Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Clothing Drive

We live in a pretty affluent community but there is still so much need. One thing that I love about our church is that we try to reach out and meet those needs. Two big events that we put on that are my favorites are the clothing drive and the Christmas store.
This Saturday is our clothing drive. Members in our church donate clothes and then people in the community can come and shop and get clothes for their family. We always do it right before school starts. Last night I worked at the church to help recieve clothes. It was unbelievable how much we had and we got so much more - we couldn't get it all put away.
It was really fun and afterwards - the two women I worked with stood in the parking lot with me telling me funny stories about people in the church. They have both been members for a long time and had seen several pastors and church buildings come and go.
I'm looking forward to Saturday morning and to doing my part in serving!


kapjones said...

Hi Kelly! It's me - Kim Pessel. I can't believe you found my blog. I have one 2yr old (pictured) and then one due in about a month. Two boys...let's just say I stay pretty busy. Keep me posted and I'm marking your site!