Thursday, January 01, 2009

Starting off 2009 with a bunch of randomness

First off - I went to the doctor yesterday and sadly - nothing is happening. I was the same as I was 10 days ago. I was really hoping she would say "Oh - she is coming any minute - let's get you checked in" or something like that. But it looks like I'll probably be going to my due date.
On the bright side - there is a full moon on January 10th and I'm hoping that helps me go into labor because that was my pap-pa's birthday and there he would have been so tickled to share a birthday with his great granddaughter (and I would be tickled also).
And the longer I go - the more time I have to do things I wanted to do but didn't know if I would get to..........................
Like today I put together little gifts for all the nurses who will help us at the hospital. I heard of a few other people doing this and I thought it would be fun. It's nothing big - just some little stuff but they will be helping me through the biggest day of my life - I wanted a way to say "thanks!"
I have to share something that cracks me up - crazy Kate sent me a birthday gift - this really neat photo album to carry in my purse. But the best part is she sent me a pre-done thank you note. She had addressed and stamped it and wrote it - I just had to fill in blanks. We had discussed that it's very important to me to write thank you notes and she said she thought new and expectant moms should be exempt. It goes against all my southern girl roots to allow myself to use this - but I'm doing it because it's fun. (I had to blur out her address so this picture is a little crazy).

I also got the cutest little monkey burp cloth, bow, and head band from Sarah in Iowa. She has a neat web-site where she makes these!!! I love them!!!!!

Scott and I had a date night last night and went to Chili's and to see "Marley and Me". Yes - ya'll warned me............but I went anyway. And I SOBBED. I was going to post a picture of me after the movie and how awful I looked but it was just too awful. The movie just hit home at where we are right now...........bringing a baby home and adjusting our "other" baby and the thought of losing Dawson just put me over the edge. I was crying so hard I had to put my finger in my mouth not to make noise - because I could have just WAILED.

One more thing - my dad has started a new blog where he is going to do a 365 day devotional walk through the Bible. If you are looking for a place to start the year off right and commit to spend time in God's word this year - check it out HERE! There is probably no better resolution you could make! (I made a little button on the right that you can click on to get there)

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Amy said...

Hi Kelly,
I have been a lurker on your blog for awhile now, and just wanted to jot a note to tell you how much I enjoy it! :)

I also wanted to tell you that I have been praying along for everyone hoping for a baby from lurkdom. After EIGHT years of secondary infertility and 5 miscarriages, we are 5 weeks pg today. Such a blessing. (our first girl took 5 years to conceive--she is now 9. Our boy is now 7.5)

Prayers as you welcome your beautiful daughter into the world!

Amy in AZ

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

OK, I am thinking the same thing for Clara. I had Ava on a full moon night, and my aunt told me Jan. 10th was the next one! I'm thinking I'll have Clara the 10th or 11th. Could be a crazy weekend in January!

Jo Lynn said...

Kelly, I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago and love it. I immediately hooked up my daughter with your blog as well. My daughter is pregnant after trying for 18 months. Her due date is July 8th. I have twin, almost one-year-old grandsons. I am fortunate to be able to keep them while my son and his wife teach and coach. We loved the red velvet cake balls. I've had to give that recipe out so many times, it's crazy. I love how organized you are. Believe me, it will make an astounding difference in your life after Harper is born. Can't wait until the day I check your blog and find out Harper is here!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

you're too creative. i love the idea of giving a little gift bag. so sweet! i'll have to remember that (not any time soon) but hopefully in the future. what did you put in it? we haven't seen marley and me yet. i think we'll have to go on night when it's not so busy so that i won't embarrass myself as i sob the whole way out. happy new (baby) year!

Heather said...

OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!! I can't believe you went and saw the movie! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????
I totally want to see it, too...but I just can't do it to my hormonally-overloaded, over-sensitive, dog-loving self!!!
I know when you're pregnant (esp. at the end) everyone wants to tell you their "expert" advice...but I just can't resist encouraging you with my experience: I was dialated at 2 1/2 and 80 percent effaced for 3 weeks. I couldn't believe I stayed the same for that long, b/c after the first week I thought "any day now!" But on the third week, after going to the doctor with no change, three days later my water broke and I went into labor!!! It can happen fast! I took gifts to my sweet nurses, too, and that is so precious!
Love you and am praying for you, friend!

