Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let's Give Him some PRAISE

I love that ya'll have been sending me prayer requests for us to pray over and I am honored to pray for so many. But I have to admit - there have been so many hard and sad things I've read lately and then I turn on the news and there is not a lot of good news. Sometimes it just completely overwhelms me and I'm a pretty positive person. I have been so grieved lately over all the sick babies especially and the ones that have died in the last few weeks. I know there is a lot of "why" being asked and I don't have the answers.
I know so many of you out there are hurting. You have lost a job, lost a home, lost a spouse, lost a child, lost the hope of having a child...........but we all can find SOMETHING to give thanks for.
If you can read this post - then you have eyes to see - and that's something to praise him for.
If you can read this post - you have a computer and electricity and that's more than half the world can say - so you have something to praise Him for.

I'm going to tell you what I am praising Him for today and then I want to sit back and read your praises. Tell me what your praise is. I need to count my blessings today. I want to count yours too. :-)
PRAISE: This time last year I thought I might never have a child and I was in such despair. And then 2 months ago - I thought I would never take home my precious baby. Today she is sleeping right next to me and is the most precious gift I've ever been given. (and praise for Wal-Mart where I got this cute little outfit for $4. ha ha ha !)

PRAISE: We have 2 sets of grandparents that love her more than anything and who have helped us so much and come to visit often so they can love on her and help us. We are blessed.

PRAISE: Scott and I have 2 great jobs, a home to live in, plenty of food to eat, and our health. I count those blessings every single day.
PRAISE: I am wearing flip flops today for the first time this year which means it is a warm sunny spring day and I love this weather so much. It's hard not to believe in God when you see the beautiful change of seasons He gave us. He didn't have to make everything so beautiful......but He did.

PRAISE: I have the best friends both in real life and in the blog world who call me, e-mail me, make me laugh and bring so much joy to my life. I count that blessing every day also!

PRAISE: Just some things I love that bring me a lot of happiness: Sonic vanilla cokes, smores pop tarts, chili's chips and salsa, Panera bagels, Razorback football, 90's hair bands (ha!), David Crowder - every single song, new purses, big earrings, Lifetime movies, making my friends laugh or them making me laugh, walks on pretty days, FACEBOOK, the ocean, cards in the mail, in the summer when it stays light until 9:00, driving with the windows down on a beautiful day, 5:00 on Fridays, ANYTHING MONOGRAMMED, reality TV, singing old hymns in church, baby showers, Christmas Cards and singing praise songs in my car with my hands raised up, Scott coming home from work every day, and Harper smiling at me.

Let's give Him some Praise today!

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... said...

I do a post on Sunday's called "Praises and Prayers" I always try to give Him some praise before requesting prayers. :]

kristy mae said...

I think Mandisa says it pretty well and on a beautiful day like to today, I just want to blast this song and dance with my kiddos!

"My Deliverer, You rescued me from all that held me captive
My Deliverer, You set me free
Now I can live
My Deliverer, I'm no longer captive
My Deliverer, You gave Your life that I might live
So every moment I will give you praise
Yeah my Deliverer
I'm gonna give You praise!"

Anonymous said...

Praise: I get to read your touching thoughts when you post. There are so many other wonderful bloggers out there who continue to brighten my day and shower me with His love. Thank you Lord!

Katie said...

What a great post to read first thing in the morning! Thank you!

Allison said...

You are so right - there is so much to be thankful for - sometimes there is just so much negative stuff going on around us, that we lose sight of all the positive things that are in our life.

Thank you for this wonderful reminder. )

mother of three fellas said...

He does deserve ALL the praise!! I have so much to be thankful for too. My wonderful husband who takes care of me and our three beautiful little boys. Food and shelter, and the list could go on with things that I need to survive. But one of the most important things is HIS grace, it's sufficient enough for me!!
Have a wonderful Spring day, it's beautiful here in Cabot also.

kate said...

I give praise for having a great job that allows me to take a week off to be home with my only living parent to care for her after recent surgery.

I give praise for great freinds..ones I find around every bend in the road. I'll be eating with some tonight from college and their babies.

I give praise to a great weekend in AR to see you and precious time with my DG sisters!

I give priase for my health, my mind, and my relatinship with Christ - which gives me everything.

I give praise for iced tea at Panera...and time to just sit and say "thanks"

love you - kbs

Mary said...

Praise Him that my husband has a new job.

Praise Him that our company meeting this morning didn't announce layoffs, only salary reductions.

Praise Him that my son, my 2 nieces and 7 nephews are healthy and strong.

Praise Him that my parents and my husbands parents are all still here to enjoy their grandchildren.

And one silly one....Praise Him that DQ is only 3 blocks from here and we are celebrating the good work news with Strawberry Cheesquake Blizzards!

Shelley said...

I think this is a great idea. I feel that I owe it to the parents whose children have died or are going through a difficult time to visit their blogs, leave them comments, and pray for them. It's the least I can do considering what they are going through. But it can really get me down and worrying about my own family. So I definitely think it's also helpful to look at the good in our world. Because there is a lot of it even if it seems like the only news is bad news! Great post! I think I may do a blog post of my own praises later today.

Funky Kim said...

One of the things I've been contemplating lately is how I really, truly cannot take on all the sorrows in the world. It's just too much for me. So I have to turn that over to Jesus. And I'm so very grateful that He's there to take on this burden.

Praises for this moment: my job, my family, my husband, cute baby pictures, grandson coming to see me for lunch.

HappyascanB said...

Oh how I needed this! I'm so bogged down in a pity party when I have so much to be thankful for! Thanks for sharing your praises! I just bought the dress Harper's sportin' for my niece, like 3 days ago!! Too Cute!!!

Patty said...

Praise Him for making me Ryan's Mommy - he is 18 months old today!

Praise Him for the crisp, clean air and the fact that I can sit at work with my door open to the outside world!

Praise Him for the fact that I HAVE a job!

Praise Him for your beautiful daughter that has blessed your life so dearly!

Praise Him for my fabulous life, too! I may not have much, but family, friends and all our good health are all I need.

Thank you for sharing such cutie-pie pictures of Harper, what a doll!

Jenny said...

Praise: after being inspired by your story, I am now a volunteer at my local Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thank you for always being so uplifting!

Krista said...

what a GREAT day today is!!!

Praise: God has used you in INCREDIBLE ways!

Praise: We have a miracle named Harper that God is using in MIGHTY MIGHTY, amazing ways!!!

Praise: I'm getting married in 87 days!

Praise: We all can share in praising our awesome God, even on the internet in states all across this nation!

King J's Queen said...

This week, my cousin arrived back in the US after completing a tour in IRAQ. Praise God for bringing him home safely!

We are having beautiful weather today. It's sunny and warm. The spring flowers are starting to bloom.

My daughter came home every day last week with excellent behavior marks. She is a *little* on the hyper side, much like ice is a little on the slippery side, and this represents quite an achievement for her.

Last weekend, I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in about 10 years. We had a chance to catch up.

This weekend, I'm supposed to meet up with another friend I haven't seen in a long time. I'm guessing it's getting close to 20 years since I've seen her.

I'm fairly new to this blogging thing; but I am starting to make a few bloggy-friends. Yay!! *Meeting* new people in the bloggy world and getting to know them through their blogs is a real treat. So, I have to praise God for my bloggy-friends.

I also have an unspoken praise about how God is working in our family.

Thanks for providing an opportunity to share praises.

~Bekah said...

AMEN SISTA! I praise Him for such a wonderful husband that truly HE SENT to me, a wonderful family and extended family, this precious baby girl growing inside that we were told may not be possible, being 7 months pregnant and still feeling great, not having swollen ankles, hands, only 3 stretch marks that are not visible on my larger than life tummy (LOL), a wonderful church and church family who's been through so much yet HE still is the Deliverer, the sunshine FINALLY showing back up in Magnolia Arkansas, the list goes on and on.... HE is soo good and WORTHY of our Praises

Our Blessed Family said...

Kelly you are SO right! For Lent I decided to commit to praying more often. I have found myself trying to do this very thing you are talking about! I have been stoping to pray and Thank Him for having working hands and eyes so I can take pictures. Haveing feet that allow me to walk freely. Thanking Him for making everything work so perfectly in our lives. For the plants who give us oxygen to breath. And so on. I have decided that life is too precious to not really take everything we do and praise Him for it. For without Him nothing would be possible.

Thank you for you encouragement! I know you are such a strong person and it is amazing how strong your faith has stayed!

Kristie said...

I give praise for my beautiful baby girl whom we waited 7 years for and then was in the NICU for two weeks and also has a seizure disorder!

I give praise for my family, my working husband

I give praise that I can see, smell, touch, feel, and breathe all of God's creations in.

I give praise for a roof over my head.

I give praise for your blog Kelly.

I give praise for Harper.

I give praise that Jesus gives us something to believe in.......HIM!

I give thanks for the trails and the valleys that make us and our faith stronger.

Thankyou for allowing us to share our praises with you Kelly and Harper~~

The Coach's Wife said...

Praising Him for all of His blessings- even when I can't see His hand at work. Praising Him for a wonderful husband who loves me and takes care of me- despite all my hormones, fertility shots, 2failed IVF's and my emotional rollercoaster. It's hard not to get caught up in the negatives so I am trying to stay positive and pray that one day I will be praising Him for a beautiful, healthy baby!

Kubin's said...

I Praise you for your kind words you share with everyone. You are a wonderful person and even though I may never meet you, I thank God for letting me meet you through the blog world, you have changed the way so many people live their lives, me included. Keep up the great work God has allowed you to do.
Praise God for Harper.

I also praise God for giving my husband and I our daughter, who we love very much.

from Texas

Anna said...

I think those are some of my fav. pics ever of Harper...LOVE the bright colors! What a sweetie.

