Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Questions #2

Okay - here is ROUND TWO!
Amanda (super pretty and sweet girl who is pregnant with her first baby!)
and Boy, Girl and A Pug (such a funny blog) both asked me:

#1: Where do I get my decorating ideas and what are my favorite stores or web sites?

I have no idea where I get my ideas. I read a LOT of magazines. My favorite for home are Southern Living, Arkansas At Home, Home Beautiful, and Traditional Home. If I had nothing but money - I would buy everything for my house at one place - Ballard Designs. That is totally "me" style. Love it, love it, Love everything they have!

Mrs. D also asked me if I enjoy decorating and if I decorated for every Holiday? I LOVE decorating! I would love to be a decorator but I would be a nervous wreck to decorate for someone else. I know what I like but I wouldn't know how to do that for someone else. Also - I LOVE decorating for Christmas and it gets bigger every year - but I'm not big on decorating for any other holidays.

#2: Hopefully you know the awesomeness that is BOOMAMA. If you are like the one person hiding under a rock who hasn't read her blog - then quit reading mine and get over there. She is hilarious. And she gets me. I loved her question - she wanted to know about my favorite Razorback memory (and it could not include all of the times we beat Mississippi State to oblivion. ha!) (just kidding Boo!)

I have SOOOOOOO many but probably my two favorite in recent memory both involve teams with UT as their initials and orange as their colors:

In 2003 - we went to Austin and played #5Texas. I grew up when we were still in the SWC and Texas was the mortal enemy. It was so fun to go down there and just beat them up. I was a big fan of Matt Jones when he was our QB and that was HIS day. It was also the hottest I have ever been in my life and I got EXTREMELY sunburnt. (The game was at 11 a.m. in September and we were in the direct sun because that is what they do to visitors).
Here is Scott and I after we WON! Of course we are doing the down horns sign. (I'm sorry in advance to all of you TX readers) (But we will be doing it again this year when we play you!)

In 2006 - we played TN when we were both ranked in the top 10 and College Game Day finally came to Fayetteville. It was just such a fun day and such a good game. Darren McFadden had HIS day that day and I could not have been more excited when we beat the volunteers!

#3: Zanutto's (Canadians, eh? with a cancer survivor precious son) asked me if I spoke any other languages?

Well - besides Southern. (ha!) I took French in high school - because after all - it is SUCH a useful language. I had to take a language in college so I took French by correspondence. Yes - that was a good idea. So the answer is oui oui - I parle vous a little French. (actually no - can't remember any French).
#4: This cute family lives in Texas - Ashley asked me what I thought of Oprah and her new church? You can go on her blog and see the video about it. My mom just sent me this link yesterday. I used to watch Oprah a lot but I haven't in a long time and won't anymore. It's scary to think of the millions of people who believe in everything she says and she is so lost. It hurts me that she may lead so many people astray. For me - what I believe is John 14:6 - Jesus said "I am THE way, THE truth and THE light - NO ONE comes to the Father but through me". and "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God--not by works, so that no one can boast." Ephesians 2: 8-9
#5: Lauren (she actually lives in my same town but we have never met - she has 2 precious children and is a great decorator) - Her question CRACKED me up. She wanted to know what kind of skincare I use because she thought my skin looked good. This is funny because I am probably more self consious about my skin than I am about anything. I have TERRIBLE skin. I had oily skin and frequent breakouts as a teenager and spent too much time in the sun and it is just in bad shape. I notice people's skin more than I do anything else because that is the one thing I wish I could change the most. I just use Cetaphil to wash my face. I don't have a good skincare regime. I do have a whole Arbonne set that I use when I make time to do it.
6. Jamie's question made me laugh the hardest. Jamie and I grew up together. She is probably the kindest, gentlest, most geniune person I know. She is just possibly the most perfect person I know. She wanted to know what my favorite Bill Gaither song was?

Our families used to go to a MILLION Gaither concerts when we were growing up. Jamie and I and my brother and her sister could quote them word for word. Jamie - I think it would be "It is finished". :-)

7. The most popular question BY FAR (asked by 8 different people) is what do I do for a living? It's funny to me that you have wondered about this.

First of all - I majored in Finance in college. I started out pre-med for 3 semesters and after I nearly flunked out - switched to business. I don't talk about my job on here because that has always seemed like a bad idea. But I'll tell you what I do. I live in the home of the headquarters of the world's largest retailer. (You can try and figure out what that is). Every Company who sells product in their stores has an office here. I work for one of the suppliers. Part of my job is as analyst to help our sales guys determine how we are doing and forecast sales going forward. The other part of my job is I am a category manager. I work with a buyer at the retailer to gauge his overall sales and together we determine how things should go on the shelves and I draw that up. I enjoy my job a lot. I worked at the retailer for 8 years before coming to the company I am now at and I've been here going on 5 years.

To answer another question - my dream would be to stay home when I have a baby and if we can work it out - I will. I know there are so many moms out there who would love to stay home and it's just not possible and there are some that just would rather work. I don't think any choice is wrong. My mom stayed home with us until I was in junior high and I'm very thankful for that. Sometimes I can't imagine how my life would be to stay home after working for almost 14 years but I know that I would love being a full time wife and mom. I don't, however, want to stay home forever. Once our children go to school - I want to go back to work (if I don't HAVE to go back earlier than that). But I want to have a child friendly job. My three DREAM jobs are: Lunch lady (and I'm SO serious) at my child's school, school secretary or to work at my church.

