. The doctor told her that by that age they don't need the food, they are just waking up out of habit. It is really tough, but crying it out is an option that my sister used. It didn't last long (one or two nights). Maybe have Scott get up with her and try to pat her back to sleep--not picking up. This way she doesn't have to "smell you". I wish you the best of luck!

Brandi said...

My baby is 4.5 mo. and is sleeping through the night. He wakes up at 5:00 a.m. though, and I am not a morning person. My first two babies sat up between 6 - 7 mo. And, I LOVE the bar stools!!! They will go with absolutely anything! :-)

Mandy Quinn said...

I love your blog!

My daughter is now 8 1/2 months old and she just started sleeping through the night (5-7 hrs straight) about a month ago. She does however still slip that occasional waking up at 2am every once and a while I guess to keep us on our toes. Jayci started sitting up at 6 months old and at 7 1/2 months she started crawiling all over the place. I do love the bar stools and can't wait to see the family room when you are finished.

Unknown said...

I'm glad that Harper is okay! That was scary to read!

1. My oldest started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks. My youngest who is turning 3 on the
20th, still doesn't sleep through the night.

2. My oldest started sitting up by himself unsupported at six months. My youngest at in between 7-8 months. My pediatrician encouraged me to not worry and assured me that they would do it when it was their time to do it. Don't compare to others because that's what I did with my youngest, but he just had to do it when he felt like it. He didn't crawl until he was 8 1/2 months and didn't walk until 14 months.

3. I love the barstools! If you need ideas as to something to put on your walls, let me know. I sale uppercaseliving. You can go to their website and take a look. If you would like to order something though, let me know and I will send you my personalized website once it is completed.

Have a great day!

Laura said...

my little guy luke is 13 mos. and is sleeping through the night on a regular basis but only since he turned 1! we started letting him "cry it out" i think around 10 months...but would only let him cry or 15-20 min. at night (since he sleeps in our room) usually he would fall back asleep within a few minutes, but if he didnt then i would just nurse him back to sleep. Now he is sleeping pretty good (although he will still cry out during the night, but then right back to sleep). as for sitting up he was about 5 months.
although the one little girl i babysit for was more 6-7 months.
as for the barstools...i think they're cool! they're different from most so i say go for 'em! hope the comments helped. LOVE reading your blog and my litte guy LOVES seeign harpers picture if he's sitting on my lap when i'm reading your blog--he gets so excited and im like "oh Luke, look at baby Harper!" :)

Whitney said...

Hi Kelly -
You are doing a great job with Harper! I have triplets and all of them were sleeping 8-9 hour stretchs at 4.5 months old and then 12-13 hours by 6 months. It did take a lot of crying it out so if you want sleep, you have to be willing to let her cry. At this point she is used to you coming to her at night so it will be several rough nights.

I think they all started sitting around 7-8 months. I love the barstools! Gives me ideas for my house. Good luck with everything!

Jennifer said...

1. My daughter was completely breastfed and was an "eat less more often" child which was not much fun for me. I considered her sleeping through the night around 4 months only waking once in the very early morning hours. But, by 9 months she was sleeping 10-12 hours straight through. For me, it was not going in there at her first little wimper. For the first several months I would go to her when I knew she was awake thinking she was hungry. She would nurse but mostly for comfort so it finally took me not running in there to her at her first wimper. I thought I'll go get her if she actually cries and she didn't so from then on she was sleeping through the night, waking once her twice and then putting herself back to sleep.

2. My daughter was sitting up on her own around 6 months. She sat up supported for maybe a month before she was unsupported.

3. Love the barstools. Would love to know where they are from.

So glad to hear that Harper was okay.

D Griffin said...

All three of my kiddos started sleeping through the night @ around 2 months - they were also formula fed, and I've heard that makes a difference! But I like to think they are just really considerate and knew Mommy had to start back to work then! ha!

I honestly don't remember when they sat up, but they all walked before their first birthdays and I wouldn't wish that on anyone!

Love the barstools!

Harper is a doll - ALMOST, but NOT QUITE, gives me baby fever! ha!

The Parks said...

1. Around 8 weeks-We used babywise from the start after watching lots of friends have success with it, and it reallly helped us! I was not a happy momma when I wasn't getting rest at night :) Oh, and by through the night, I mean from about 10 pm when I woke him up for a feeding, to about 6 or 7 am.
2. I think he started tripod sitting around 4 or 5 months, but he was petty early on this one
3. LOVE the chairs :)

Reid said...

First...LOVE the bar stools! I think I would like them better without the cushion though...
I have two kids so here are my answers:
1-oldest (daughter) is 2.5 now. She started sleeping through around 6-7 months and that is when we moved her to her room/crib. youngest (son) is 1.5 and he was a preemie with some medical issues so he is delayed (but doing fine now thanks to many surgeries) but slept through around 7-8 months.
2- daughter started sitting around 6 months. son-remember delays....not until around 13 months!
good luck.....she'll 'let you know' when she is ready. All kids are and can be different.....

Love Being A Nonny said...

1. BabyWise is wonderful. A few minutes of crying seems like forever but truly, in the end, she will be a much happier baby!

2. Average is maybe 7 months to sit up...but what is average?? :)

3. Yep. LOVE the bar stools.

Have fun at Nonny's house!!

Ginny said...

**The moment that my babies were old enough to start eating baby food, I tore right into it. They have got to have a full stomach going to sleep...and even though nursing (I agree) is the best, that just doesn't cut it after 4 months. I know you said apple sauce is her new favorite, but maybe you can plunge into something heartier for her.
**Mine sat up by 5-6 months.
**I love, love, love the chair, (however) there is something about the white cushion that throws everything off. I love the black with the neutral wicker...but the white cushion kinda ruins it. :( It's whatever you like, though. We all have different tastes!

loyo03 said...

