Monday, July 30, 2007

Yard Work


Since Scott has been working constantly, he has had no time to do yard work. Luckily he cut our front yard short a week ago so it still looks pretty good.

But our back yard is a different story. The grass is so thick back there and it is WAY overgrown. Poor Dawson could almost get lost out there. So Friday night I decided to surprise Scott and mow it. I haven't mowed since we have been married and Scott is pretty particular about the yard so I wouldn't normally even try because yard work is not my forte. Well - he had the cutting height WAY too low because I started off and just scalped the first section I tried to mow. So I spent an hour trying to get it raised and I finally got 2 wheels to raise but the mower wouldn't start. So I eventually gave up.

Last night I tried again for about 45 minutes to get the wheels raised and just couldn't. So I told Scott if he would raise the wheels - I would mow tonight. It made me so mad - he went outside before he left this morning and in 10 seconds and with no effort - all wheels were raised. UGH!

So it took me almost 2 hours - but I got the yard mowed. Needless to say - I will not be going into the landscaping business anytime soon. I had to give me and Dawson baths afterwards and I managed to cook dinner sometime in between. And now it's 8:30 and I'm still waiting for Scott to come home.


Guy & Julie said...

I'm extremely impressed! You may have gotten me in trouble with my husband, though!

aimee said...

Wow!! you are WOMAN OF THE YEAR!!! I do not even attempt that. I don't even know how to back the tractor out of the garage. :) I'm impressed. Looks really good, plus you got some GOOD exercise in. :) You make me laugh!!!

Jennie said...

I, too, am extremely impressed!!

Anonymous said...

You are SUCH a nice wife!!! The yard looks great!jlg