Amanda Ledford said...

Can I just say as a nurse, I am LOVING the idea of gift bags!!! You are so sweet! It makes me love you even more! :) What did you put in them?

I have always thought she would show up right around her due date. I hope you have a relaxing weekend and she lets you get some rest.

Spicy Magnolia said...

Hey, Kelly! I have a feeling we'll be making our due date as well. :) I love the idea of the little thank you gifts for the nurses...that is so special and thoughtful! I know I just can't bare to see "Marley and Me". I would cry anyway, but I am a fountain of emotion that it would get to me too much. I've heard it is wonderful, but oh, I can't bring myself to see it right now!

Whitney Vanderbilt said...

Love your idea of gift bags for the nurses... I am sure they will really appreciate your kind gesture! The burb cloth and bows are ADORABLE. Makes me a want a girl SO bad!

I know your pain... I bawled when I read "Marley and Me" and when I saw they movie. Such a sweet, but bittersweet movie (and book)!

Thanks for your comment on my blog, I am glad you like our master bedroom. Like you, I have been working on other rooms since we bought the house in June. Thankfully, this was our last project until we find out the sex of the baby. Then, I will go in to full force nursery decorating :)

Happy 2009!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to see that movie so bad. Guess I had better bring some tissue. I think that would be just so sweet ih Miss Harper were born on your Grandpas special day! I will join in on your Dads blog. What a blessing that will be. Thanks~ Get some rest... I know thats a hard thing to do while your belly is just a bit bigger than you a use too. Hang in there girlfriend.. you are almost done!

Lana said...

Hi Kelly! I have enjoyed reading your blog so much! It's so much fun reading your posts about your journey to motherhood! Thanks for posting your father's 365 devotational walk blog. I plan on checking it out!

Jen said...

I read the there is absolutely NO WAY that I can see the movie! :) I was reading it while we were starting fertility treatments a couple of years ago, and I read the part about them losing their first pregnancy while I was in the waiting room of my OB/GYN, waiting to have artif. insem. Talk about hitting home! The night I finished the book, I cried SO hard I couldn't see the words on the page and my tears made the pages wet! I just don't think I can put myself through that again...with visuals.

Have a great week or so left of pregnancy! You will miss it so much! I cried the first time I realized that she really WAS going to come out and I wouldn't be able to keep track of every single move she made. It still makes me sad when I think about it. She's much prettier here on the outside, though! :)

Happy New Year!

Lisa said...

Hi Kelly,
Sorry that things aren't moving along any faster for you. I remember when I got to this point... I was just ready to meet my little man. My due date wasn't til Jan 16th, but since I am a diabetic they didn't want me to go to that point so they induced me on Jan 4th and I finally had Cameron 32 hours on Jan 6th. I am sure you are quite anxious!!

I know what you mean when you say you want to give the nurses something for helping you out on such a special day. I was like that too and still am to this day. I take the gals in the maternity dept Christmas cookies every year except this year since I had my gall bladder taken out. Anyway, it is indeed the most precious time of your life so enjoy it. Best of luck on delivery day!!

Oh, as goes for Marley and Me - I sobbed like a big baby and I am not even pregnant. What a great movie, but boy oh boy did it ever make me cry!!

Take Care and Happy New Year!!

Lisa (Ohio)

Jenna said...

How sweet are you with your cute little gift bags! I love it!! Mama and I went to see Marley & Me today. Um, yeah, I don't even have a dog and it was not a good situation. So sweet and so sad!

Praying for you sweet girl! C'mon full moon (or regular moons leading up to them) - be there for us!! :-)

The Garners said...

What a nice thing to do for the nurses--they really are SUCH an important part of the whole hospital stay. I wish I'd thought of that--but I can do it this time around! I've had super sweet nurses that made the experience so nice. You spend waaaay more time with them than the doctor!

I want to see that movie, but I'm scared I'll be the same way about sobbing in front of everyone!

