Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sing your praise to the Lord

Last night and this morning, I attended a choir retreat at the church. We had a potluck dinner last night and then practiced several songs. This morning we had more practice. It was good for me since I am trying to learn so many songs and learning to sing in parts. Luckily there are a lot of talented people who sit around me and sing with great pitch loudly so I can blend in. I'm really enjoying it and afterwards I got fitted for my choir robe so I can officially sing in the morning! So exciting!
We even started to practice for Christmas - and because it is cool and raining - it really feels like a fall day which means Christmas IS just around the corner!


Anonymous said...

Very exciting!!! jlg

Jessica said...

I totally know what you mean! I went to Hobby Lobby in Fayetteville today, and they are decking their halls. I love it!! I am starting my Christmas cards as soon as I get these moving announcements mailed. So, any chance you are launching a podcast of some singning? We want to hear!!!! : )

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited you joined the choir! You're going to love it and the music with resonate with you throughout the day! I can still sing praise songs from my youth choir musicals.

Thanks for all your blogging about The Hogs. It makes me feel more at home!

We've been traveling so I haven't been able to read or post for a while, but now we're back home and soon to be in the swing of things.