I'm so thankful for my family - husband, 2 kids, extended family, great friends, a roof over my head, food on my table everyday, Dunkin Donuts coffee, finding a good sale, the pool, the beach, the mountains, Dr. Pepper, Rita's custard, my church, and the beautiful weather today! PRAISE HIM!

Unknown said...

Praise: wonderful husband, wonderful job, wonderful healthy 13 month-old, a surprise baby on the way!

Cheerful Homemaker said...

We're buying our first home! Our offer was accepted yesterday and we can't wait to move in!

Melanie said...

PRAISE: 4 precious children here to mother, 1 waiting for me in heaven!

PRAISE: Sunny with a high of 75 (since you took my heavy heart and made it light, now it's funny how you find you enjoy your life when you're happy to be alive!--ReliantK)

PRAISE: Family all within an hour's drive of each other

PRAISE: Husband who works diligently so that I can work at home with our kids

PRAISE: Blogs that make my day brighter!!

PRAISE: Monogramming & embroidery, especially embroidered monogramming...sigh...

PRAISE: He does not give us what we deserve! What a mighty (generous, loving, kind, merciful, holy, perfect, powerful, awesome!!!!) God we serve!

Jen said...

Such a beautiful post!! Thanks for reminding me to praise Him for the small things in life!!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic post idea =)
I want to give Him Praises for

*My baby boy Ethan who was a preemie at 10 weeks early and only 3 lbs, he is now a healthy happy 23.7lbs and 16 months old. Praise God!!
*Mine and my husband's jobs, unlike most we are blessed with 2 flexible and well paying jobs.
*Our modes of transportation, without those, we go nowhere...literally.
*My new friends in Mary Kay, I recently became an Independent Sales Director in addition to my wonderful job. The friends I've made are unbelievable!!
*Our families. We are lucky to have loving supportive families.
*My dad - he may not have a whole lot longer but everyday we have with him is another day blessed! I pray everyday that his chemo doesn't leave him in pain.
So those are my praises!! Thank you Kelly, this was a wonderful post. And I have to say that the polka dots are the cutest I've seen yet!

Karen said...

Praise God! He gives us everything! My wonderful husband and 2 healthy children.

BTW, my 2 year old daughter has the same polda dot dress as Harper in today's pictures.

God Bless you Kelly and your beautiful family!

Paula said...

I am having surgery tomorrow and I am scared. But I am thankful that I have a hospital I can go to, a surgeon to perform the surgery and anesthesia and drugs to help with the pain. Many are not so lucky. I am thankful that I have good parents and a boyfriend who will take care of me as I recover. I am thankful I have insurance to help with the costs. I am thankful I have a job in these troubled times. I am thankful I can walk and talk and think and feel and see and hear. I am thankful the weather is starting to improve. I am thankful I have met so many wonderful people through blogs!

KeLi said...

Praises to HIM!! The one who blesses us more than we deserve everyday!! I have 2 wonderful healthy full of life and energy children!! I also have the most amazing husband who takes care of us.

Praise Him!!! For the job offer my hubby got today! He's been layed off for a week!!
Praise Him!! For my Job and all the wonderful Hairbows I am able to make!!
Praise Him!! For our home, and a mortgage we are able to afford!! Praise Him! For a wonderful family who would do anything for us!!
Praise Him!! For KSBJ in Houston, who keeps me in worship mode at work and feels me w. the spirit.

Praise Him!! For bloggers, who keep me entertained by sharing their stories( and their babies) and remind me of GOD and his Miracles everyday!!

Lots of LOVE!!

Nicole said...

This is such a great post. When people are down we forget the GOOD things that are still there. I am thankful we both have jobs, a house to live in, and a wonderful husband.

I am also very thankful for my blog friends!!!

Imjustagirl said...

This is something that was read to me as young child and obviously it made quite an impression. I am thankful everyday. Thank you for reminding us we all have so much to be thankful for.

Today, upon a bus, I saw a girl with golden hair.
I envied her, she seemed so gay, and I wished I was as fair.
When suddenly she rose to leave, I saw her hobble down the aisle.
She had one leg and used a crutch, but as she passed, she gave a smile.

Oh God, forgive me when I whine.

I have two legs. The world is mine.

I stopped to buy some candy, the lad who sold it had such charm.
I talked with him, he seemed so glad, if I were late, it’d do no harm.
And as I left, he said to me “I thank you, you’ve been so kind.
It’s nice to talk with folks like you. You see,” he said, “I’m blind.”

Oh God, forgive me when I whine.
I have two eyes. The world is mine.

Later while walking down the street, I saw a child with eyes of blue.
He stood and watched the others play, he seemed not to know what to do.
I stopped a moment and then I said, “Why don’t you join the others, dear?”
He looked ahead without a word, and then I knew he couldn’t hear.

Oh God, forgive me when I whine.
I have two ears. The world is mine.
With feet to take me where I’d go,
With eyes to see the sunset’s glow,
With ears to hear what I’d know.
Oh God, forgive me when I whine.

I’ve been blessed indeed. The world is mine.

Channa, Oh its the Coachs Wife said...

You are very right, in a time were so much bad is going on, we all truly have so much to be thankful for.
I am thankful for my life!!! Things are not perfect and right now things are alittle harder but over all I have a wonderful life.
I am truly blessed!

Have a wonderful day.

P.S. check out my blog today, Wardrobe Wednesday-Dress for Less

jsmith said...

My praises: The windows are open, allowing the spring day to shine in, my little babe fast asleep in her swing, and my little girl upstairs dancing in her room. I praise the Lord for such PEACE.

Aishlea said...

Thanks for this today, Kelly! I am like you, generally a positive person, but lately it has been harder to maintain that mentality! I am so thankful and rejoice in the blessings I have been given...
*a wonderful hubby who was my best friend 10 years ago and turned into my boyfriend, my fiancee and now my hubby!
*an awesome family that is always there
*a good job that I love (most of the time!)
*friends better than I could ever wish for

my list can go on and on!
Thanks for brightening my day!

Amanda Ledford said...

I LOVE this post! I am excited to do my own just like it tonight! I have so much to PRAISE...for example, my house being done, car sales getting better, and many others!

I am so THANKFUL for Harper and how healthy and beautiful she is! She is such an example of God's work!!!!

Kim H. said...

Thank you so much for this post. I praise God right now for the peace I'm feeling even in the wake of this infertility battle I'm waging. Somehow I know that it will work out in his way and in his time... I just have to be patient and have faith.

Schluter said...

I love all your praises! I'm praising Him for having a stable job, two loving parents, a huge family, and Godly and supportive friends.

capperson said...

I praise him for giving me two married parents who have stayed together through thick and thin.
I praise him for letting me get to know my granny though she died when I was in 5th grade.She was my best friend.
I praise him for putting a house over my head and food in my mouth.
I praise him for giving me a tv to watch and a computer to meet wonderful bloggy friends on it.
I praise him for putting you and Harper in my life, because your story gives me hope.
I praise him for giving me eyes so I can see the beautiful things in life.
I praise him for my family, extended and all. I couldn't have made it through a lot with out him.
I praise him for taking care of my brother while he's on an inside job overseas right now.
I praise him for listening to me, when I believe no one else in the world is.
I praise him for Sonic, books, shoes, and clothes. Although I say I couldnt live without them, I know I could, but he has given me these nice things and for that he shall be praised!

hgodwin said...

God is so good! I want to priase him today for giving my husband and I two perfectly healthy baby boys! I want to praise him for giving me such a blessed life, I want to praise him for providing for my every need, and I want to praise him for knowing and planning out lives even when we may not understand his motives! Bless all these poor families struggeling to understand right now! and PRAISE HIM FOR LITTLE MISS HARPER! :)

Olde Town Style Guide said...

This is a really great idea Kelly! I think its just what I needed to read today!

My Praises
-Feeling my baby move for the first time.
-Fiding out earlier than normal that we were having a sweet baby girl thanks to technology.
-A beautiful spring day and a taste of what is to come this summer!
-A wonderful church that makes me feel so welcomed and at home every time I walk through the door.
-friends and family who love and support us 100%

Anna Newman said...

We have such a happy, healthy, close family that help us in so many ways every single day. We have a beautiful daughter and another on the way that brings smiles to our faces every single day. My husband and I have so much love and respect for one another that grows stronger every single day. We have a roof over our head and food on the table every single day. Praises for all of that and more. Thank you Kelly for such a positive post to remind all of us what we should truly be thankful for!!!!!!

Carolyn said...

Kelly, thanks for spurring us on to praise our God.

I'm praising God for how He has led me in the last six months. I was laid off from my marketing job last October, so I thought it was going to "screw up" our "plans" to start a family.

Two months later, I landed the perfect position at another marketing agency. It is so much better than my last job! I'm working 40-45 hours and I'm less stressed, which makes my husband and our home a little happier.

I can't explain why it took me two months to find a job, when it took my brother in the Lord over 12 months to find a job. But I believe God is a Provider and He is with us in a sometimes difficult journey, because He knows the end of the story.

I praise You, Lord, for your care, your provisions, and for being patient with me!

Crystal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy said...

Praise: My husband has agreed to go back to our church with me!!!
Praise: I have a God who is MIGHTY to save
Praise: I serve a God who still works miracles, HE is the same as HE was yesterday, HE NEVER CHANGES
Praise: Even though I've gone through hard times in my life God always has better in store for me!

Crystal said...

Praise: Bentley's oxygen level was 100% yesterday at the Dr. office and I am witnessing a miracle. And that there are people I don't personally know praying for my sweet girl.

Praise: There is open heart surgery to save lives.

Praise: My other two children are both heart healthy and completely healthy at that.

Praise: I have an amazing husband that helps me in so many ways.. even cleaning. He is healthy and I am healthy.

Praise: To have found YOUR (Kelly's) blog. =)

Praise: To have met all my new blogger friends.

Wow, I could go on and on. Great post Kelly! Thanks for lifting me up today!

Stephanie said...

