Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Digs

This has been kind of a slow blogging week because there is just not much going on out of the ordinary. But you know that you are way into blogging when your husband e-mails you during the day and says "Kelly's Korner needs an update". Ha!
So far the highlight of my day today was I finally went to the new T J Maxx in town! It opened on Saturday and I've held out until Thursday - pretty good. I'm so excited that I can have some lunchtime escapes to T J Maxx now! Oh how I love that place!
The only other exciting thing happening this week is due to some changes at work - I am getting a new office! We have to have a domino effect of moves because I am moving into the the only empty office and then someone will move into mine and so on and so forth. So I'm going to try and start moving this afternoon and tomorrow.
Below is what my new office looks like now. I'll post an "after" picture once I'm fully settled. It's pretty blah right now. Any suggestions on how to make it look like home? I wish I could paint the walls. I have a feeling if it was Jessica - she would have stripes or diamonds in there in a flash!


Hillary said...

I've noticed you haven't had as many posts lately! That's ok, I haven't either! It's hard for me to get motivated to post things when you're the only one who reads it! :) Not that I wouldn't do it just for you but I could save some time and just e-mail! Oh well, I'm bound to get some blogging buddies sooner or later! Why are you moving offices??

Jessica said...

Slow blogging week for me too! When I start posting shoes, you know i'm desperate! Can you buy some pretty fabric and put it on your bulliten board? That would jazz it up!

RachelM said...

What about bringing in a cute funky lamp? That always helped my blah offices. And of course pictures brighten up anything! By the way...your last post about looking like a cow...YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!! I think that's a great picture of you!

Anonymous said...

How about a huge poster of Houston Nutt on the back wall. Scott would love it.

Living to Love said...

I agree with the fabric on the bulletin board. A plant on top of the book shelf and some picture frames and a lamp for your desk..that will get you off to a good start!