Sunday, September 09, 2007

Locked OUT

After church today (which by the way- choir went GREAT!), Scott and I ate lunch at chili's (our favorite Sunday lunch spot) and then came home - hoping to change clothes and take Dawson to the park.
Except for the fact that we couldn't get in our house. Apparently half of our town was out of power and unfortunately we only had the garage door opener which operates on electricity and no key. So we sat for a while until our neighbor told us the power had been out already for almost 2 hours. So we drove and went to Andy's so Scott could get some ice cream and I went to Sonic and got a diet coke and then we came home and finally our power was restored.
So we are going to just rest and read the Sunday paper and maybe fit in a lifetime movie (well, that's what I will be doing - Scott will be watching the opening Sunday of NFL) until church tonight.


Jessica said...

Yummy! Can't complian about getting locked out if it results in something as sweet as ice cream! It must have been God's way of giving you a little treat!