I praise Him because my baby Kyle is doing well and my placenta is no longer too close to my cervix and my cervix has lengthened to 3.3cm!
You are God Alone! In the good times and bad you are on your throne your are God alone, unchangeable unshakeable, unstoppable, that's what You are!

DustyandBrooke said...

I don't know you personally but I've been following your blog since a friend heard about Harper's birth. (So, in my blog stalking world, I feel like I know you!)
My husband and I don't have kids, but as we think about starting a family in the future, it's such a scary thing because I see so many people who lose babies or have babies born with such horrible hardships. I pray for these families and hope they find comfort and peace in HIM. I completely agree that if God brings you to it, He WILL bring you through it!! Sometimes it's just overwhelming to see so much hurt and pain going on in the world.
I say all of this to say that I loved your post this morning! It's so important that we give thanks for the blessings in our lives!! I'm so thankful that I have such a wonderful husband. I'm thankful for the life that we've built together and the happiness that we find in it. I'm thankful for my job and my ability to get to and from it every day. We have an awesome family that I thank God for each and every day. I'm so grateful for our health! I could go on and on, but I wanted to commend you for your post!

Kelly Taylor said...

So true...we get so wrapped up in the sad/bad things that we tend to forget to send up praises for all those things that are so good in our lives.
Today, I'm thankful for many things: shopping with my BFF yesterday, SPRING BREAK!!!, our new puppy (Lizzy) that is just too funny!, my husband, my step-daughter, my family, the heartache and loss we've experienced, the learning and growth from those losses, mexican food, music that heals and gets me in a great mood, our home, church, blogs that touch my soul, our jobs, mini-vacations, this absolutely gorgeous weather!, getting packages in the mail, our health, and so many more things.
Thank you Jesus. You do so much for us and we fail to thank you daily. Even when we don't think so, our lives are much better than we could ever deserve. Thank you Jesus.

aimee said...

Praise: I'm leaving in a week, along with 9 others, to share God's love with the people of Guatemala City. I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity, health and ability to serve Him in this way. The amount of financial and prayer support we are receiving for this trip has been overwhelming. He is SO good and I PRAISE Him for that!!

Rebecca said...

What a GREAT post! I find myself not clicking on so many of the links that are out there because it's all so sad. Not that I don't pray for each one I see - but I just find, I can't read every story because it brings me down too.

My Praise for today is for the AMAZING weather outside my window and the sweet dog curled up at my feet!

Thanks Kelly!

Darcy said...

Oh I agree, Lets Praise HIM!!

Praise God, for my two healthy children and another healthy one on the way. Praise Him for my wonderful husband of 6 years. Praise Him for letting the dr.s figure out what has been causing my father pain for almost a year, he is compleatly healed now. Praise God!!! Thank you Lord for the shining sun, for letting me be a stay at home mom, for the remodel of the bathroom (we are so excited, thank-You!)

I could go on forever... He is SOOOO Amazing!!

Thank you Lord for baby Harper and her health, and her mommy and daddy,being healthy.

Thank you Lord for the time I get to praise you and feel your presents.

Beth said...

I praise God for a loving family, a working, reliable car, encouraging friends, a working computer and resources to be in college.

Thanks for you posts - I love reading about little Harper and seeing her with all her adorable headwear!

Kelly said...

Priase God for the faithful Christian such as yourself who remind the rest of us how to be better Christians. Thank you for your daily reminders that our God is an AWESOME God, who hears us, loves us, and answers us. Amen.

Megan said...

PRAISE! At my sonogram yesterday, I found out that I am having another healthy baby boy!

PRAISE! I have a wonderful hubby that loves me and is a man of God!

PRAISE! Christ died for us!

PRAISE! I have many wonderful family and friends who love and support me in more ways than I can even count!

The Stain Family said...

Praise Him for this post because sometimes I feel like May Boatwright from 'The Secret Life of Bees'....and I need to be redirected.
Praise Him that my husband has a job and I can stay home with our son, because all I've ever wanted to do is be a mama.
Praise Him for this beautiful sun-shiney day!

Katie said...

Singing His praises...it really does change outlooks. I know my little family has been hit by this economic stuff, and it's so easy to fill my prayers with "Lord, please help..." and so many other requests...until I remind myself of all the blessings that are WAY MORE THAN I CAN COUNT (and so many more that I probably don't even know about), and I start thanking Him for some of them...my prayers could go on and on! Testimony of His provision is something I have now firsthand. Some of my praises: my happy, healthy family, my safe, comfortable home, work, my loving church family, and God's grace, even though I am undeserving. And I also have to include...that it's almost summer! (PTL!), that I'm about to welcome a new baby soon, and that soon I'll be able to reach my own toenails to give them some proper Ped-Egging and polish treatment! Haha!

OH, and Miss HBS looks adorable in her polka dots and her big blue bow! I bought Amelia the same exact dress the other day (and I couldn't resist buying a tiny one just in case I'm having another daughter so they'd match...) and I posted them a couple days ago for your Recession Fashion stuff. It's so cute!

Jenn said...

What a great idea!
Praise: That I am saved and have faith in the Lord.
Praise: I have a loving husband who is my best friend and partner in life.
Praise: That we have jobs and the financial means to meet our needs and wants.
Praise: That I have today. It is called the present for a reason!

Jennifer said...

My first praise of the day... a brand new Walmart is opening, just 10 minutes away from me! (shallow, yes, but oh so exciting!!)

But more importantly I thank God everyday for life - both now and everlasting. And for my husband who is my spiritual leader... and pastor! :)

Tara G. said...

Today I can praise the Lord for:
* sunshine so my kids can play outside
*my son finally deciding it's more fun to make splashes in the potty and wear Cars undies than to have messes in his pants. I am forever indebted to Lightening McQueen.
*a friend on the other coast who prayed with me over the phonel
*the motivation to mop my kitchen floor.

And it's only 10:18 a.m.!

Unknown said...

Next time you are at Chili's ask for some ranch with you chips and salsa. Dip your chip in both, you will have a new obsession! It's my favorite!!

Laurie said...

I thank God for the beautiful blue sky.

I thank God that I have insurance and was able to take my daughter to the doctor. I also thank Him that I had the money to pay for her medicine.

I thank God that I have food in my pantry and a roof over my head that evens keeps me cool and warm.

I thank God that He is bigger than any problem or situation that I will ever face. (Isaiah 40)

I thank God for knowing me by name!

Thanks for doing this post. It sure does change your perspective on things when you start with a thankful heart.

Jackie said...

Kelly - thank you for doing this - I've been sort of down in the dumps, and this is the perfect thing to focus on!

Today I'm praising Him for my beautiful daughter, for a sweet hubby, for a roof over my head, for hash brown casserole, and for Chocolate Revel bars. :)

Green Mountain Living said...

Yay!! I love praising God, thank you for thinking it's time to uplift the soul. I praise God for my family, my shaved himalayan cat, Monkey, who comforts me, Walmart clothing ahahaha, My mom who cares for my baby when I have to work even though I'd rather be home, Blogging, learning about Harpers bows (I ordered some for my Emma ahaha), chocolate, chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, and our little home which I've been blessed to be able to turn it into a cozy little refuge for my family.

Megan said...

I love your praises, and my praises for things that bring me a lot of happiness: money in my wallet, ordering a new Beth Moore study to look forward to, parents that I talk to everyday, my cat, a college education, electricity (like you said - seriously - we're lucky to be on a computer), a new post from Angie Smith, and knowing that I can get a hug somewhere if I need it. Have a great day!

Amy said...

What a wonderful post, Kelly! There has been so much sadness lately. Thank you for uplifting us all today!

My praises: Chili's chips and salsa (what DO they put in it?!), my husband getting accepted to grad school, my kids staying healthy through the winter, the sun shining today. :)

Chic Runner said...

Such a great reminder Kelly. Thanks for that and being so positive. :)

Wendy said...

Two happy, healthy children, laughter, good books, music, flowers, the ocean, my wonderful husband, food, a cozy home, freedom to worship, sunshine and blue skies, most of all my Jesus who bought me with His blood.

Thank you, Lord.

Heather said...

Praise the Lord for my wonderful husband who serves his country, who works hard so that I can be a SAHM, and treats me like a queen.
Praise the Lord that my husband was brought home safely from Iraq 2weeks ago after being deployed for 7 months.
Praise the Lord for our 3 beautiful children who have adjusted as well as can be expected after their daddy was gone for so long, and that the baby went right to him as if he had been here all along.
Praise the Lord for this beautiful weather we are having today!
Praise the Lord that we are able to take some time to spend together as a family as we get ready to take a little family trip to a lodge today.
Praise the Lord for wonderful family, friends, Target, blogging, internet, Girl Scout cookies, french fries, chocolate and pajamas!! lol!

Becky said...

Way to go Kelly! You are handling the burden of these requests with dignity and grace.

I praise God that HE is in control of my life. That HE is running the timeclock of my circumstances. HE is the one who deserves the glory for any good thing that happens.

We serve a great God!! Thanks for the encouragement to praise Him today!

JB said...

It is biblical to have a balance of praise and requests! Thanks for that reminder. I praise God for my beautiful miracle baby who is now 5 years old and in Kindergarten! He's the love of my life. I praise God for my husband who is the love of my life and my best friend. I praise God we're "done" with our adoption paperwork and waiting for the perfect little baby He has for our family. Hard to wait, but exciting too! I'm an Arkansas girl who moved to WA State. I love your blog! Thanks for all you do.

Katie B said...

Praise the Lord Jesus for a healthy baby! And even though I haven't lost ANY of my baby weight, I praise Him that I am healthy and well!!! I praise Him for providing what we need everyday--and lately, for sonic cherry diet cokes! And, you have renewed my faith in walmart clothes shopping- I'll have to walk through next time I go :)

Emily said...

You are so incredibly right. There is so many terrible things in the world, so many depressing things, but we have to count our blessings for everything that God has blessed us with. I think sometimes we get spoiled and don't realize what we have. I know I am guilty.

