Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kauai Day Four

Well - I was afraid that today's post was going to be pretty boring but after dinner - I couldn't WAIT to post!!!! You'll find out why soon enough!!!

We got a little too much sun yesterday (especially Scott) so we decided we needed to stay out of the sun today. We got up later than normal and decided to drive to our local grocery store and get donuts for breakfast!

yes - we are on a healthy weight loss vacation. ha!
Scott and his apple fritter

We went to several local stores and shopped around. We didn't really buy anything. All the stores in Kauai basically all have the same stuff and it's all high priced junk. Kind of like when you go to Gulf Shores and they have all those souvenir shops.
We then drove up the road and ate at one of our favorites - Ono Char Burger! It's just a road side stand but the burgers are sooooo good. It was the first place we ate last time we were here.
We went to Coconut Market place and looked at more of the expensive junk.
We made a quick stop for some scenic pictures - this is in Kapaa (I pronounce it like a good Southern girl - like Kappa Kappa Gamma - but that's not right. ha!)
This is what we are spending our week cruising in - we couldn't take the top down today.

So this is when it gets exciting. We decided to eat dinner tonight at this little hole in the wall restaurant on the far northern tip of Kauai. Its called Mediterranean Gourmet. As we were walking in - there was a man outside talking to his kids. When I looked up - I realized it was PIERCE BROSNAN!!!!!! (James Bond).
This is him. We knew he had a house in Kauai near the restaurant but never expected to see him there. He opened the door for us and said "Come on in - it's cold outside" (ha!) I was freaking out. He was inside eating with his wife, Keely Shae-Smith. They were sitting about 10 feet from us with one table in between. It was dark and the other table was in the way but Scott tried to pull some 007 moves and sneak a pic.
Obviously it's dark and blurry - but here he is. We were eating dinner with JAMES BOND!!!!! So cool!!!!!!!

We took the obligatory pictures of our food. I wish we weren't such chickens or we would have taken our picture with Pierce. But we just hated to bother him.
And then we got molten lava cake (I think we've had that every night) - but this was the best!!!!

So that's my brush with fame for the day!!!!!!! Have you ever seen a celebrity in person?


Michele said...

That's fun!!! We followed Gary Payton (basketball player ;) ) all around a store once - should have bought a basketball and asked him to sign it - you think of these things AFTER the fact though ;)

Leigh Ann said...

First MC Hammer, now 007. You are so lucky! The only celebrity I've seen up close is Steadman (Mr. Oprah), if you can call him a celebrity. It looks like you are having so much fun! It really does look like paradise!

hayden said...

How awesome!!! If there's one celeb you want to see, it's someone really nice like that! When I was in NYC I saw Roz from Frasier and James Earl Jones...and one time I met Ludacris, and saw Usher shopping. Seeing famous people is so fun!!!

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

you are so funny! too cute! i had fun pronouncing all those names too! seriously could there be a dull moment there?!

ocean mommy said...

YIKES!!! I would have been chicken too!

It sounds like an incredible day!


Hillary said...

KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous! When we were in NYC we wanted to see a great celeb. I think we only saw Mark Summers and a guy from Days of Our Lives. Wasn't there one other person? But James Bond!?!?! WOW!

Anonymous said...

That's so much fun seeing celebrities. My husband and I once ate dinner next to Drew Barrymore at the Ivy in LA. We've also seen Gwen Stefani & Kingston, Ron Jeremy (gross) and I once saw Priscilla Presley in Memphis.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

OH MY GOSH! He is sooooooo handsome! That is very cool.

I've never seen anyone who's famous. I've met a few Christian celebrities, but never anyone like James Bond!

Caroline said...



SHUT UP!!!!!!! THAT IS SOOO COOL!!!!! O HOW DID YOU EVER KEEP YOUR COOL!!!! i think i might have talked his ear off!!!!! what a fun day. those burgers are calling my name!!!!!

oh hawaii is so fun!!!!!! is that a top or dress you have on??? i love the neck of it!!! cute cute

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lance is going to be so jealous. You would never guess that he has such celebrity fever, but he gets excited if we see a local tv newscaster at Wal-Mart. This will really send him over the edge.
You look like you are having a fabulous time! Relax, relax, relax. Your next beach vacation is going to be very different. You will be chasing someone down to keep them from washing out to sea or they will be burying you from head to toe in sand. Both vacations are divine, but very different!
I prayed my heart out for you on Sunday. Love you much, Kandi

Big Mama said...