1-My daughter started sleeping through the night at about 8 weeks. Then from about 4 months to 6 months, she started waking up again. Then started sleeping through the night again (about 9pm-6:30/7am). We still have spurts of wake ups every now and then, but I have noticed it is now when she is extremely exhausted or her schedule has changed.
2)She started sitting up right before she turned 6 months, although she still hasnt cut her first tooth and she is 9mths-ha!
3) LOVE LOVE LOVE the barstools!

The McBrayer family said...

Hey Kelly!
I love reading your blog and Harper is an absolute doll baby!!!
My first baby girl slept through the night at 9 weeks and my second baby girl at 11 weeks. I read Babywise and followed it to a "T". So did all my friends and I have never seen such a great group of sleeping children! My girls are 3 and 6 now and sleep 9-10 hours a night every night. I never let my babies cry themselves to sleep if it wasn't a "sleepy cry". If I knew something was wrong, I took action. If I knew they were literally tired- I would let them cry it out for a little while. They learned to put themselves to sleep that way. I cannot say enough about the schedule- I think it's so good for the baby- they are secure in what's coming next in their day and that makes us all happy! I would recommend reading Babywise cover to cover and implementing what you feel comfortable doing. I think it's a great book! Good luck!! Take care!
Kelli from Atlanta

Didi said...

Both of my kids were breastfeed and did not sleep through the night until I stopped breastfeeding. With the first one (a girl) it was very hard not getting sleep. Once she started solids, she want from every 2-3 hours during the night to 4-5 hours to eventually getting up just once per night.

Hang in there! It does get better. I never believed it myself until it finally happened.

Kristy said...

My oldest was 3 months old when she slept the the night. The next one was 8 months old--I nursed them both. I went back to work at about the three month mark with our first, but stayed home with the second--maybe that was the difference?

They both sat up (briefly) at five months.

The bar stools are cute.

I hope Miss Harper is doing well today!

Ginny said...

PS (oops)

I read that someone wrote letting her nurse throughout the night...

I would personally not suggest sleeping while she is nursing...I did it and wish I hadn't b/c I was so tired..But there are so many reasons why it's a bad thing. (1) She will have the milk sitting in her mouth and on top of her teeth. It is extremely bad for her teeth. You don't want her to be one of those kids that wears silver caps all on her teeth. (2) She could choke, and (3) she will become VERY dependent on having a nipple in her mouth through the night- (using it as a pacifier). (4) You will NEVER get her out of your bed if she is next to mama all night. I know that is your goal!!!

Bethany said...

Thank the Lord that Harper is alright! I've heard of the gums sometimes bleeding a tiny bit while the new teeth pop through--perhaps that was it? I hope that you don't feel anxious at all about the whole situation. May God bring you peace!

I once purchased a book called "Normal is just a setting on the washing machine" and I think of that little phrase every time people are concerned w/ their child's development / sleeping skills / etc. Don't worry if Harper doesn't sit up at the same time everyone else who leaves comments says that their child sat up. My girls both sat up around 6 1/2 months. I believe 6 months is average.

As far as sleeping through the night, I actually have read up so much on this topic that I was asked to speak to a mom's group on sleep!! You have to change your perspective on Harper's sleep. Think of sleep as something that you have to teach her to do, not something that will come naturally w/ age or whatever. This is the number one mistake that moms make, and I made it w/ my first daughter. But once I changed my perspective, it put sleep in a whole new light! I realized that I have to teach my girls to self-soothe and that I have to teach them to get past the crying every few hours towards sleeping for longer periods of time. The toughest, but best way to do this is to let her cry it out. This would be easier if she weren't in the same room as you...perhaps if you aren't ready to put her in her own room you could put her right outside your room in the hallway, master bath, or if you have a large enough closet. I also highly recommend the Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child book which I believe you said you have. Don't sit down trying to read it cover to cover, just look up things in the index pertinent to Harper's age and troubles.

Babies are capable of sleeping for one hour per week old that they are for up to 12 hours straight--so once a baby is 12 weeks old, he / she is capable of sleeping through the night for 12 hours, but many just don't because they are not being forced to.

I hope this helps. Once you get past this hump things will be so much better for you AND Harper!! Sleep is a beautiful thing honey!

Finally, I think the bar stools are perfect with your home's decor right now, so as long as your living room decor goes well with what you already have, then you're golden! I can't wait for you to share what you've changed in your room!

Happy Birthday to your mama :)

Sarah said...

1. Leah slept through the night at 8 weeks. Well, she would go to sleep around 9 and wake up at 3:30 for another feeding. Now she sleeps 6p - 6:30a. It's so wonderful! I highly recommend the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child". It's our go-to resource for sleeping!

2. Leah sat up on her own around 5 months. I started sitting her in her boppy and that helped keep her stable. Maybe that would help!

3. The barstools are fun! I like the arms.

amywelborn said...

1. Sleeping throught the night...7months on the first kid, 4 months for my second:)
2. Sitting up....6-7 months
3. LOVE the bar stools! I need new ones too!

Anonymous said...

My youngest still doesn't sleep through the night and she's 2. But she gets up for about 10-15 minutes and is back down.

Honestly is sounds like Harper is just hungry. Have you tried adding cereal to her applesauce and have her eat that with breast feeding right before bed? That might work and keep her sleeping longer.

Sitting up - my oldest was 7 months old and my youngest was between 6-7 months old.

Love the bar stools. Can't wait to see the pics of the new room!

Tell your mom Happy Birthday. I'm sure you and Harper are a great gift!!


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