Sunday, November 04, 2007


It was a great game but the best part was that FINALLY Darren McFadden was back! 323 yards - that's incredible! Three seasons of more than 1000 yards. There is no doubt he should win the heisman. It has been fun watching him!
I also enjoyed watching the field be named after Frank Broyles. Say what you want - but the man has done a lot for our state and our athletics. He deserves some recognition.
Nutt still needs to go.


Hillary said...

I totally agree! Sorry to ditch you at the game. We watched the rest of the 3rd quarter then left. We got home just in time to see the replay of Darren's 80 yard run. I was glad we went home b/c it was nice to hear what the commenatators had to say! I hope this doesn't mean Nutt is still here next year!

aWare said...

I noticed you are wearing must really want Houston gone!

Kelly said...

We do want HDN to leave - but it was also pretty cold and our coats/jackets just happen to be black. :-)

RachelM said...

I'm with you on the HDN business! You look gorgeous, as always! Go DMAC!

Jessica said...

I totally thought of you watching the game with DMAC!! : )