Saturday, June 23, 2007

Afternoon Delight

Scott and I had planned all week to have an actual DATE tonight. I can't remember the last time we had a real date - I mean dinner and a movie! I think it was my birthday in December. Sad! We are just homebodies who prefer to stay at home in our pj's and eat takeout.
Since it was so rainy and yuck most of the day - we were stuck in the house and a little bored so we decided to move our date night up to a date afternoon. So we got ready and went to a matinee movie at 3. We saw "Evan Almighty" and it was really cute. Kind of weird how even a movie made in Hollywood could lead me to my theme of answered prayers and having faith in God. God can speak through anything.
Then we ate an early dinner at P.F.Chang's. SO yummy! Then we looked around at Borders bookstore, walked around the mall and ended the late afternoon date at Sonic with some ice cream. There is nothing as wonderful as a summertime date - especially with your husband! (not that I would have a date with anyone other than my husband but I'm just thinking back to some awkward summertime dates I had with different guys and how thankful I am to have a wonderful husband to go on a lifetime of dates with)!


In His Army said...

Cute picture! I agree--I love summertime dates with my husband and your post reminds me how much we need a date night right now! We have been talking about it--I think I'm planning on next weekend!

Anonymous said...

This is a cute picture! I love P.F. Changs! jlg