Monday, June 16, 2008


I got to have lunch today with two of my friends, Jenna and Rachel, at chili's. Of course - I forgot to take pics but we had a great time and I had one of my two favorites there - Quesadilla Explosion Salad. SO GOOD! (My other favorite is of course - quesadillas).

Preppy mama tagged me with a blog award! That was so sweet!

She said it was for blogs who bring you happiness and inspiration. So I thought I would list just a few blogs that do that for me:

Caroline is one of the most Godly young women I have ever "met". She is amazing and I wish I had another brother that she could marry so she would be my sister-in-law. If you know any Godly guys with a heart for missions - please send them her way. She is going to make someone a wonderful wife one day.

Meredith always inspires me to be a good mother. Her family has some great traditions that are old fashioned and simple in the best way possible - they remind me of how I grew up. I love to read her blog.

Julie is someone who inspires me with her faith, kindness and hope. She is an amazing, Godly woman.

Leigh Ann is a friend in real life who blogs but she is probably one of the sweetest people you will ever meet in your life. She has an equally sweet husband and two precious children. I am so glad she started blogging so we can be better in touch after all these years.

Annalee has a blog that I just love to visit. She has the cutest, most creative posts and she has the biggest smile - I would just guess that she has to be so fun in person.

Betsy is the cutest lady and is such a neat mom. She has four teenagers/almost grown kids and they are all beautiful. She seems like such a warm person and is very involved in her church that reminds me so much of my own church. I love her blog also.

Those are just a few of the blogs that make me happy and inspire me. If I tagged you - feel free to pass the award on!!!!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Awww, thanks Kelly! Your blog makes me happy too. I always smile when I see a new post in my reader window.

Amy said...

Quesadilla explosion is one of my favs as well!

The Garners said...

I think I might know a match for Caroline...I'm 1 for 1 on matches--I set up a guy and girl that I used to work with (at different places) and they're married now!!! I'll try to check into the person I'm thinking of and see if he has a girlfriend. :) He goes to school at UofA (oh, how old is she??), and goes to Honduras on mission trips in the summer--his parents were our Bible study leader--they would be AWESOME in-laws! This could be fun! :)

The Garners said...

It's me again...I'm wondering how much of an age difference is too much?! :) I was seriously excited about my match idea--I thought they were both in NW AR and it could totally work out, but I just went to C's blog and read that she's in TX. :( Hmmm. Could this still work?? I'm not sure what year this guy is at UofA.

Leigh Ann said...

YOU make ME happy. I can't tell you how many times I have laughed out loud while reading your blog. I just makes me smile all the time! I'm so excited about my first blog award. Thank you so much!

patti said...

Oh yes, we get that salad weekly. It's the only one my hubby will eat.

As for the weekend...looks like a good time. The shower had to be fun whenever you get some of those wild TC girls...good times will always be had!

Betsy said...

Thank you so much! You know how much I LOVE your blog, too. I always look forward to reading it every day and catching up on what you've got going on. Blogging friends are so much fun!

Lots of love and hugs to you!

Heather said...

We almost never eat at Chili's, but I think we'll have to go soon. That salad looks fabulous! Caroline and Julie are wonderful women. I am so blessed to have "met" them, too! Now, that I know how awesome these other blogs are, I will go check them out!!

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed with so many wonderful ladies! Susie H

Mrs.D said...

What a neat idea, I can't wait to check out some of your favorite blogs.

Yum, that salad looks good!

Julie said...

I'm honored!!! Kelly, you are so sweet. Do you know what a wonderful creation of God you are!! You are such a positive influence. I love to check your blog daily. You are such a regal lady and you resonate such a servant's heart. I'm thrilled to call you my friend!!

I cannot wait to see God's wonderful bounty poured upon you and Scott!

Be blessed today!!!

Jenna said...

Mmmm, that salad has sparked my interest, my dear! We just got a Chili's not too long ago. I believe I hear that salad calling my name. :)

Love all the blogs! And I know you make the day of SO MANY ladies around these parts. Me (definitely!) included. :)

Caroline said...

ooooooooooooooooooo KELLY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! you have just made my day!!!!!!!!!! i got your text and YES COME STAY WITH ME AND THEN YOU COULD SEE YOUR BROTHER TOO!!!!!!!!!!! MISS YOU MISS YOU MISS YOU FRIEND! I HATE BEING AWAY!!!!!!

Jacquie said...

Thanks for the great reading tips, Kelly. I love the blogs!!