I try to praise God every day for my blessings and really mean it because we do not know when they will be taken away.

When bad things happen to us or I have a bad day, I think of examples of people who are in horrible situations and then my day is not really bad at all.

I praise God for my wonderful husband and a beautiful very smart 2 year old daughter. My home, my car, everything from the flowers in my yard to the same exact outfit that Harper is wearing that my little girl has (except hers is a longer dress and was $6 because she is a 2t, lol)

We are so blessed and God tells us as Christians we will go through trying times but we will make it through stronger and better for it. Thanks for your sunshine to my day today!

lookingforhope said...

Today is my 14th wedding anniversary and we've been through a lot but I love him more today than ever before.

My daughter who was a preemie and had a very rough start to life, will be 5 in July and will start kindergarten in the fall.

The same daughter has pneumonia but we caught it early and she is doing pretty well.

My husband has a job and I get to stay home with my daughter and be here with my sons when they get home from school.

I have a beautiful home, food in my refrigerator and love in my heart.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

What a fabulous post!

Today I am praising God for...

My health. I have not been seriously sick in a very long time.

Lilly and clothing in bright colors. Even a gloomy day turns cheery when wearing pink.

Pajama pants and watching my reality shows on Bravo and TLC.

My puppy. She is the best little love ever.

My daddy. More than a dad- he was my dad and mom and role model and best friend growing and still is today.

My car. Its full of dents and scratches after living in a city for so long but it has never had a major problem. It gets me from place to place with great heat and ac and a sunroof and radio. I don't need more than that.

My creative mind. I am so thankful I was encouraged to play with crayons and paper growing up.

Sundresses. It too cold yet but in a few months...that all I'll be wearing.

Ice cream. It can solve many of the world's greatest problems!

The Trendy Family said...

I praise the Lord who a hub who loves me more today than ever!

For a my hub's job!

Praises for a path that is greater than my own that God has total control over when he is going to send us a baby!

Chickie said...

We do have a lot to praise Him for!!! Thanks for sharing your praises! I have just finished a post of praises!!! Thanks for the inspiration today!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Praise: This time last year we thought we might never be parents...but right now there is a baby a world away in Korea who will be ours!

Praise: My job at the Library...I get to read books, sing songs, and have fun with kiddos all day long!

Praise: My Grandma who has Alzheimer's may not remember my name, but she knows all of the words to her favorite hymns. The disease may have her mind, but not her heart.

Praise: I'm wearing flip-flops today, too...and in the Midwest!

Praise: You and your blog! :-)

Amanda said...

I'm glad you're doing this. The fear and disappointment and overall sadness in the air is discouraging and causes us to dwell on the negative. But praise God that we found a house in Clinton! Praise God that Dave got a really great job through Conway Regional. Praise God that I have to get rid of stuff b/c we have SO much! Praise God for my aunt who has basically clothed all three of my children on her own! Praise God for healthy children. Praise God for air conditioning. Praise God for raising Jesus from the dead! Praise Him for His excellent greatness! He is worthy of our praise and our lives!

Josh and Jen said...

I am praising my Jesus today too! He is so amazing and I am so thankful that HIS mercies are new each day! Thank you Jesus for my amazing husband and for our healthy daughter Delanie........where do I stop....the list can go on and on! I am so blessed!
Thanks for a great post!

Tenille Rauls said...

Amen! Praise the Lord...I am overwhelmed by His goodness~ I am praising Him today for my two beautiful daughters and for a son that is due to arrive anyday! I am blessed beyond measure. Tenille

Katie said...

Praise to Him for my healthy, beautiful, smart daughter!! I could never be deserving enough to be worthy of such an extraordinary gift.

Praise to Him for my DVR! Life is so sweet when you can pause live television.

Francine said...

Timing by God..... it is such a amazing thing. I read your post earlier that had Harper in totally adorable Green outfit and just now I was checking mail and for some reason felt I needed to check your blog I go to look at it and look at there you have a new blog about praising.... wow...I can't begin to tell you what this meant to me because I just have been dealing with the devil and needed encouraging words.. So what would be my praises.. First--You.. for sharing what God puts on your heart and be so open and honest if you only knew how many lives you touch. Also my home, job, and car. The fact that I have a good husband and that I am free to worship my lord and saviour any way I want. For my DIVA prayer Girls... for life and life eternal.

tzweed said...

I praise Him for coincidences. Without them, I wouldn't have found your blog and wouldn't get to enjoy your adventures along side you. (you make my day so much brightr!)

I praise him for being so tired at the end of the day. I am blessed to not have just one job but two, allowing us to save up some money in this terrible economy. We are saving to have a baby after 10 years of marriage!

I praise him for waking up each day to my best friend, my husband. I have to say that is a huge blessing. I've had some bad relationships and when I met my husband I needed someone, something to save me. My husband was there for me and together we have come to Christ. It's been amazing!

Misty Rice said...

Purpose Driven Life devotional today was that God smiles when we praise....

"Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that confess his name" (Hebrews 13:15 NIV).

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for my beautiful little girl who just turned 1. I'm thankful for my amazing husband who works so hard so I can stay home with her everyday! I'm praising Him that it is 65 degrees today when it normally is not and we get to go for a walk. Praising Him for the fact that we get to go on vacation in two weeks for the first time since our honeymoon! Praising Him for our wonderful family, our great friends, our health and all of our other blessings. I needed this today Kelly, thank you!

Joyce said...

A great post....I have much to be thankful for but today I'm going to say the sunshine. I live in the UK and we've had an amazing four days in a row of weather that is absolute perfection. I'm acutely aware of sunny days in this country and when the sun shines I just feel my heart fill up with gratitude. I've just posted a photo of my spectacular cherry tree in full bloom on my blog. It makes me happy every time I open my front door. The change of seasons remind me that God is indeed in control of the universe.

Erica Brandon said...

You'll never know how much of an inspiration you are to me. Your faith is HUGE!You are right, we should give God more praise-Few things I'll give praise for:being saved by God's grace, family, my 2 precious girls, my husband, Health, our jobs, that doesn't shake a stick at half of it! Kelly, I love and read your blog every single day!!!!

Carver-Family said...

This post is a wonderful idea. I too get down reading all of the bad stuff happening in our world and our lives. There ARE still many things to be thankful for and to praise God for!

My story first (very condensed): This time 4 years ago (2005) I didn't know if I would ever get pregnant. I have hashimotos thyroiditis (hypthyroidism) and PCOS. After a surgery for the PCOS, I did get pregnant that summer, but lost my precious baby at 9 weeks. I then got pregnant again and at 7 weeks ended up in the hospital. It was an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured, taking my baby, one of my tubes and almost my life. I recovered, but once again didn't think we would ever bring a baby home.

PRAISE: I am now in my 23rd week of pregnancy (24 starts tomorrow). We've had 3 ultrasounds so far and everything looks GREAT! We had the big ultrasound 3 weeks ago and all of the organs looked wonderful and were functioning properly. HE appears to be very healthy and is kicking me like crazy! Grayson Dain's due to join us in the world on July 9th.
I have come to realize through all of this that God is truly in complete control, we just have to be willing to be submissive to His timing and desire for our lives.

HE is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine!!! (Eph 3:20)

Lindsey Lou said...

I am giving praise and thanksgiving for all of the wonderful things in my life....but I'm afraid that I had too much (if that's possible) to type here......so visit my blog!!!! I'll be easier to type it all there....and add pics. Thanks to Kelly for this positive and wonderful blog that she has made. Kelly....you are such an inspiration to me. Thank you!

redpoppy007@aol.com said...

I am thankful your little baby is home safe and sound with you.
She brings a smile to my face when I see her little picture.
I am thankful for my home and for my own daughter and sil, who are such good people.
Thankful that my husband is a good man and has a good job.
Thankful for David who makes me smile and happy just by being with me.
I am tahnkful for the sun, flowers and trees, and that I live in such a beautiful state.
Thankful for art, color, music and so many things i enjoy..

Traci said...

So many blessings
1. A job that pays the bills and is fulfilling
2. A husband that really loves Jesus, and really loves me
3. A sound home that keeps us warm/cool, dry, etc.
4. Dogs- God sure knew what he was doing when he created dogs.
5. Food- and a variety of choices at that- I don't wait in a long (well- not usually) and I never have to worry that it will run out
6. Family
7. Healthy children
8. Blog friends

When I think about it, there are so many things. But I also remember back to the times where I thought life just wouldn't see me through and remember that thinking about the praises even then, was what got me to victory.

Happy Sunny Wednesday- go flip-flop about in your yard!

Emily said...

I've been a little bummed lately b/c we had to move out of our moldy rent house, but thank you for reminding me to be thankful!

*We have wonderful parents who are letting my baby and I stay at their house! (with our dog and cat!!)

*My husband has a job when literally thousands of others at his company have been laid off.

*We have a healthy, happy 4 month old baby boy.

*I have a working vehicle (which I can drive to Sonic to get a Diet Vanilla Dr. Pepper..mmm... :)

nault's nook said...

I think I can add a few praises ;)

1. Praise God for my two sons. The road to get here was riddled with infertility, miscarriage, NICU time, and a high risk prenancy. BUT God gave us our miracles despite the trials. Praise Him!

2. I don't know what tomorrow may bring but RIGHT NOW we are making it financially and have a home over our heads and food in our stomachs. Praise Him.

3. I am now the most grateful SAHM ever. This has been a dream come true. Praise Him.

4. I lost my biological parents BUT have great inlaws and a wonderful husband. My MIL and FIL are the best grandparents and love them dearly. Praise Him.

5.In a world of darkness I am finding more and more people online that love the Lord and are a huge support network. Praise Him!

6. For bringing me full circle and not giving up on me even during the difficult times. Praise Him!

There is so much to be thankful for on many levels. Things we take for granted. Water, food, electriciy. The truth is our "basics" are such luxuries in a large part of the world. How blessed we are just to be in this country! Praise Him!