I'm anxious to check out your Dad's devotionals--that's a great idea!

Happy New Year.

Patty said...

I can promise you that things can start happening fast even if nothing isn't happening now but I would not be surprised if you deliver Harper on the 10th, how special that would be!

Constance said...

Hi Kelly! I love your blog and "lurk" to read it everyday. Harper is going to be so blessed! I was also curious, as I saw some of the others were too, what is in your nurse thank you bags? If you don't mind sharing. I'm due May 9 and think that is a wonderful idea!!

julie & joe said...

Thanks for the link to your dad's blog. I have wanted to read the Bible in a year for a long time....I just find other things to get in the way.
The gift bags are a sweet idea.
I have Marley and me on my list to read and watch.

Rathi said...

Love the monkey bows and burp cloth.. too cute.. I want to see Marley and Me too.. Glad you had a great new year's and can't wait to meet Miss Harper!!

Staci said...

I'm dying to see that movie!!

creative gal said...

Can't wait to see Marley and Me! As a former NBN nurse, I think it is a great idea to do radom acts of kindness for the nurses. So, I will tell you your gifts will be a huge hit! :o) Praying for a safe delivery.

Elizabeth said...

i came across your blog a couple of weeks ago and love it! i've enjoyed reading about your journey of harper getting here! that is so thoughtful of you to make goodie bags for the nurses! i read the book marley and me and i balled the last 3-4 chapters of the book. i don't think i can go see the movie. my parents just lost their 14 y.o yellow lab and i think that would just hit too close to home.

Leigh Ann said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you got so upset. I thought about you when I saw it and the same thing about thinking about Dawson and it putting you over the edge! Awwww. It is a good movie though and so REAL.

Thanks for telling us about your dad's Bible study. Going over now to check it out.

Hillary said...

The 10th would be great for me!! Or the 11th (which is my parent's anniversary). I'll be praying for those days!

Angie said...

Love your gifts for your nurses, how sweet!! I made your Cherry Limeade punch for our New Year's Eve party last night everyone loved it!!
Happy New Year!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

How thoughtful of you to take gifts for the nurses at the hospital! I'm sure they will really appreciate your kindness.

I LOVE Kate's idea of a fill-in thank you note for a new mom! I know what you mean about writing thank yous...I was taught at a very early age that thank you notes are always necessary when someone extends kindness to me.

Betsy said...

We went to see Marley and Me last night, too! I LOVED it!! I even wrote about it today on my blog. But you are brave to go when you are so pregnant! :)

I was hoping little Harper would be here sooner rather than later, but God knows the plan!

Happy 2009!

Colette said...

Kelly I feel as though you have been pregnant FOREVER, and I've only been reading for 2 months. Goodness, knows how you feel.

I'm convinced that Harper is going to be a little monkey and arrive late!

Nashville TV Show said...

You are so sweet to take the gift bags & I love that pre-made thank you card ... too funny!!

Malinda said...

I just found your blog yesterday. I love it and I will be back.

I just became a mom through adoption this past May. It is the most wonderful blessing. We tried for ten years. In vitro. Embryo adoption. Domestic adoption. God answered all our prayers and more through out little Sara Madalin. She was worth every minute of our wait. She is the most beautiful, sweet, happy, loving baby.

Bless you and your family. Malinda B. in MS.

Sarah said...

I can't wait for Harper to make her appearance! Praying that the full moon will give Harper a little incentive to be born! We're going to be gone next week, with limited internet access, and I'm already stressing that I'm going to miss important details from your blog.

I'm glad that you like the monkey set. :) Thanks for the shout-out. I had so much fun making them for Harper...especially since we call Moriah our little monkey, too!


i'll have to check your dad's blog out! i'm soo ready for a new year to start things off right! ohh girl you should have seen me after marley & me. talk about scary. I had just got a spray tan, and it was all smeared and i looked like a zebra when we left! haha. i'll be praying for harper's arrival.

Julie said...

I went and watched the movie by myself yesterday and I thought when she lost her first baby I was going to have to leave!!

