Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend Part 1

Last night we had a "Guess who's coming to dinner" dinner for Sunday School. They divide us up into a few homes and we are told what house to go to and what to bring and the hosts are told what to make but not who is coming. So we went to a new couple's house who we had never met. We have been in a special class for the last 10 weeks so there are a few couples who have come recently that we haven't met yet. Laurie and Steve were there also and so were Robert and Lindsey - some other friends. We had chili and dessert and then we played a game - Rate your Mate. It was a lot like the Newlywed game - pretty fun. Scott and I came in 2nd place so that we were happy about that.
Today we met some friends at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game. Some of our friends are Mississippi State fans and they were playing Alabama at the same time we were playing Tennessee so we were able to watch both games.

Needless to say - the Miss St fans were happy.....
And the AR fans were not..........
So anyway........FIRE NUTT!


Jessica said...

Ha, ha, ha!!