Ya'll have given me so many interesting questions to answer!!!! I'm going to have to stretch these out over the next few days!!!!


Robyn Beele said...

I am so glad you answered the question about your job. I have to say I was very curious! HA! I have two questions actually. Where do you shop? Also where are you staying in Hawaii and how did you find out about that place. I want to go to Hawaii so bad,so this will help me!

Caroline said...

ooooooo this is so much fun to read!!!!!!! i love it

........oily skin/break outs/too much sun.....girl you are speaking my language....lets form a club

Lauren said...

Oh this was so fun to read... I love finding out stuff like this about people! I cannot believe we have never met or atleast run into each other at Wal-Mart or something. We need to have an NWA blogger get-together.

Shelley said...

It is useful! Especially if you ever visit "the little cabin in the snow" :) Canada has two official languages, eh!

Also, Tan Towels are the only self-tanners that don't stink. I've tried them all!

Lisa Sherrill Roach said...

Oh no you di-unt just dis the Longhorns. hahaha

JenB said...

ok it's taken me a while to think of a question. I know your dad goes on mission trips a lot. Have you ever been on one or where would you like to go?

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

Ballard Designs....yes, yes and yes.
Although....I sometimes thing their stuff is overpriced. But..I love it all.
When I got married, I bought my bridemaids monogramed Tiffany blue bags with Chocolate brown. I have one myself too. :)

Big Mama said...

Between the horns down sign and your love of Ballard Designs, it's like we were separated at birth.

Deidre said...

Thanks for answering my question, Kelly. It's so fun to read your answers.

Oh, and I LOVE Ballard Designs. I just wish I had a checking account to support it :)

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, I am so distracted and barely made it to the end of the post because

1) Your arms are sooooo tight and toned in that pic with Scott! Never in my life have I had arms like that! I'm a little obsessed with it when I see girls with great arms, because I don't! Those and eyebrows. (you have great eyebrows too! :) )

2)You DO have pretty skin!

3) I will probably be hunted down for this one, but I've been joking for a few years that I think Oprah might be the anti-Christ. I AM KIDDING OPRAH FANS! Not truly the AC, just a little scared by the blind following she has. I've NEVER heard anyone else express that! I haven't heard about that church though. What in the world???

Sarah said...

P.S. Not all self tanners stink, I promise! But one that smells okay on one person may stink on another and vice versa. It's the DHA ingredient and the level of it and how it mixes with your skin chemistry. I've had good luck with the gradual tanner by Vaseline (Jergens smells a bit toasty on me) and airbrush formulas (you can order online) poured into a spray bottle to use at home. This one has NO smell!

Hillary said...

Oh, the UT game...wasn't that the best? That is by far my best Hog memory too! Except the 3rd degree burns I got that day. Seriously I peeled 3 times! It was gross!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Ballards & Pottery Barn!
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Leigh Ann said...

I'm with Sarah, I was distracted by how you look in that pic with Scott. You look so tiny and toned and I'm sooo jealous!

Here's another question for you, What is your best memory about going to OBU (besides living with me of course)?

Cena @ Unexpected Necessities said...

Ditto on the Ballard Designs...I keep all of the back issues for reference.

The Garners said...

These are so much fun to read--keep 'em coming! :) PS-I love that BG song, too!!! Do you remember when we were SO disappointed to see Michael English up close and find that he looked "a little bit 'greasy-ish'"? :)

The Milams said...

Loved all your questions... I grew up with your Canadian Zanutto reader...small world, huh???

Stephanie Kay said...

What about the Hogs winning the NCAA championship in 94? That was pretty fun!

My brother and uncle are both managers in the massive warehouse of that major retailer whose national headquarters is in NW AR. One of my cousins worked in their corporate office for a number of years. It's nice to know all my spending at their store is going into the pockets of people I love. = )

Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

I enjoyed learning more about you! I love Ballard Designs also. I would be happy to call and order a houseful of furniture and accessories only from the catalog.

Enjoy your week!

Natasha said...

It has been fun to read your blog! Come to Atlanta, and I will take you to the Ballard's Backroom Outlet store.

taralynn819 said...

I am all about Gaither Homecoming! I love them all, old and new, and I'm a Yankee - ha!

hayden said...

OMG...where did you get that red halter top??? I must get one for my Alabama games this fall!!! My kitchen appliances are all red in honor of the Tide! haha
P.S. Darren McFadden is pretty awesome.

I'm going to have to watch this Oprah thing...that woman is crazy!

I hear you on the oily skin thing...I have the oiliest skin in the country! Oh, and I love Arbonne, but I couldn't afford it! :)

Have a great day!

Julie said...

I'm just now commenting but I am loving this! How interesting! It is neat to get to know you even more.

You have the most creative blog ideas!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to read more about the Zanutto Family but it is blocked. Do you know how I could get in touch with them?


CAMoore said...

AWW! I feel like such a star being on your blog!! YEAH! Love the dresses you have picked out at Forever 21. I have never shopped there -will have too soon. I will have to live in dresses/skirts this summer. I will be huge and HOT!