Friday, October 05, 2007

DNOW Day one

For everyone who is wondering how we are surviving.................
(I'm sneaking this in because there is not supposed to be any TV or computers for the weekend but I don't think that counts for the adults).
I was off today so I spent the day cleaning my house (like it matters - it's already a cyclone) and fixing food for the girls. They started trickling in around 4:30. Three of the girls went to the high school away game and won't be here until after 11. (you can see I will be getting a lot of sleep this weekend). We took them up to church where there was a cookout and a concert by Grits ( a Christian rap group). Scott and I checked out Grits on Itunes and decided we were WAY too old to endure Christian rap groups so we left with Guy and Julie and went out to eat and hung out at Starbucks (I knew I would need coffee) before going back to get the girls.
They are all hanging out right now eating food and talking about boys. It's really funny for me to hear them talk. It takes me back to my high school days. Luckily several of the girls opted for night showers so the bathroom situation is looking very good for the morning.
I'll update with pictures tomorrow when I get a chance to sneak off!


Anonymous said...

So funny that you're "sneaking" around to blog! :) I was wondering how it was going! jlg