Last but not lease I Praise God for being there. Life is hard and throws a lot of trials at all of us. Sometimes life is so painful we don't know if we can continue. BUT I give thanks for a God who picks me up and carries me when this is the case. A God who never leaves us no matter what the outcome. My biggest praise is for our Savior!!!


Anonymous said...

I have been so worried that this would happen. You are such a dear friend to so many and want to offer a helping hand as much as you can. I know that you have a heavy heart for so many hurting people. It does take a toll on you and your spirit. I too have been so sad about all of the sickness and deaths...sigh! But I still praise him! Im so glad that you did this post because I was worried about you and taking on so much. It just made me smile that you put him first and see that we can still praise him in the rain.
My praise is Im here and enjoying this day with my family. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways. Sure I have had my sad days and I have lost a Brother but I know that He is God...He is good always. He is ours when we just feel like we cant go another step. I praise him for his grace and mercy. I praise him for friends like you! Thank you Kelly for having such a sweet heart and sharing your life with us. Maybe one day we will get the chance to meet up. My Mom lives in Lead Hill not too far from your parents. I cant wait to get up there soon . Take care~

Anonymous said...

Kelly, this is neat...this is what I am THANKFUL for in my life.....

God, my four wonderful children, my mother and father, sisters and brother. Honoring commitments and being honorable, Ethics. Listening. Compassion. Patience, Sweetness.. Believing that it’s never too late for anything. Integrity. Generosity in all things. Community service. Helping each other. The arts, great conversation, laughter lots and lots of it.... Bases loaded, grand slam, hotdog and beer... Evening's summer breeze, Crisp fall sky, stars and moon, holding each other. Wine with Cheese, sourdough bread. Falling snow while sipping hot chocolate with a touch of Irish cream... I see the glass half full. Loving French/Basque Catholic families. "Steel Magnolia's" "Beauty and the Beast." (In French) It's a Wonderful Life. Listening to stories from my father and his generation. Blessed with a great job! My life and not ashamed of the mistakes...Growing. Theater. Musicals., The Sound of Music. Watching my daughter sing in my brother's church pop choir. Watching her in theatre productions. Christmas caroling. Happiness. Dancing to a good polka played on an accordion and switch over to a romantic spanish tune, Frank Sinatra on a rainy day. Neil Diamond, Pat Benatar, Blondie, any 80's music, and its real talent to words you can understand. Light sarcasm. Irish bars (St. Elmo’s Fire) Halloween....love to trick or’ treat with the kids, Raking up autumn leaves and then jumping in… decorate for Christmas, sing Jesus Happy Birthday....Easter (see how much he loved us) ......Road trips. Lovable Chow Chow's, my cats and dog. The Yankee's. Connecting. Conversation. Curiosity. Candles. Understated elegance. Weber kettles and bbq'n a fat tri-tip along with shish kabobs...YUM... Weddings (the romance). Real popcorn, butter and M'M's. Nice bottle of wine with cheers to the mug; Cafe's, Bistro's. Newspapers with my feet up. Sunsets during fire season. (Beautiful); Longs walks in the woods. Believing in life/love and happiness, the worlds I long to see. People who don’t have all the answers, because I don’t. Education. Intelligence, in all its forms. Passion. Yelling at God but I do not ask why.. Not regreting loving, trying or leaving.... Scarred hearts that beat all the prouder... I'm Living proof! and Letting go. Bringing Brian into my life and my children's life. Faith, Hope and Love...Putting my life in Gods hand and trusting him... I AM THANKFUL....

Heidi said...

Thank you for that blog post!!!!! It was great to read. You made my heart light and my face smile. Thank you for that!!

Mercy said...

I thank you Lord because today, you removed my depression from me and I felt the sadness leave my body. You waited longer than I wanted but not longer than I could not stand it. I praise you because today I spoke to someone about you (my first time) and I was amazed at how easy the words came out of my mouth. I praise you today because every day is a day that I get to love my beautiful girls.

adrienne said...

thank you for this post, Kelly! i have read your blog since i was pregnant but have never commented.

i praise Him for my sweet 6 week old daughter Lucy (holding her in my arms now, typing with one hand!) who was born 4 weeks early and spent 8 days in NICU but came home healthy but small. she also has that polka dot outfit - can't wait for her to wear it!

i praise Him for my precious husband who is an amazing father.

i praise Him for amazing baby news we received this weekend from a couple very close to us who have been trying to conceive for 3 years. she was on your prayer blog!

He is so good!

Emily said...

Yeah, I LOVE this post! Praise right there.

I praise that my hubby and I have been through the worst and come out stronger then ever and still lovin on God.

I praise baby swimsuits - OMG are they cute!

I praise our family that loves and supports us.

I praise baby hugs in the morning.

I praise Kelly for your positive, loving nature and thank you for letting us be apart of your life. You are a great roll model.

I praise spring and the birth of so many things this time of year.

Oh, I have so many praises I don't want to bombard you.

Gina said...

I am friends with Katie and Sarah in Benton and have been reading your blog- such a blessing! I am thankful that God knows our needs b/f we even do! I have a sick daughter today, but my mom "just happen" to be staying with me last night and was able to stay with Addison so I could run to work for a little while! I pray Addison will feel better soon and we will find out what is causing the fever this afternoon at the dr., but praise God that He worked out today, b/f I even knew He needed to!

Unknown said...

I LOVED this post! I actually loved it so much, that I did one on my blog as well!!!

Thank you for reminding us that in all the turmoil, we have so much to truly be thankful for!

Brittany said...

This post was heaven-sent for me. My husband and I had a rough last couple of days. We do have lots of things to be thankful for. Thanks for saying all the right things at the right time :)

Alison said...

I have been feeling the same way! Thank you for sharing your praises! I think I will start to do my own PRAISE POST once a week to keep things in a Godly perspective!:)

Meredith - Mama of FOUR! said...

I am thankful for two healthy, beautiful girls and a wonderful husband. They remind me of Jesus' love everyday.

PLEASE! Where did you get that outfit? So cute, do share....


cassie said...

Praise for love!

"I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no no hurt, only more love."
~Mother Teresa

Praise for spring weather and much needed spring breaks! Renewal!

And praise for the swiffer - to clean up after the muddiness of spring that the dogs track in!

Praise for friends, families, and strangers who understand like friends!

Jacquie said...

What a great post, Kelly! It's also very timely for me today. Thank you, Jesus!

Praise: I am a mother of two boys that bring me more joy than I ever thought possible.

Praise: I have a hard-working husband who takes care of me.

Praise: I have worked for over 14 years in a job that I love and where people tell me often that they appreciate me.

Praise: On the lighter side... looking forward to fun reality TV shows, 70 degree weather, seeing photos of Harper on a daily basis, when Kale calls just to see how my day went, Tyler's grin, and Free Day!!

Bethany said...

I keep a gratitude journal (almost) daily and it really helps to keep my days positive and my thoughts happy and thankful. Today I am thankful for an endless number of things...but to name a few--for the health of my family members, for the gorgeous weather outside, for a delicious chick-fil-a lunch, for children who take good naps so mama can have some quiet time, for my amazing, loving, loyal husband, for the great book I'm reading, and for some awesome news I just heard about regarding a friend (so happy for her!). I'm also incredibly thankful for your adorable blog and for your posting today. God deserves all the glory and honor and praise for all the good things in my life--he is SO GOOD!!

Rhonda said...

I praise him that we are about 2 months from adopting our sweet baby boy.
I praise him that we have a donor match of 4 out of 5 criterias match
I praise him for all my kids. 5 years ago I had 1 15 year daughter today I have 1 5 year old boy,1- 3 year old foster son and 1 - 1 year old soonto be adopted special baby!!!
I praise God for my husband that has been there for me and we are going to celebrate our 22nd anniversary in July.

Amy's Adventures said...

Hi Kelly! I followed your lead and did my list of praises on my blog.

Thanks for your inspiring words daily! I know many families are thankful for the requests you post. I even found out someone I went to college with was one of the requests! Small world!

Tracy's Porch said...

Thank you so much for the post today. I am having a hard mommy day with my two and a half year old. We are in the midst of potty training (which is not fun) and she is a "full on" two year old which takes tons of patience!!! But - I wouldn't trade it for anything and I am so thankful for my beautiful daugher that makes me smile or laugh daily. I also have to send up a praise that it is now my daughter's nap time and I can take a deep breath and have a moment to me :-)

It is so important to stop and remember all the blessings in our lives. Each evening before we say our dinner prayer, we go around the table and say one thing we are thankful for that day. I've loved that we started that tradition because it helps bring life back into focus and if I've had a hard day, I realize how blessed I really am.

Terri said...

What a wonderful post! Sometimes we all feeel so overwemled with sadness, it helps to think about those things that we do have. My praises: I am so thankful that God blessed us with 2 beautiful children when I thought I would have none. And that I am able to stay home with them everyday. My sweet husband is my rock. I am so thankful for him. My family is blessed beyond measure to have my mom. She helps us so much and loves my children with all that she is. I have so many more praises I can't list them all. I'm just blessed with everything in my life :)Thank you again for this post.

Anonymous said...

I praise the fact that I am a child of God, that he has given me so much in my life to accomplish still. I praise him for the small (and big) miracles. Thanks Kelly.

King Amy said...

Praise: peanut butter m&m's

Praise: josh turner's music (he's a christian too!)

Praise: wonderful new bible study

Praise: the boss in not in the office right now!

Praise: pink sticky notes

Praise: encouragement through the blog world!

InDeeds said...

What excellent timing - I was just thinking similar things how life has been really rough lately, and how I just can't seem to catch a break for all the madness! But, at the same time, I have SO MUCH to be thankful for. My husband and I both have jobs; jobs that are allowing us to pay off our school loans quickly, and that allowed us to afford the ridiculously expensive car repairs that have attacked us lately. We both have wonderfully generous families who are always looking out for us. We are both healthy. We have a beautiful home, an adorable dog, AND (the best part) a sure hope of eternity with our Savior in heaven!

