Thursday, May 21, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - DINING ROOMS

Reminder of the next 3 weeks:
Friday, May 29 - Nurseries/Children's Rooms

Friday, June 5 - Office
June 12 - Bathrooms

This is my dining room looking in from the living room
And looking from the foyer
I got this floral arrangement at a local store (Signed, sealed, and Delivered) when we moved in and I still really like it
We got our dining room table from my in-laws as a wedding present. I really like it and how it's a little different. A few years ago I sought out to get two more chairs but never could find the pattern. My plan eventually is to get two parson chairs to go at the two heads with red or chocolate brown monogrammed slipcovers. We very rarely use this table but 6 chairs would be goood for when we do.
I framed the grid of botanical plants a few years ago and recently changed them out with brighter flowers. I got the set off of ebay.

I love to throw dinner parties but I haven't in over a year. I will probably wait until Harper is weaned or partially weaned to start back up but I think it's fun to have people over to eat and I love to cook. Dining rooms are one of those rooms that seem like wasted space but are nice to have them when you need them. I remember how much I loved eating Christmas/Thanksgiving dinners in the "formal" dining rooms at both of my grandparents houses growing up. It always seemed like such an event! I think that's where I learned to love to entertain, cook, (and eat!) My grandmothers and my mother were and are all wonderful hostesses and cooks.

So - let's see those dining rooms!!!!!
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Kristen said...

I LOVE the architectural features in your dining room!

Jennifer said...

Wow! You're good!

Michelle said...

Kelly...I love your dining room. It is lovely and the wainscoting is something I would love to do in our dining and living room.

Caroline said...

The white trim really makes the colors pop! I love it with the black frames.

Fancy Dots said...

Beautiful! I love the pop of red!

Because of Love said...

I think it is very classy. It seems like a very nice place for a family dinner or dinner party.

Dina said...

Beautiful dining room... It makes mine look a little like Pee Wee's Playhouse in comparison!

tiarastantrums said...

your dining room is very elegant . . . I love the fabric on your parson chairs and all your moldings are gorgeous!

Susanne said...

love those prints on your wall! very pretty dining room!

Anonymous said...

I love your wainscoting! Very elegant and warm. You have great taste :)

Emily Arrison said...


I love how clean and new your dining room looks! The windows are gorgeous. I also appreciate your "different" dining table. Thanks for doing these blogs every Friday. They really make me excited for Fridays because I get to blog about my home. This week was my favorite room of my house so far so I got a little carried away!

Emily (

Heather said...

I just adore your whole house!!! I love your style and you do a fantastic job decorating!! I love your dining room and the tall ceilings, I too love your floral arrangement!! So pretty!!!!

Jesse and Zach said...

I love your scarlet curtains with the olive green... two of my favorite colors... my kitchen and my dining room... great minds think alike. I can't believe how big Harper is... I know she is just a month behind Sophia... it is so much fun to see their mile stones! She is such a blessing!

Jennifer said... always!

Emily Arrison said...

Hey Kelly,

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog today! I feel so honored to hear from you. In my opinion you are like a blogging celebrity. haha My little blog has dreams of being a quarter as read as yours.

Yes, I too went to OBU! I graduated in 2004 with a graphic design degree. I love OBU. My sister graduated there last weekend! It was so nice to be back. I actually found you by seeing your logo on many OBU gal's sites and then got hooked on your story. I prayed (and continue to pray) for you and Harper so much. I'm so happy to find your blog. It is such an inspiration and uplifting gift. Thanks for sharing your story.

- Emily (

Watts Family said...

I love how clean and crisp everything is in your house. Your dining room is gorgeous. I especially love the wall color. Have a great weekend!

Many Blessings,


Chari said...

very pretty! love the tall ceiling!

Rhi said...

I want to do this, but I live in a teeny apartment! I don't think anyone wants to see my 6x8 dining room - although, it is really cute. Maybe I'll tidy it up and take some pictures.

Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

I love the botanical prints!!! Beautiful room!

Katie said...

I love the picture grid! It really makes the room pop!

Ashlee said...

I love the framed flower prints. I remember when you blogged about your great ebay find! I would love something like that in my dining room. The red is great too! Your house is so nice!

Sar(Mrs.Teddy) said...

Very elegant! I love it, you have wonderful taste!

Just wanted to share that we are makign a special trip tomorrow from Canada to the states & I am going to try Sonic for the first time!

Melanie said...

Love it!!! I want to "copy" you and do the frames in my dining room eventually! I love them!

Anonymous said...

You have wonderful style Kelly. No wonder I'm copying your haircut too!

2SetsOfTwins4Me said...

Wow, Its beautiful, you really have great style. I love all the pics on the wall

The Stain Family said...