So neat you and Scott had a date night on New Years Eve. Bryan and I did the same thing.

Jacquie said...

Sweet idea for nurse's gifts. I had the BEST nurse when I had Kale... she'd stop and ask me if I wanted anything all the time... I got LOTS of pineapple juice.

I'm sorry, but I laughed at the prospect of you WAILING in the movie theater.

annalee said...

those gift bags are going to blow the nurses away! SO sweet and thoughtful. enjoy this week... you are SO close to meeting HARPER!!!

Laura Ann said...

Happy New have had an awesome year and the BEST is yet to come my sweet friend ~ Just wait!

I love the gift bag are so cute and so clever. Those nurses will be treating you like royalty... good idea.

Oh, I can only imagine how you were crying at the movies...I would have been doing the same thing.

Praying for you in the weeks ahead and that your delivery with Miss Harper is PERFECT!

I will be getting my package in the mail Monday...the holidays have had be completly off schedule.

I hope that you are feeling well and getting lots of rest.

Allikaye's Mama said...

Allikaye's birthday is January 10th! Yay! Come on Harper!!
Happy New Year!

Lori said...

Gift bags for the nurses?! What a great idea!! I used to say I had no regrets during those 'delivery days,' but now I wish I could go back and give a little something to those sweet ladies. So thoughtful.

Kathy said...

The nurse's gifts are such a great idea!! You are so sweet!

Kayla said...

Such a great idea to do the nurse's gifts! That will just make their day!

A lady came into Red Lobster yesterday that reminded me of you. I promise she only had about 30 minutes left and that child was coming out!! She was cute as a button and SO sweet. She had a craving for clam chowder. Bluh!!

It's getting so close!!!

Jennifer said...

Ok, you are so good! I love that you made gift bags for the nurses! Too sweet! I hope you have the nurse I had...she was the very best!

Nicole ~ said...

Hi Kelly, I also stumbled upon your website a couple of weeks ago, and I also love it.

I must say it is such a sweet idea to make gift bags for your nurses. I would have never thought of doing something like that. That is such a great idea!

Take care, and I look forward to reading your future posts.

Rebecca Jo said...

Love those cards... what an idea...

And cant wait to see your dad's blog! Did you inspire him with yours? Cant wait to see the devotionals for the year!!!

Cary Hairbows said...

January 10th is a great day--it is my husband's birthday, too. :)

Thanks for the link to your Dad's blog. I have it bookmarked.

You are so sweet to think of the nurses....your heart is so generous, Kelly. I have been a nurse for 16 years, and I have never seen such a thoughtful gesture--you are so, so kind.

Best wishes to you as you await the arrival of your precious bundle.



Mab said...

You afe too too sweet girlie!
Gift bags for the nurses. They will soooooo love that thoughtfulness! Great idea!

I will bet you cried buckets at Marley and Me. I don't even have a doggie and I was crying big time.
So I can only imagine. My my!

I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with us!
Arlene (in Louisiana)

Unknown said...


What a great idea for your nurses!

Thanks for sharing a link to your dad's blog. I have just left from reading his latest entry feeling refreshed and lifted up for today.

Best wishes,

Amy said...

Kel. . .what program do you use to make your buttons (the one for your Dad's new blog). I have been looking for a good one that I can use. I don't know how to write html so I need something that will turn it into html for me! Thanks! Hope Harper comes soon!

Be Blessed,

Amy (Honestly)

Melissa said...

My dad's birthday is also January 10th. That seems like a good day to be born!
And, I want to thank you for the link to your dad's blog. I'm definitely gonna use it! My husband and I have been looking for something to follow like that!

Lauren said...

That is such a sweet idea about giving your nurses gifts :) So thoughtful!

I also wanted to see Marley and Me and by the sounds seems like I will need to bring tissues, haha! Glad you had a wonderful New Year and looking forward to seeing baby Harper :)

Unknown said...

What a cute idea to make gift bags for the nurses!! I am sure they will really appreciate your thoughtfulness. I cried so hard during Marley and Me too!! I could really relate because our Buddy is our first "kid" and with trying to have a baby that movie really hit home. I guess Harper didn't bring y'all your 2008 tax break...I can't wait (I know you can't either) for her to get here! :)

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

You are so sweet and thoughtful to bring gifts to the hospital for the staff! They will love you for it!

pinkmommy said...