Thanks for the reminder to praise Him for all his blessing!

Beth said...

I'm praising God for 3 beautiful sons.

I'm praising that Ayden's doctors are being so diligent in determining what all is 'wrong' with him.

I'm praising God that I have a family that loves me and that I love.

There are so many, many more things that I can praise our Father for but most of all I just praise Him.

Hanna said...

Praise: I have a loving family that i would do anything for.
Praise: I have a wonderful boyfriend that GOD has blessed me with.
Praise: All the prayers that were lifted up about Harper were answered.
Praise: That GOD lead me to this blog .
Praise: Kelly has helped me with my relationship with the LORD.

Melissa Miller said...

Amen my friend!

I'm with you! :)

Lisa said...

♥ Praise God that my mom's stroke on Monday was just a blip of a stroke! It could have been worse!

♥ Praise God that while I'm not pregnant yet, my physical relationship with my hubby is pure & strong!

♥ Praise God for the beautiful weather we've had out here in So.Cal!

♥ Praise God that peeps are out in the stores right now =) LOVE THEM!

♥ Praise God for the awesome, bible based church that my hubby & I call our home church!

♥ Praise God for our health, our jobs, our healthy (and wonderful) dog, & our families!

Tina said...

Praise HIm for my wonderful husband
Praise him for my healthy beautiful children
Praise him for the health of my family
Praise him for finding some pretty fantastic people through blogging and reading post like this ro remind me that all the Glory is to him and he is the most wonderful God and Im so thankful he is my God! Just Praise him....

Kelly said...

this is an AWESOME post. PRAISE GOD!!!
I praise Him for...
~the 19 months my Son had with his Grandpa
~my precious healthy boy (4yrs old)
~my terrific husband
~my family & friends
~my husband having a job and staying busy in this economic slowdown.
~our home, car, food, etc
~my own health, sight, hearing, tasting, and all other senses
~the freedom to give HIM on the glory & praise he deserves(and so much more

My list could go on and on!
THANK YOU so much for this post Kelly.
PRAISE (ing) Him still for the mircales he has given to you and Scott.

Whit said...

I have a beautiful happy, healthy baby girl that fills our lives with such joy and a wonderful husband by my side! Life could not be better!

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

I praise Him in the air I breathe that is clean and fresh. The warm sun in my windows. The baby kicking in my belly and the one napping (PTL for naps) in her crib. He has given me & my family so much... I try to remember that every day. ;)

Brittany said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am so glad you did this post. I just told a friend that I was going to have to start restricting myself in the blog world because there are so many sad things going on with people right now.
I began playing the "what if" game about everything I heard. Fear was starting to creep in and I was so scared that these things would happen to me. I am continuing to lift up those requests, but I'm having to trust God with all of the details, because right now it just isn't great for me to read about all of it.

Now, a few things I'm praising HIM for:
1. A great job that I love! Especially when things are so hard right now
2. Amazing family!
3. Incredible friends!
4. I'm in such a sweet place with Christ right now. It's hard sometimes, but I wouldn't change it for anything!
5. An incredible church that has an amazing college and career ministry.
6. My dad: He is building me a new bed that I LOVE!
7. A little superficial, but I got a really cute shirt yesterday for 10 bucks!

Marla Taviano said...

Chili's chips and salsa!!! YUM! Oooh, I want some right now!!

Praising God for sunshine, the walk I just took with my 3yo, 3 healthy daughters, a husband who loves (defends, supports, encourages) me, the blessing of doing what I love for a living.

I've got so much more, but our taxes are calling. Praising Him in spite of those! :)

Blessings on your day, Kelly!!

Rachel said...

And I am giving Him praise for that MIRACLE baby of yours who looks like the most delicious Funfetti cupcake I have EVER SEEN! ~Rachel

weltyc said...

Thank you so much for this post Kelly. It is very true that we tend to focus on the sadder things and don't give as much attention to the little wonderful things in life that He has given us. I praise him today for: the opportunity to go to school, talking to my mom in the middle of the day, helping a friend out when he really needed it, the warm sunny day.... ahh so much praise to you Father!!!

Follow The Stepps said...

- that I wake each day and know that Christ loves me more than I could ever imagine or deserve (just typing that is AWESOME)
- i have a sweet (most of the time) 9 month old little boy who seems to have finally conquered the colic
- i have a job as an L&D nurse that i really enjoy these days
-i have an incredible group of friends that i cherish more each time i see them
-my husband, son and i are healthy
-SPRING is on its way!
-i have a roof over my head
-i sleep easy at night knowing that i am safe in the arms of my Lord
-my sister is expecting
-my husband works from home and is able to help me with our rowdy little wild man
-my marriage
-this sweet little blog i follow daily... sometimes more than daily :)

I figured why it wasn't letting me post... i was just having a duh moment with my computer. Great post and great way to give Him some praise! Happy Spring! Harper is too sweet. Oh, and also I wanted to tell you about www.endless.com. They have AWESOME shoes and it's free overnight shipping and free returns. Some stuff is pricey, but some stuff is a really good deal.

Praising Him,
Kelly S.

Tamara said...

I'm praising God today because after being away (in Utah) from home (Minnesota) for two full weeks (for the adoption of our new 2 year old daughter...a HUGE praise!!!), we have finally received clearance from the courts to head home to the rest of our family!

I am praising God for his overwhelming presence on our adoption journey. It all began with a phone call 2 weeks ago, which led to a whirlwind trip to Utah the very next day to meet our daughter.

I am praising God for His faithful provision for every single one of our needs...He has supplied all our needs according to His glorious riches! And for that, we are grateful.

God is good, all the time! All the time, God is good! Amen?


Elizabeth said...

You make such a lovely point. We do have so much to be thankful for.

Pamela said...

I'm praising Him for being $280 away from being DEBT free (except for our house)! FINALLY! I'm praising Him for my healthy 1 year old son, Murphy! I'm praising Him for a steadfast, hardworking, handsome, patient, healthy and loving husband! I'm praising Him for ALL of my many blessings, I have too many to name!! Thank you, Jesus!!

Karyn said...

God is good- all the time!

The Parker Family said...

Praise God that my husband has a job. In these tough economic times, I feel very blessed to be able to stay home with my two boys.
Thank the Lord for preschools in churches and the wonderful teachers there. Because of this, my son can go to school in a safe and fun environment where he learns about God and memorizes scripture.
I am extremely thankful for Sonic sweet tea (love the ice, too), soup at Panera bread, embroidered names and monograms, minky dot fabric, cute clothes for boys, clothing sales, and fun times with my friends.

lots of love said...

i'm new to reading your blog but i'm already hooked! i'm really thankful that you have asked people to realize what THEY have to be thankful for. in this economy right now, sometimes thats all we got is our positive spirit! thanks for keeping things positive!

ps i love all of harpers embroidered outfits!

Shaina N said...

My praise? After a miscarriage in Dec. we are 7weeks and 3 days pregnant!

I have a wonderful husband that takes care of me when I have morning sickness!

And a wonderful mother who listens to me complain.

Laura said...

Praise- That I have come across your page from hundereds of miles away and get to first hand see God's amazing work. Also, praise to see all the comments you have gotten about how wonderful our God is!

By the way, Keep doing what you're doing, you are changing lives!

-Laura from Michigan :)

Tara said...

I know there are 130 comments on this post already but I can't move on without stating a praise (I could never list every praise) because God is so good to me.

I am only 29 years old and found a lump in my breast last week. When I went to the dr. she found it too and thought it was fibrocystic but sent me for an ultrasound just to make sure since I have a family Hx of breast cancer and fibrocystic disease. The ultrasound was this morning and they didn't see a thing. I am confused as to why it is still sore and everybody felt the lump but nothing is there on the US. Even though I didn't get any answers, I didn't get bad news so I praise God for watching over me.

Anonymous said...

I praise God that after 12 years of infertility I was able to see a fertility doctor last week and will be having an HSG this week! God is good in His perfect timing as I wait on Him!

Amanda said...

Is that a current outfit at Walmart? Because if so, I might brave Wallyworld to get it! So cute! I am thankful today that both of my children are asleep at the same time. Give Him praise!

Alise Nettles said...

I am praising God for many things, but mostly for my sweet 7 month old son Grady. After many years of trying to get pregnant and finally getting pregnant with invitro we have our blessing here with us today.
I praise God for good medication to treat my rheumatoid arhtritis so I can take care of my son.
I praise God for my incredible husband, Richard, and how good he is to me and how much he loves me!
I praise God for you Kelly and the love and hope you give to others through your blog and how you are getting many people many more prayers than they ever thought they would get.
Jesus is all we need and He deserves all the praise and glory! Thank you Jesus for all of these wonderful blessings!

MARGE said...

I praise Him for allowing me join you in your life and to share in Harpers growth. We love an awesome God. Your blog is the first I read every day. Loved yesterdays pic.


Melanie said...

Praise - That I have two beautiful and healthy daughters after a long and painful struggle with infertility!

Praise - That I have a wonderful husband who surprised me with flowers, bath salts, and a Kohl's gift card because I had a rough day yesterday!

Praise - That I not only have a well paying job, but that it's pretty secure in this economy, and I'm being considered for a promotion!

Praise - That we are getting a big tax refund which will fund a lot of home improvement projects - and a swingset for our little girl!

Praise - That a co-worker brought in brownies - I sure needed them!

Praise - That I got up early enough to get dinner in the crockpot so supper is already cooked! More time for enjoying a bath with the new bath salts the husband bought me!

Twice as Nice said...

I praise God for making me Logan's mom. I praise him for my husband. I praise him for making me a Twin!! I praise him for my husband still having a job. I praise him for my job. I praise him for my health and for the love I am shown every day.

Boni Williamson said...