That is so fun! I'm like you though, way too chicken to ask for a picture.

I'm glad y'all are having a great time!

Anonymous said...


When I lived in San Diego, and worked as a nurse at Scripps Hospital, I took care of DUSTIN HOFFMAN'S DAD and Dustin would come in daily...he stood right there while I drew blood on his dad. :) FREAKY!

Enjoy your trip. And all the YUMMY food.

Kelly S.

Melissa said...

how cool!!!!! i would have been giggling and laughing nervously the whole time haha. i'm so jealous of all the amazing food yall are eating! It looks delicious!

Kristin said...

That picture Scott took came out pretty well for undercover!! Well done!

It looks like you're having such a fun & relaxing time!

Julie said...

What fun!!!! Does the legendary Barry Switzer (football coach at OU) count as a celebrity or Bob Stoops??? Heee heeee!! I have never seen a movie star!!! How cool!!!

Caroline said...

ps.....tell scott i am a big fan of those apple fritters!!!! oh man if i was not in class right this very moment i would be making a bee-line to the nearest D shop!!!!!!

pss........i see you new green bag in the pool pic from yesterday!!!! sooooo cute. i think Faith needs to monogram it!!!!!

ashleydiggs said...

Oh my gosh Kelly! It looks like you're having a wonderful time! I'm happy for you!

I ate supper (actually at the same table, carrying on a conversation) with Candace Cameron (DJ from Full House) this past August! Does that count?

Megan L Hutchings said...

How AWESOME is that! I always love hearing stories about people running into celebrities...especially when they are nice.

I visited a friend who was living in Malibu, CA and we met John Cusak! I was on cloud nine =)!

Hope day 5 goes fabulously!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

No way that is too fun! It looks like you all are having a blast!

Nicole said...

Oh I am so jealous, he is my old man crush. That is so exciting. It looks like you two are having a ball. I love the picture with the donuts that is what I tried to do this weekend and J told me I was crazy and put his hand over the lens.

Jenna said...

Pierce Brosnan! Get out of town!!! That is so awesome.

Looks like another awesome day in Paradise for the Stamps! Yay!!!

P.S. I LOVE that green skirt and it goes without saying my feelings for the donut and lava cake. :)

taralynn819 said...

Mainly just Christian artists like Robin Mark, Scott Krippayne (my buddy - j/k!), David Phelps, Selah, Chonda Pierce, Mark Lowry, Gloria Gaither (lets just say literally all of the Gaither Homecoming artists).

My husband ran into John Piper in a shuttle at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. Does that count? He also got to sing with Mac Powell at a concert one time, and has the recording to prove it! LOL

I blogged about the time I "ran into" Russ Taff at Starbucks...and he was wearing SWEAT PANTS! For anyone's reading pleasure and/or pain:


taralynn819 said...

Oh yeah duh! My cousin Sarah's husband is Chris Sligh (from American Idol)!

But that's cheating.

Gennae H. said...

I saw Terrell Owens (Former Denver Bronco) at Chili's one time. He has the nicest smile and the whitest teeth! He was so funny because a bunch of people were gathered around taking pictures and he just smiled so nicely and said "No more pictures please"!

Also, Trista & Ryan from the Bachelorette were on our flight from New York to Denver (before they got married). We saw them at baggage claim. She actually loaded up all of their luggage onto the carts (and there were a lot of bags) while he just stood there. It was after midnight so maybe he was too tired. :)

R said...

Since my pre-momma career was in politics, most of my celebrity sightings are members of Congress and other political figures. And that may not even count, depending on your opinion! :0)

We went to GW Bush's first Inauguration and the first Inaugural Ball, but we were only in the same room as him and his family. We never really met them.

I "met" Laura and Jenna Bush at a booksigning the other day.

We saw Dr. Ruth in a Florida airport.

We met Texas Rangers former pitcher Nolan Ryan at a fundraiser last year.

I met DC Talk after a concert in college. (Does that date me?! haha) My boss's son was one of their sound guys, and he brought us backstage.

If you're familiar with Campus Crusade for Christ, we met their founders, Bill and Vonette Bright at a Staff Training event in CO. We accosted them in the hall of the arena, and they were so gracious to talk to us and pray for us and our Summer Project.

