Sunday, August 05, 2007


I was SOOOO super excited because this morning our church service was a concert by Travis Cottrell. He did such a good job of leading us in worship. It was just a wonderful service.
Mom helped me teach Sunday School and that was fun and then we had a good SS class in couples class.
Mom took Scott and I to lunch at Outback and then she had to head home. It was a nice weekend having her here. She is very excited because she has started her own blog. You need to go look here and leave her a comment.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly!
I tried to welcome your Mom to the wonderful world of blogging, but her account is set up to only accept comments from blogger I wasn't able to leave a note.

Jessica said...

Okay, I will be reading your mom's blog too now! : ) Oh my goodness.... your friend Stacy?? She has the CUTEST baby's nursery ever!! I love the color brown, and it looks like something I would do! Too cute!

pinkmommy said...

I found your blog on The LPM blog, and thought I would say hi. I live in AR too!