So fun! Here's a good question...where do you "hide" your extra dining room chairs?

annalee said...

i've said it before, but i'm in love with the way you did the flower wall. such a great way to complete the room.

Donna said...

I love your blog! I don't know how I found you...I read blogs late at night and when I woke up this morning your link was on the list to read today. Long/Short story - my oldest - Justin is 18 (Harper shares a bday with Justin) and my future married name will be Harper. I kid you not! LOL

Embellished Bayou said...

Gorgeous! I think your idea for the Parson's chairs will be beautiful.

aLena said...

Kelly, Luv your dinning room, sooo elegant. I especially like the centerpiece flowers and the framed pics, so beautiful!

Donna said...

Kelly, the dining room is gorgeous. I just came from MckMama's blog. There is a story on there about Stellan that Fox news did. Click on the link and watch the video. Toward the end they are showing the pictures of kids in orange and just for a split second you can see Harper!The girl does get around! Ha. Have a great weekend. Going to rain here,so I'll stay in and knit.
Keeping you in my heart in Ga.

Anonymous said...

Want you to know that I'm always here praying!
Psalms 31:7-8 I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy: for thou hast considered my trouble; thou hast known my soul in adversities; And hast not shut me up into the hand of the enemy: thou hast set my feet in a large room.
Prayer BearsMy email address

Ashley McWhorter said...

Sorry...I think mine linked too many times! Oops! :)

The Swanky Socialite said...

Hi Kelly!
Fabulous dining room! I adore the parsons chairs and the architecture in the room is terrific. I just posted my kitchen. Thanks again for doing this!

Anonymous said...

Your dining room is so pretty. I love the curtains and flower prints - just lovely!

Chris, Sarah, Kate, and Benjamin said...

Kate makes the same noises! Loves putting her feet in her fact when she gets sleepy she'll actually rub her eyes with her toes! Quite the flexible little lady. Love how your bringing her up right to be an Razorback girl...we're doing the same.

Crystal said...

Thank you for the prayers Kelly! I totally understand everything you felt now. (when Harper was in the hospital) They let Bentley start waking up yesterday and I have to say it was one of the hardest parts of this journey. She was horse from the tubes.. didn't sound like herself, she tryed to cry but not a lot would come out.. you could just see in her eyes she wants you to help her and hold her.. but there is nothing we could do but rub on her and touch her.. and it didn't feel like enough. ohhhh!! what hurt for a mom and dad!!! The prayers are amazing.. we are stronger than we thought we would EVER be. THANK YOU for lifting us up! Off to see Bentley! Hope you and sweet Harper have an amazing day!!!

Tara G. said...

The table and chairs are very lovely! I like the color on the wall- it blends everything together so well.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Kelly, I love your pretty diningroom. And really love those framed botanicals. That's a great way to fill a wall.

I could just squeeze that little feet-eating Harper, she is such a doll. :)

Alphabet Soup Momma said...

I love the botanical frames! You did a great job picking them out on E-bay!

Melanie Van Wynsberg said...

Very Cute! Love the art work on the walls -

Question about next weeks theme: what if we don't have kids? Can you maybe add "spare room" to that day? Just wondering. :)

Take care!


Traci said...

Cute style! I am off to Signed, Sealed, Delivered this afternoon- love that shop!

I feel like I just saw a celebrity out walking. Could you tell how giddy I was when I waved?

janet said...

kelli, i absolutely love your dining room. What you did with the wainscotting on the buttom is what we want to do in our eating area. Everything in here is gorgeous, from the wainscotting, the table and chairs, and the artwork. thank you for sharing this lovely space.

Kristen said...

I love that your dining room is it's own room, but still open enough! Your wall picture arrangement is so nice too!

K said...

Kelly the trim work in your home is just beautiful.

Holley said...

Kelly: I am a new reader to your blog and I love it. I have so much enjoyed reading all about you and your family. I had reached a slump in m y Christian life and you have made me realize it is time to whip myself back into shape. Thank you for being an encoragement to me and my family.
Also, I have a good reason to get my duaghters room clean for next Friday!!
I hope you have a blessed weekend!!
Holley in OK

Cheri said...

Kelly, your entire home is just beautiful! The kind of home I would buy at first sight and touch nothing! Thanks for giving us so much inspiration! Especially love your floral wall of frames.

Sarah said...

Hi, Kelly! I'm new around these parts....thanks so much for hosting this and for being such a great inspiration! Love your DR. I'm on the hunt as well for the perfect parsons chairs for the heads of our table. Good luck getting yours! And I'm a sucker for symmetrical photo walls of prints...I love yours:)

Jamie said...

I love your chairs. The color is so beautiful!

Amber said...

