Thursday, April 10, 2008

Q & A Round 3

Are you sick of me yet??? (I am)
This will be my last Q&A post for this week because tomorrow is all about fashion!!!! But I will finish up the questions next week - I still have a ton to answer!

#1: This is Meredith. She lives with her precious family in CO. She and her husband went to Ouachita (before I did) and we connected through that. She is such a neat mom - I love reading her blog and getting inspiration. She has the kind of home every one should want to grow up in.
She wants to know why I chose OBU and what were my favorite memories???

I never considered any other school. From the time I was in junior high - I heard about OBU at camps and knew I wanted to go to a small Christian school and I'm so, so, so thankful that my parents sacrificed and allowed me to go there. I can never thank them enough. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I loved it so much.

One of my best memories is living with these girls my freshman and sophomore years. Jennifer, Kandi and Leigh Ann. We had so much fun together. They were all chi deltas and I was a tri chi.
Tri Chi was one of the best things for me also. I loved played intramural sports and I loved Tiger Tunes (kind of a spring sing thing like they do at Baylor or Harding). I made so many great friends and I loved being in a Christian environment. (Can you find me in this picture?)
#2: Leigh Ann (the beauty in the picture with me above) wanted to know Paper or Plastic?
I really only shop at Wal-Mart so I use plastic. But lately I've been contemplating getting these recyclable bags they have now. I think they are only $1 and I could use those instead of constantly throwing away the plastic bags. I'm trying to do my part.
#3: Tara lives in Maryland. She asked me a question that meant a lot to me because of what I know about her. She wanted to know about my favorite memory with my dad. This is special because Tara's dad is dying. She just went to spend a week with him and it might be the last week she ever spends with him. I'm sure she is thinking a lot these days about the memories of her dad. Please keep her in your prayers.
I'm very close to my dad and one of my favorite things is he gave me my love for sports (especially the HOGS). Every since we moved to AR when I was 11 - my dad had two tickets to razorback sports. My brother and mom weren't too interested so I was the chosen one. So from the time I was 11 until I was 29 and engaged - my dad and I went to every football and basketball game together. I loved cheering on the hogs with my dad and I loved spending that one on one time with him. I still like to call him after every game to discuss. I will always treasure that!
#4: Renee is a very special mother. She has four darling children - her daughter has Down's Syndrome. Her husband is in Iraq. She still manages to have the best attitude. Please read her blog and pray for her as well - she has a LOT on her plate.
She asked me a couple of questions: What do I struggle with the most in my Christian walk? I think my struggle is always to spend more time with God - talking to Him and reading the Bible. I find a lot more time in my day for blogs or TV or other things that aren't near as important as time with God.
Three things I would grab if my house was on fire? Our back up hard drive that has all of our pictures on it, my wedding dress, and Dawson. :-)

#5. RRR is getting married in 4 months and she wants to know what wedding day advice I have for her and also any newlywed advice?
For your wedding day - make sure and enjoy it - don't stress and just try and relish each moment. Let people and your photographers take as many pictures as possible - you only get one chance. You won't care at the time - but you will later. And just remember - the most important thing is you will be married. The wedding isn't as important as that.
My marriage advice is
1. Laugh. Just laugh a lot. You will probably argue at first - but don't worry. Learn to compromise and learn to laugh at your differences.
2. Have separate bathrooms if possible.
3. The best advice I have is Biblical - God commands us "Husbands LOVE your wives. Wives RESPECT your husbands". God told us that for a reason. We as women want to be loved. We want to be told we are pretty and needed and touched. Men want to feel that we respect them as men. When I started spending more time telling Scott how much I respected him and was proud of him and all he did - it made a HUGE difference than when I just said I loved him. (but do that too). Show you respect him by listening to him and taking his advice. Let him be the leader of your home - but be partners!

Anybody else out there have any great marriage advice? I know there are several girls who read this blog who are getting married soon. Even me - being married almost 5 years - I still need lots of advice!!!!


Leigh Ann said...

That is such a cute picture of you in your little football outfit! How did you manage to keep perfect hair and makeup while playing football???

Robyn Beele said...

The best marriage advice that I could give is to follow the old saying "Never go to sleep mad at one another." This is the best advice that we followed. Also looking at things from each others view points will usually explain any argument. As for the wedding day: Have the wedding of YOUR dreams not someone else's. Not everyone is going to like or agree with everything you do, but just remember it is your day. In the end you will not care what your cake or flowers looked like you will only care that now you get to spend the rest of your life with your soul mate.

Megan said...

I am laughing so hard right now. I just had 2 women post on my blog that if at all possible have seperate bathrooms when I get married - and then I came to your blog and read it again!! haha. I think God is trying to tell me something.....I need my own bathroom!

JenB said...

