Sunday, June 10, 2007

June 10 is a day that always makes me smile. It's the day I met my future husband. Seven years ago - I left Fayetteville and drove to Little Rock to meet Scott Stamps. I remember when he called and asked me to meet him in Little Rock (halfway) for a date. I expected him to say "Let's meet at like 5 for dinner" and instead he said "How about meeting at 10 a.m.?" Nothing like starting things early.
We were supposed to meet in the food court of the mall - but I stood where I could see him first. Cause I'm sneaky like that.
We spent the whole day together and it wasn't the "perfect" day. Neither of us knew our way around Little Rock that well so we kept getting lost. And we went to two different restaurants for lunch that weren't open until we finally picked one and it was raining by then so we got all wet trying to go in. I left feeling like he really didn't like me and I think he had the same idea.
So I can't help but smile when I think about that day so many years ago and the road that God has taken us down since. It makes me wonder what is in store for us over the next seven years. I have a feeling that 43 years from now ........ my mind will be a little fuzzy but I will still smile every year on June 10th. (This picture is us when we were first dating)


Shelly said...

Hopped over here off of Travis' blog (I think). Too precious! And what a story of praise to our God to have set the two of you up like that! Hilarious! Blessings sister!

The Nelson Family said...

What a fun story! Your daughters and grand-daughters will love hearing it! They'll be celebrating June 10th with you every year too!