My husband and I found out yesterday that we are having ANOTHER healthy baby girl! This is three for us and we couldn't be happier!

Rachel said...

Hey Kelly - I give praise for my two sweet children and husband and the baby on the way! I also give praise for all of my family that are helping us as we are having complications with this pregnancy!

I have to give praise to you as the other day, I was feeling very negative and worrying about this baby - but I went to your blog and you had your new button "Miracles Happen" and it made me so happy!! I cried and felt so much better!!

Thank you!!!! Feel free to stop by my blog anytime. We are in NWAR as well. We have mutual frieds, Nathan and Missy Carnal (with their two little beauties, Maddy and Emmy) are in our small group.

Anonymous said...

New to your blog. I give God praise for healing me when I was in an accident last year. On 2/22/2008 I had a mishap with a snowblower & lost two fingertips. Doctors said that I would not be able to have mobility to my right hand. My wife and I believed with strong faith in God's awesome power & knew with confidence through Christ Jesus our prayers for healing would be answered. I am so happy to praise him & give him the glory. After many months of physical therapy & believing in the word & being thankful to God daily for our healing... I am now able to use my hand just like I did before. A year later on exactly 2-22-2009 my wife and I won an online drawing to "The Oscars". The painful memories of the date of the accident have now been replaced with a new special occasion for us. Now we can say instead of February 22 being "the date of the accident" it is the date "we spent in Los Angeles at The Oscars. God is so awesome !! He always knows how to extract beauty out of the mess that satan tries to put us in. I am sorry for the lengthy comment but your post really moved me. I have not written about this experience to anyone & even though I do not know you personally "you are my sister in the Lord" & I just felt compelled to share. Thank you for sharing such a lovely blog with us in cyberspace.

Kelly said...

I struggled to get pregnant w/my now four year old. Her baby sis, Ashley (17 months) was a gift from God we were expecting. :o) Those are two of my many praises - and also cute baby shoes, of course!

Alicia said...

I praise him for so many things! My family, my daughter who is the light of my life, inlaws, 2 jobs, home...so much more.

I just did a praise post the other day. You can see it at:

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! Harper is a BEAUTIFUL blessing! Her story is a testament to a faithful and loving God! I look forward to my daily visits to Kelly's Corner

Amy said...

I praise God for my beautiful children. I tried for 11 years to have another baby and God blessed me with not one but two more pregnancies! Jarrad (16), Cameron (3) and Landrey (18 months) are miracles from the Lord! God is a promise keeper!!!!

Kelly said...

I praise God for Him!! Just being Him----and all that He is!

Ana said...

Thank you for this blog today!

I praise Him for:
-our 3 healthy, beautiful boys!
-my husband loving us so much and showing it!
-my husband's company being busy with jobs!
-wonderful family!
-having everything we need and much more!
-being able to stay home with our boys!
-wonderful friends!
-and for a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning, cherry coke :), taking pictures, brownies, my son's smiles and giggles, nap/quiet time, and....oh yes - the garage door opening in the evenings!!!
Blessings to you and yours!

the tichenor family said...

Kelly, your blog is such an inspiration. I have been reading for months and prayed diligently over Harper as she was in the hospital. What a blessing she is!

I have a HUGE prayer request... details are on my blog, http://kevinmeredithandcarson.blogspot.com -- but some of our very best friends had identical twin girls this morning at just 26 weeks. They are in desperate need of an army of prayer over their tiny baby girls. Your blog is such a ministry... if you could help spread the word about their babies, it would be such a blessing.

P said...

Hello :) I've been reading your blog, but haven't commented until now, but this blog really made me think.

To sum it all up, I praise Him for the best of best and the worst of worst days. I praise Him for every day because that is one day longer I have with the people I love and to do the things I enjoy. As bad as a day may be, I never take it for granted.

Hope you are all well!

Jaymee said...

KELLY!!!! What an amazing woman you are!

PRAISE: I have a wonderful husband who works hard to support us and loves me and all my flaws. ;)

PRAISE: We have our health.

PRAISE: We are doing extremely well even though the economy isn't. We aren't worried about my husband losing his job. We have a roof over our head and a warm bed to sleep in at night and plenty of food to eat, even though we shouldn't eat it all! :)

PRAISE: SPRING! The weather is beautiful and I love flip flops too!

PRAISE: Beautiful Harper is healthy and growing like a weed!

PRAISE: God led me to your blog. You are an amazing person and God is using you in a wonderful way. You unknowingly are leading me back to Him and I am remembering the way I felt many years ago when He was the center of my universe. Even though we have never "met" and have only "spoken" once via email, I feel as though I have known you forever. You are the only Christian role model I have in my life, and I can't tell you how much you were/are needed. God knew though...and I feel closer to Him now than I ever have in my life.

Our God is an awesome God!

Katie Kordsmeier said...

I praise God that I've been married to my best friend for 8 years and 1 day!!!

I praise God that 4 1/2 years ago I thought I might not EVER have children, and now I have a big boy that just turned 4, two sweet girls: one that's 2 and one that's 1! Talk about God knocking me off my feet!!

I praise God for Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University.

I praise God for the little things in life like pig tails and hair bows, Coca-Cola, Noggin, princess panties and Spiderman underwear (b/c that means that 2 of my kids are potty trained!!), $0.88 sweet tea from Chicken Express, and students telling me that I'm their favorite teacher even though they hate Texas history!

Heather said...

Thank you for this post. I needed this today!

Praise him for:
♥My 2 beautiful, healthy, fantastically fun daughters
♥My loving and very generus husband who does everythig he can for our family
♥Our wonderful friends we have met since moving to Kansas. They realy feel more like family now
♥My mom being here for 2 1/2 weeks, helping with the girls, giving us a break, and making my girls very, very happy
♥That ever-needed constant stream of Diet Coke!

Thanks Kelly- you're GREAT!

Frugal Jen said...

What a wonderful post!

I praise him for my wonderful family and our blessings.

I also praise him for the wonderful faithful bloggers, Kelly... blogs like yours lead us together to pray and praise his name. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

The Stockton Crew said...

Kelly, I have been following your blog since Harper was born and I love to read it everyday. But, I look at all your links and it has broke my heart to see all these sick babies and babies that are dying. This has just reminded me that we live in a fallen world and we have to look to Him for everything! I have a lot to praise Him for; a loving husband, two beautiful, healthy kiddos, a nice house, a good job, a nice car, both my parents and in-laws,and last but not least, a wonderful church family and preacher that teaches the Word of God!!

A Christian Mom said...

I love that little outfit that Miss Harper is wearing. She is such a little doll.

PRAISE: for the opportunity to homeschool my girls.

PRAISE: for the beautiful weather today, that allowed us to go outside and color with chalk, on the pavement.

PRAISE: for the business, next door, that allowed us to use their pavement to color, since we only have dirt roads.

Corby and Lauren said...

Thank you for the reminder that I need to daily give the Lord the praise he absolutely deserves!

Praise: Our Harper was born last Wednesday- she didn't handle labor very well, so I'm extremely thankful that she's here and healthy (even if she came by c-section)
Praise: A husband who loves the Lord with all of his heart and that love overflows to me and Harper. I am so blessed to have him in my life... and Harper will one day know how blessed she is to have him as a daddy!

Seaside Prep said...

I praise God for Kelly and her amazing heart! :)

Sue said...

Bad things are gonna happen in this life. You just have to savor the good things while you have them and live a grateful life for Christ. This life is just for practice anyway(and but a vapor) the good life is yet to come if Christ is your Lord. Let us fix our eyes on the prize!

Amanda said...

You are so right, Kelly! It is so sad to hear about everything going on in the world. I work in the financial industry... and I have to make myself be positive every day or else... well, my sanity may be gone! So, thanks so much for the reminder, and thanks everyone else for the wonderful praises! I can just feel my heart lifting and God must be smiling.

So, I thank him so much for His provision of a job for me and my husband, our ability to give some of what He has given, our snug little apartment, our precious dog and cat, the most amazing church family anyone could ask for, the ability to work as Children's Director, for the encouraging words of others, for a husband who honestly loves me, for friends who love and encourage me, for the hope of soon vacation, for riding to the bank with my windows down, for my 25th birthday present of a pink ipod nano, to be able to lift my voice in praise not only at church on Sundays, and for the ability to read (this brings me MUCH joy). Most of all, for the continuing realization that He is at work in this world! Come Lord Jesus!

The Allens said...

PRAISE - My baby boy was born safely and he and I are both healthy!


PRAISE- my twin sister was told many years ago she would never have a baby, she is 6 weeks pregnant today! keep her in your prayers :) & after 10 months of trying to pass my cert exam for a great job opportunity, I PASSED. PRAISEEE

annalee said...

praise Him for BEAUTIFUL weather, BEAUTIFUL baby girls, BEAUTIFUL friendships, and BEAUTIFUL lessons in each day.

Danyele Easterhaus said...

amen sister...and i tell you that there have been so many losses of precious peas out here...and it's hard. but i am so glad you have chosen to refocus on the praises and blessings...

another praise...i worked out 3 times last week! that's a stinking miracle!

annalee said...

praise Him for a loving spouse too (somehow I didn't think Evan would want to be included in the "beautiful" category of praises!)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Great post, Kelly!

PRAISE: We WILL be able to adopt D!!! God knows when the time is right but for now this glimmer of hope is GOOD!!!

PRAISE: Being able to listen to praise music while blogging...right now I'm listening to "How Marvelous" and it's a sweet sound in my ear.

PRAISE: A wonderful husband who loves me deeply and a son I love more than words could ever say.

PRAISE: The love of a Savior that reaches far beyond anything I can ever comprehend.

PRAISE: Little things like...comfy pajama pants, fresh coffee in the morning, the beautiful new green popping out on trees, Coke Zero, and a stroller to push my almost 25lb. baby around in!

Heather said...