I think the best advice I could give (been married 9 yrs this May, 2 kids) is to make time for dates. WHEN (speaking in faith) you have kids, it's easy to let months go by between dates. You get busy and, in my case, when dad gets home the kids want to spend time with him! But it is essential to your marriage. (which IS the most important relationship in your home. well, besides the one with the Lord!) You need that time together alone and your kids need to see that your marriage is a priority. Believe me, your whole family will benefit from those dates!!

Anonymous said...

Your advice is great! I think something we hang our hat on at our house (11 years +) is that we don't take it all so seriously. We absolutely don't sweat the small stuff. That's not to say we haven't had major things happen in our marriage and life, but having this attitude helped us not become overwhelmed with it all. We also laugh...a lot. We are too fortunate to be anything but happy and grateful. But, most importantly, we give it all to God. No matter what, he is going to get us through whatever (and we have had lots of whatevers) comes our way. It may not happen the way we "planned" it, but sometimes that is half the adventure. Chris and I are just happy that we get to be on this adventure together. :)

Meagan said...

Really love learning more about you through your Q&A! Great blog idea!!!!! And, although I am not married... or engaged... or even dating at the moment, lol, I enjoyed your advice! :-)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Kelly...I never considered any school besides OBU either! Good memories, and I think I even reconize some of your Tri Chi sisters.

As for marriage advice--I think it's important to continue to "date", and to get away for overnights when you can. Dating doesn't have to be expensive...sometimes we just go get coffee together, or hang out at the bookstore, but it makes a huge difference.

Katie said...

Kelly...I have another question! What is your most embarrassing moment!?

Hillary said...

I hope your readers come through for us almost married folk and give up some good advice.
P.S. Josh and I have already talked about separate bathrooms and think it is a great idea!

Jenna said...

I am loving reading all your answers!! I am not sick of you at all--quite the contrary, my dear!

I love all the old photos, too. Oh, and I can't wait to see your post tomorrow--I so LOVE your style and every picture I see of you I think to myself how adorable you are. True story. So it makes me happy to look at your wardrobe more in depthly!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Great advice! I love the bathroom idea. I know that it isn't always possible to each have their own bathroom, so maybe just consider your own sink and space. Our bathroom has two areas with sinks so we each have our 'space'. LOL I love it!

Lindsey said...

I am loving this Q and A session. I'll be answering your questions ASAP. I am glad you reminded me to tell my husband that I respect him. I needed that:)

"J" said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww....this is soooooooooooooooooooo TRUE "Husbands LOVE your wives. Wives RESPECT your husbands"

That is sooooooo true!

Great post!

I really feel for Tara...I really do! I will say a prayer for her! I don't want think about my dad not being here for me...I love him so much and I don't know what I would do without him??? =(

Michele said...

You're killing me with the college photos - I really didn't think we had that much hair but sheesh!

And best marriage advice? Argue naked. It's much too difficult to remain angry at someone when you are both standing there in the buff. Although this probably would go over very well with arguments outside of your home ;)

Michele said...

Um - that's probably would NOT go over well outside the home - just to make sure everyone is clear. I'm so not advocating public nudity here folks!!

Sharmin said...

I love the questions! Though I am quite a bit older than Kelly, I remember her as a young girl. I also remember her sweet, but rowdy brother (or was that just when he and Charlie White were together?)

I will definitely 2nd the idea of at least 2 sinks if not 2 seperate bathrooms. Having 2 sinks in our new house has saved me many annoying mornings and many more bad hair days. (DH always had to shave or brush his teeth just about the time my curling iron got hot so I got rooted away from the mirros. TWO sinks at the very least.....oh, and lots of Febreze, that really helps my attitude when I pick up the stinky, dirty, I've been outside working, man clothes.

Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

It was fun to read more about you. I couldn't agree more with your suggestion for soon to be brides to relax and enjoy their wedding day! My wedding day went by so fast.

Enjoy your weekend!

Melissa said...

Great post! I love learning details about other people :) Thanks for the marriage advice, keep it coming :) I can definitely use the head start. Less than 2 months!!!! I love the argue naked one, I read about that in a magazine, and told Bobby about it. He seemed pretty excited about arguing! haha. It goes along with the fact that in public you shouldn't argue anyways! To kind of go along with that, one piece of advice I've gotten...never say a bad word about your spouse to/in front of someone else (or criticize). Whether it's teasing or not. Maybe this is more for me, but feelings can get hurt by one innocent comment. Make sure to have those conversations in the privacy of your own home.

Heather said...

OK, here's my question:
What is the ultimate girls night out for you and your friends? And do you take trips together sans hubbies and kiddos?

hayden said...

I still need tons of marriage advice myself, but our big one is COMMUNICATION. We tell each other just about everything and always make sure we're very truthful with each other, even when it hurts.

I'm surprised you didn't want to go to Arkansas, you are a huge fan!!!