Thursday, June 14, 2007

Catching Up

I haven't updated this week because I have really been bogged down with work and there really hasn't been much going on. But to just catch up -

I got my hair done last night. I think in 12 years of coloring my hair - I am the happiest I've ever been with my color. I noticed she had changed the formula and she said she was trying to brighten my blond. Love it! I almost want to send her a thank you note. Is that weird?

Today we are going to lunch at Mimi's Cafe with all the girls in the office because another person is leaving us. (notice a pattern?) I haven't been to the Mimi's here yet but I've eaten at the one in Little Rock a few times and love it. So I'm excited! We ate thanksgiving lunch this year at Mimi's - it was a fun,interesting holiday!
Tonight I'm having Bible Study at my house. I'm making a menu that really isn't something I would normally make and I was laughing last night when I was making it because it is all of Laurie's most hated foods : chicken salad, green salad and rolls. That is the typical bridal shower/bridesmaids luncheon food and I always get a kick when we go to such an event and I have to watch Laurie torture herself. We've had to make more than a few runs through a drive thru after these things. I guess it would be like if I went to a dinner where they were serving eggs ,lima beans, and hot dogs. Those are the foods that make me gag. Luckily for Laurie - she's not in this Bible Study. ha!


Jill said...

You know, I bet it would totally make your hairdresser's day if you sent her a thank you note...ha! I wish I could make it in time for your bible study...the food sounds delicious!!!

Guy and Julie said...

There's nothing better than a great cut and color...maybe only if you got a massage and pedicure with it. She would love a thank you note. Hope your Bible study went this the one you were doing on Sunday nights??