I think that's it...exciting, huh?!

"J" said...

Oh my gosh....that is soooooooooooooo NEAT!!! =) I'm loving all the pics! I've never been to Hawaii...so thanks for sharing with all of us in blog world!!!

The only celebrity I've met is baseball players...
I go to the Atlanta Braves baseball camp each and every year in Atlanta...those guys are celebrities to me!!! I'm a HUGE Braves fan!!!

taralynn819 said...

Double duh! Two Christmases ago I handed former senator Bob Dole a gospel tract...also blogged about that one! :)


That same day (we were at Walter Reed Hospital) we also saw Paul Wolfowitz (sp), and my leiutenant colonal uncle side-swiped him to talk to an amputee soldier. I just thought the guy was the kid's grandfather. I was SO ignorant.

Then we (my cousins, husband, and I) saw this short man standing around, and we asked him, "What do you do?" just trying to be polite. He answered rather sheepishly, "I work for the president." Turns out it was Joshua Bolten (chief of staff!). Yeah you work for the president!

SO humiliating...

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! So exciting! He is a hottie! I have seen Luke Wilson at the airport. He got on the same plane we did. I have also seen Fergie (that is Sarah Ferguson not the singer) at our hotel in London.
Fun stuff!

Megan said...

Wow! That is so cool.

Anonymous said...

Fun, Fun!! When you get back, I have lots of questions for you. We are going to Hawaii next summer for our 10 year anniversary and I would love to pick your brain. :)

Let's see...I have had lunch here in Tampa next to Derek Jeter (Firehouse Subs)about two months ago, sat right next to Dan Ackroyd at the Rainbow Room in Manhattan last March and saw Paris Hilton outside a club in Vegas (I think it was called "Pure" in the Mirage) a few years back. It is always fun to see the rich and famous.

The Garners said...

NO WAY! I laughed about the blurry picture of him that you took--I wonder if he caught on that you were sneaking a pic of him!? That's so neat! When we were in Kauai, we saw James Worthy (pro sports) at a table next to us at one of the Hyatt restaurants. I didn't have a clue who he was so it wasn't that exciting for me, but Lane thought it was neat. We were on a plane to Vegas with Billy Bob Thornton once. I barely even got a glance at him, but Lane swears it was him.

Betsy said...

Wow!! That is so fun! Let's see the only celebrities I've ever met in person are Amy Grant and Kirk Cameron.

When I went to NYC I saw Dennis Quaid and oooohhhh is he good looking in person!!! But I didn't meet him.

Saw Carrot Top (eeewww!) in Las Vegas in a casino along with Oscar de la Hoya.

You look like you are having the best time!!! :)

Meagan said...

OH MY GOSH! Okay, he is a hottie and you are SO lucky! I have only ever seen a few country music stars out and about... living near Nashville - it happens. But nothing like Mr. BOND! Woo-woo!

I am SO loving all your pictures and wishing I was eating EVERY SINGLE MEAL with you - YUMO!

Anonymous said...

The fact that he opened the door for you all is what I find so cool. When I went to Kauai (more years ago than I want to admit) we saw that "coochie coochie coo" woman... I forgot her name! She had a restaurant there. Or maybe that was when we were on the main island before making it to Kauai?? Not sure.
I've mostly seen the political variety of celebs.

Staci said...

OH MY WORD!!! I'm such a sucker for famous people! I would've gone up to him for ya :) My brushes with famous people include: Usher, Michael English, DC Talk, Mark Lowry, a local weather guy, Brian Littrell (Backstreet Boys), and Tea Leoni. Random mix, I know.

So glad you're having a good time :)

Anonymous said...

Shut up. I mean SHUT UP. I would have been sorely tempted to kiss that man. Except my husband wouldn't have been happy - and I can't imagine his wife would be thrilled either.

He was so FINE in Thomas Crown Affair. (swoon!)

Hey - I know you're really busy vacationing and all, but I am tagging you for a meme that I just started. Free blogging material. You're welcome. Have fun with it! Feel free to do it when you get home.


Jessica said...

Get outta town!!! Cannot believe you saw him!!! What a fun day! : )

Kristen said...