I love reading your blog. I love your house and your little one is so amazingly cute :)


John, Riley and Parker said...


I love your blog and your dining room - so beautiful and elegant...nice and cozy! I know what you mean about holidays at the table - so special! I have a decal that I'm going to put up in our dining room that says "Memories are made when gathered around the table". I am just waiting to get a table and mirror to go with it. Harper is so precious - I love hearing about her! May God bless and keep your family!

Lori said...

You have an amazing home. Your dining room is gorgeous with all of the moldings. You did a great job with those botanicals!

Annie said...

Your dinning room is beautiful. I like the chairs.

BTW, you forget to put Mister Link.

Have a great weekend.

Chic Runner said...

Love the dining room! Great moldings, I am very jealous. You are a great decorator. Sadly I won't be able to participate for a little while since I don't have nurseries or offices in my baby house ha ha, but I will be back for bathrooms! :) This was a great idea and I've found so many new great bloggers because of you!

Brandi said...

That is a fabulous table/chair set!

Just the 5 of us said...

I posted my dining room! :)

Unknown said...

I love the wood work in your dining room!

Karyn said...

Your dining room is Gorgeous! Peace and joy to you and your sweet family.

Marcie said...

Every room in your house is absolutely beautiful!! I've enjoyed lurking at all the show us your house fridays!

Jessica said...

great dining room! love how you decorate =)

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Hey Kelly,
I was having trouble accessing your blog last night BEFORE you put up the home tour--it kept giving me an abort message--don't know if that will help any. Thanks, Dianne

To The Moon and Back said...

Thanks for hosting!

Shana said...

So glad that I was able to finally post my dining room! Love this home tour! Harper is a dall... loved watching her laugh yesterday!

Kubin's said...

I love your style! You're so good at decorating! If I just had a piece of your home, I'd be happy :)
Thanks for doing this. It makes for a good Friday at work.
Ennis TX

Yoli said...

Love your dining room. I feel the same about it, kinda wasted space. I can't wait to use ours and entertain. I get inspired by your enthusiam about it. Keep up the good work! Luv ya! I'm #185

Helen Joy said...

I really like your chairs! Very cute print.
My husband wants to write you a thank you letter (and believe me he doesn't do that often) because I've been picking up around the house more and inspired to decorate and redecorate because your Show Us Where You Live Fridays.
He was like, "Can I write that Kelly girl a thank you letter?"
And Harper is two weeks older than my son and it's so cute to see the video of her because he's doing the same things. Like that funny talking stuff. It's so intense!:-)

tiarastantrums said...

I love this Friday showcase . . . but am wondering why no one LEAVES comments? People come to see me and my dining room but they don't comment? So many join and very little comments on most of the links I visited?

Courtney said...

Love your dining room!

Liz said...

I have been enjoying looking at everyone's dining rooms but I just have to say, many of you have the same light fixture that I had in my dining room; but I had it first!! LOL!

Enchantresses Three said...

Thanks so much for hosting these fun link parites! They are so fun and give me so many ideas for my own home! Your home is just beautiful! I love it!

R said...

girl--how did you measure to get those botanical prints hung so precisely?! i can't imagine...

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Your home is just beautiful! Thanks for doing this tour! I just love snooping in everyone's homes. So fun!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Sarah Sharp said...

Love your dining room! The chairs look so comfy!

morethanthestarsinthesky said...

Love your Dining room Kelly!!! That table is gorgeous and what comfy chairs.

Angie said...

Hi there! Love your dining room. I linked myself properly but I think I got deleleted! So i'm trying again.
Angie @ Damaskisdivine

Anonymous said...


Kelly said...

I am really late adding mine and the links are gone! Oh well! I love your dining room! The colors are gorgoeus and the prints are FABULOUS!

Alicia said...

Your dining room looks great. How do you keep it so clean??? I have a son born around the same time as Harper, and I can't manage to keep much cleaned and organized like your house is!

Rebecca said...

the links are gone....or is it just me?

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

The links are gone for me, too. This happens to me almost every week - I always think maybe it's because it takes me a few days to answer?
I keep trying back and they usually reappear eventually...

The Swanky Socialite said...

Hi Kelly - Ditto to the above posters. The links are gone. This happened last week too before I could see everybody's lovely living rooms. I will keep checking!

FancyPants said...

I love your botanical prints - they look amazing. I think I got deleted as well. I am going to try clicking through your comments to check out the other dining rooms - it normally takes me a few days to get through the several hundred that post! BUT I LOVE IT - Thanks Kelly for such a great idea!

Bre said...

LOVELY dining room!! Hopefully the link will fix soon so that I can look at everyone else's. I love this post!!

Kelly K said...

Love your dining room! Beautiful!and your daugter's name is also a lovely one!