Don't worry, she will be here before you know it. And when she gets here there will be moments (usually in the middle of the night) that a tiny part of you misses her quietly kicking around in your tummy. :)

MiMi said...

Can't wait to see your dad's devotional blog!

I love the little gift bags you made for your nurses. What a cute and thoughtful idea.

I am praying for you in the coming days as you make the final preparations for Miss Harper's safe arrival!

MMM said...

I too, felt like my life had so many similarities to Marley and Me! I could not stop crying and looked oh so pretty!

So excited that you are ALMOST there! I'm keeping you in my prayers daily until Harper arrives.

Do you have any good 3rd trimester tips? I am so uncomforable and I know you have some good secrets! =)

valerie said...

What a very sweet & thoughtful idea to make little gift bags for your nurses! They will be so blessed & encouraged.
I'm anxious to check out your dad's blog.
Keeping you in my prayers and can't wait to see baby Harper real soon.

Meagan said...

I am so excited! I was literally catching up on blogs and then going to the local Christian bookstore to find a devotional for this year and now I don't have to! :-) I think it's meant to be, thanks for the link to your dad!

MamaBear said...

Hi Kelly! I'm a fellow NWA resident and I've been following your blog since a few weeks after you announced your pregnancy. I just had to delurk today to tell you I CAN'T WAIT to read the post that Harper is here all safe and sound.

Also laughing my head off over the "pre-made thank you note". That is the funniest thing I have heard in awhile. I have a friend I can't wait to try it out on. She is RELIGIOUS about the idea of writing thank yous, but she has 5 kids under the age of 8 and sometimes has a hard time getting them done promptly. She'll think it's hilarious, too!

Blessings and wishes for a wonderful delivery. Your nurses are going to love you for bringing them goody bags :-)

R said...

oh yes, i relate to pinkmommy!! there are many times that i feel so sad that our girls are "out in the world" now and not nestled in the safety of my tummy. :0)

and a movie sidenote? i don't recommend "benjamin button" for moms or moms-to-be of little boys! it'll make you cry! we just learned that our third child, due may '09, will be our first son, and i cried the whole movie! may be the hormones... :0)

Shawn said...

You're so thoughtful to bring your nurses gifts! I wish I had been so thoughtful!

I love your Dads blog! Reading the Bible front to back is something I have always wanted to do! I just read yesterday's and today's and pray that I continue on this journey with him...this is my challenge for 2009!

Sharmin said...

Your mom got excited Monday night as we were watching Lance give Landon his first bath. I think she was hoping it was "the" phone call to get on the road to NWA. I'm praying for a speedy labor for you. Your mom, my mom, and I are guessing a little girl with lots of dark hair.

Judy said...

Thank you Kelly for letting me know about your dad's blog. I've been feeling impressed to spend more time developing spiritually and doing what is pleasing to God. I will definately check it out!

We're all anxiously awaiting little Harper's arrival any day now!


Amber B. said...

Found your blog recently--so excited for you to experience Mommyhood-there is nothing like it! Don't be too discouraged that "nothing was happening" at your checkup. They said the same thing to me and predicted it would be 2 more weeks. I had my munchkin 2 days later!!! :-)

Amber said...

OH my! That fill in thank you note is so cute! That definitely would have made me smile! It reminds me of the mad lib books I used to fill out with friends in elementary school. Did you play with those?

You are so thoughtful to create little gift bags for your nurses. I am sure they often underappreciated. I don't know how you find enough hours in the day for all the little details you do. Especially since you talk about how much you rest! ;)

Laura said...

Just a little note to let you know that you and your precious baby girl are in our thoughts and prayers. We pray that things continue to go well for Harper, and are truly inspired by you. It is so amazing how your faith in God has never wavered. May God pour His blessings upon you, and may you hold your precious, healthy baby girl very, very soon.

The Labor and Delivery nurses of University of Mississippi Medical Center