YAY!!! We definitely need some praises!
PRAISE: I, too, am wearing flip flops today (the same ones in the pic, but brown) and Connor and I spent the lunch hour and early afternoon at the park playing! We are BLESSED!
PRAISE: There is a baby girl named Avery Kate bouncing around in my belly. She is a miracle "faith baby" and I am unbelievably thankful to God that she is on her way. Where there was once hopelessness, there is now joy and peace!
PRAISE: I have a wonderful husband and son whom I love so much! Our family is such a blessing!
PRAISE: Connor-boo is healthy and happy and such a joy! He makes us laugh and thank God every single day!
PRAISE: Sonic Dr. Pepper, great blog friends and real friends, a home to live and be comfortable in, the feeling after a fresh haircut/hilite, great TV shows to enjoy, pedicures, praise music, long hot baths, shopping and finding a great deal, and the list goes on and on!!!
OH, How I praise Jesus today! He is my EVERYTHING!!!
Hope you are blessed by all the praises today, Kelly!

Tay's Mom said...

I have praise!!! After trying to get pregnant for a year and a half (and 5 angel babies later), we are pregnant again! And we are praising God because we have made it to the almost 7-week mark (further than I have made it will all but 1 angel baby). We are praying for the health of our little one, and praising Him for the opportunity to carry this life! Thank you, Kelly, for the positive post and reminding us that, although times can be scary, we should ALWAYS praise Him because it is He that provides, comforts and loves always!!!

Martha said...

Praise: Getting to read your blog everyday and learning so much from it. Thank you for encouraging me and my family to grow our relationship with God. You make me want to learn more about myself and my relationship with Him.And of course my amazing husband and 2 year old son.

Julie said...

What a wonderful post! It is so easy to get upset when you read what some people are going through. Thank you for letting us remember all the little stuff we should be thankful for.
An amazing husband who works so hard so I can stay home with our son.
A wonderful, healthy little boy who I love more and more every day.
Friends and Family
AND I'm so thankful for blogs! I think it's awesome how many people you can witness to and get to know, all through blogs!

Anonymous said...

what an awesome Post!!

Praising Him that He has begun the healing process in me and is pulling me out of depression, and panic disorder.

Praising Him that HE promises to fully restore me!!! 1 Peter 5:10-11

Praising Him for His Word

Praising Him for my sweet husband and daughter!!!!

shelley said...

Thank you for your positive Praise post. It made me feel good to read it. Sometimes with all the negative going on we forget that we have so much to be thankful for.

Thank you

Always A New Day said...


I read your blog daily, and I am so thankful for you and your inspiration. I am also FOREVER grateful for this sweet little boy I have sitting in my lap right now. I could kiss him 24/7, and I am thankful to God for this most precious gift!

Thank you!!

Caroline said...

I could read these all day long! Forget "The Secret", the true secret is the love and blessings of our Lord and Savior!

You've inspired me to post my praises on my own blog.
Lots of love!
xoxo KB

Lauren said...

Even though my husband and I have just experienced the biggest loss of our lives - all 4 of our quadruplets born prematurely at 22 weeks, I am still thankful for being alive and having the life that I do. After my delivery, I got very sick and ran a very high fever. My blood levels were very low and I had to get 2 transfusions. After that big scare, I vowed to myself to be grateful for what I DO have. Don't get me wrong, I am still very sad for the loss of my babies, but I do have hope. I am glad to be alive and to have my wonderful husband in my life.


Stacey said...

I too have been so overwlemed as of late. Thank you for this positively needed post!

Praise him...for my wonderful husband, my angel baby Philip in heaven & my 9 month old Cristian.

Praise him... for my mom who does so much for our family. For my very flexible job and our small, but filled with love little house.

Praise him...for thunder & lightening, Mickey D's Fountain Coke, and Italian Cream Cake.

Praise him...for Kelly (that's you!), who's blog and pictures of little Harper has made me smile many a day.

Thanks again Kelly, I really needed that!

Karen~ said...

Thank you for this post! We all need reminding at times of all the positive things in our lives.

Your Harper is adorable!

I am a mother to a wonderful almost 16 year old son(that's getting ready to drive, scarey!), great parents, a brother, sister-in-law, and a nephew & niece. Dear, dear friends!

We all need to count our blessings and give praise to JESUS!


Anonymous said...

I praise Him...that I have an amazing job that I love where I get to take care of little miracles each day at work (NICU nurse)

I praise Him...that my fiance is finally going into a career that he believes in and wants to do. And he didn't decide quickly, he prayed months and waited for an answer before signing those Army papers.

I praise Him...that I have incredible friends and family

Becky said...

Today I visited a friend that had a mastectomy a week ago. She is doing so well both physically and emotionally. A month ago, I thought I might loose this dear friend.

It is sunny in Indiana too. Gotta praise that!

I think about the lepers and so often we forget to be thankful for those little things - the one in 10. I hope I never cease to be thankful for big and little things.

AKat said...

I am thankful that my little baby boy will be arriving in less than a month! I am thankful that everything outside is alive and green! I am thankful for my husband and the Cheez-Its I am eating right now! LOL

Boo said...

I am giving praise that after almost 5 years of infertility and 2back to back miscarriages, I am pregnant and am finally at the point that if I were to deliver, I would actually bring home a baby!

Lissa said...

Thank you for that post. I sometimes forget to count my blessings when life isn't always fair.=] God is such an AWESOME God! =]

Kendra said...

LOVE this!! I praise Him for my healthy miracle niece, for sunshine, for cute Old Navy sun dresses, for weekends away with my husband, for a steady job, for a loving family, for the taste of coffee with vanilla creamer, for The Office, for a wonderful marriage, for my friends, for flowers, for The Bible, for His love....

Julia said...

Oh Kelly, you are so right for reminding us of that! I soooo needed to hear this. I have to go back to work on Monday and leave precious Asher and have been so down! I just keep singing "Blessed Be The Name" over and over hoping that the truth will sink in! You and Harper are so precious and I am so thankful for you both!

purejoy said...

great post today, kelly. i'm counting my blessings. not a bad way to spend the day at all!!
i'm SUPER thankful that my dryer is fixed!! as much as i'm not a fan of doing laundry, well, i'm pretty pumped about doing it (and having clean jeans!!)
have a BLESSED day!!

Gavin's Mama said...

I praise God for people like you... people who are not afraid to share their love for God... and your positive attitude!!

PRAISE: I praise God for my husband, for the great father he is to our son. I praise God that my husband still has his job and I am able to stay home with my son.

PRAISE: I praise God for my son, he has beaten all the odds that were thrown against him. I thank God every morning I wake up to his precious smile.

PRAISE: I praise God for my wonderful family, church family and friends.

PRAISE:I praise God for all of the the people in this world who are trying to make a difference.

Thank you for this post, I needed that lift!!

The Anglin Family said...

We have SO much to be thankful for. I think it is awesome that you have so many people reading your blog, that maybe if you show one person how amazing our God is that it is an awesome thing. God has given you a tool to use for Him. We all love reading your blog, and keeping up with Harper. But, mostly, you are so relateable to so many of us. Thanks for posting all the prayer requests. It really has had me down lately reading all the bad stuff, but I also realize we have lots to be thankful for. I know I am so blessed and this is a beautiful Arkansas day!!

Beth said...

Praise Him that I have a beautiful healthy, smart 2 1/2 yr old who lights up the world.

Praise Him for my parents who are better parents than you could ask God for.

Praise Him for warm, sunny days outside at the park with my daughter.

Praise Him for the material things...roof my head, food in my belly, a great job at a great clinic--OU!!, clothes that are too tight sometimes.

Praise Him for a wonderful church that has people all over the world teaching about Him. And that sees many come to Christ every week.

Praise Him for the faithful who give you hope and courage when you are having an off day.

Praise Him for all the prayer warriors out there.

Praise Him for your story and many like yours where His healing power is so visibly evident.

Praise Him for being my daughters Heavenly father, when her earthly one fails!

Praise HIM!!


Melissa said...

I have soooo much to be thankful for. I'm so thankful that my hubby has a good job and that my family is healthy (well sans that ear infection I was just diagnosed with). I'm also praising God that my step-brother just got a clean bill after battling cancer for the second time in the past year. He's only 33 and it was very worrisome for so many. So much to praise God for, but it's also so heartbreaking to hear/read about people that are having tough trials in their lives.

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that reads about these sick babies/children and gets so upset that I have to quit reading (and I'm a pretty positive person too).

Praise God for this beautiful Texas weather! Praise Him for the health of my family ! Praise Him for sweet times with friends! Praise Him for an incredible husband that is a loving father to our son!

MaierHousehold said...

Well said!!!

Meghan said...

Praise him for my two precious boys!

Praise him for leading me to my wonderful husband!

Praise him for the gorgeous day and weather!

I agree with you Kelly. There is so much bad right now that we are hearing. I feel so blessed and I am very happy at this moment.

Melissa @ The Littlest Lobo said...

Praise for my beautiful 7 month old son, after suffering numerous miscarriages, the death of our first child due to trisomy 18 and being diagnosed with PCOS. It was a terribly hard road, but if we hadn't lost our daughter we wouldn't have our wonderful son. He is a delight!

Lisa said...

Very cute!! Praise for my sweet little girls (ages 3 & 1)... that are growing so big and strong right before my very eyes!

Amen too for the wonderful weather here in TX!

KJG said...

I Love this!! My heart rejoices in the FAITHFULNESS of the Lord. He's been so good to my family through times of loss and I know that He watches over me. He is my strong tower and an ever-present help in times of trouble. Praise Him.

Thank you for the invitation to join you in praising today!

Chari said...

Awesome post Kelly!
I love this warm weather too! I had to go buy some new nail polish so I can wear my flip flops..I can't go out without my feet looking good!

Tara said...

Loved this post! You are right!!
I praise Him for:
His AMAZING love
My sweet precious babies and husband
My family
My health

I could go on and on and on but I too love me some diet coke ;) Praise you Jesus :)

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