How exciting...and the fact that he actual spoke to you :)
I met Garth Brooks at a basketball game once. I didn't want to bother him, but my mom became immediate best buds with him and it took forever for her to leave him alone.
My husband recently got a call from Jay Leno (they both do the old car thing and my mom wrote him a letter inviting him to my hubby's swap meet..I think my mom may be a celebrity stalker).
Glad you guys are eating awesome food, that's the best part of a vaca!

Shannon said...

That is awesome...so fun!!!! The closest I have ever come was seeing George Cloony's car at our hotel in LA. Remember that he was staying at the same hotel we were!?!
Your black dress is SUPER CUTE!!!!

Snappy Casual Snippets said...

That is so cool about 007. I'm the same way about bugging people. I haven't ever met or been up close to a celebity but I wouldn't bother them either.
It looks like you and Scott are having a very relaxing time.
The pictures are beautiful. I would love to go there one day.

Charla (SHar-la) said...

Oh, every time I read your blog since you've been in Hawaii I salivate (either at the scenery or the food)! Anyway, I've seen Crystal Gayle, George Strait (who spends a lot of time in my hometown), Thomas Haden Church (the goofy guy from Wings...he has a ranch near Uvalde and came into one of the local boutiques when I was home one time). I swear there have been others, but I can't remember them right now. Nothing as cool as Pierce Brosnan, though!

JenB said...

Oh what a fun day! Ono Char Burger and James Bond all in one day!!
I saw Eva La Rue (from All My Children and CSI Miami)at Animal Kingdom in Feb. She was on a kid ride with her son and we were on with ours. I got a picture but her son totally busted me.

Stephanie said...

That is hilarious! I guess that made your night a little more exciting huh? I'm sure he appreciated your discretion in not asking for a picture...plus it is more fun to see the undercover one that Scott took!! Glad you had a day to just relax and eat donuts...a chocolate glazed donut sound really good right about now!! Have fun tomorrow!

Faith said...

That is so cool!!! I love Scott's sneaky picture of him.
Our famous encounters are mainly sports people...We met Jack Nicklaus before. I saw Julius Peppers (Carolina Panthers player) in the mall and went up and asked him if he was Panther...I am such a dork! Chad thought it was him, so I just went up and asked him! I don't know if I would have gone up to Pierce though! Glad y'all are having such a good time!

Heather said...

How cool!! I have never met anyone famous. It looks like you are having a wonderful time! You were in my thoughts and prayers this weekend!! I'll keep praying!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe you saw Pierce Brosnan. I am jealous! He is a hottie!

A celebrity in person? We were on the same flight at Larry Bird. My husband made me go up and ask for a autograph. So I did. And he wasn't very happy about it. :( O'well. Then we got our picture made with him after the flight on the shuttle. Haha! :) He did smile for that. But Pierce Brosnan...he's so much hotter than Larry Bird.

Shannon C said...

I was discovered during a movie extra job by the casting agent for Something to Talk About while I was living in South Carolina. I saw Julia Roberts & Lyle Lubbock, Dennis Quaid said "hi," attended Robert Duvall's birthday party, and visited with Kevin Bacon's wife (can't think of her name at the moment). I worked on and off set, so it was so neat! It was a wonderful experience. Good for you and Scott for giving Pierce his space. I'm sure you gained his respect.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I would have been freaking out! That is so hilarious that Scott snuck a shot of him! Glad to see ya'll are having a great time!

laura said...

Oh my goodness, that is so much fun!!

I have seen David Letterman (in New York) and Angie Harmon (when living in Dallas)...but Pierce Brosnan? No way! That is so fun!

Anonymous said...

I recently started reading through your blog from the very beginning. It's nice to know there is a happy event coming. You have been so faithful to trust God. I'm expecting to come upon the post where you find out that you're expecting sweet baby Harper very soon. I had to laugh at the way y'all acted when seeing Pierce Brosnan. I do the exact same thing. I am a transplanted Texan stuck in the middle of the southern CA. I've seen a few "celebrities" in my time here: the lead singer of Reo Speedwagon and the Chairman of Iron Chef America at an elem. school, Leonard Nimoy and Clay Aiken at a restaurant (not together though :), Sylvester Stallone and his family at another restaurant, and just this past Sunday, we passed by Bob Eubanks (from The Newlywed Game) at church. My friends back in Texas just laugh when I tell them. I'm so happy for y'all. Take care, C