Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fun with Kids

This morning Scott and I taught Sunday School. We were learning about how Jacob took a trip and slept on a rock and had a dream where God told him he would be with him everywhere he went. So we sat in a pretend car and went on a pretend trip. We had everything we needed - keys, maps, suglasses and of course a camera (which was the kids favorite part). Scott enjoyed sitting "in the back of the bus" while the kids drove and they enjoyed wearing my big sunglasses. ha! After our story - our car stopped to let us get some snacks - which you can see the boys loved.
Then Scott and I filled in for 2x2 which is Childen's church for 3-5 year olds. It was really fun. They do a good job of having different stations of crafts, games, music and a story. I loved the kids. I had several fighting over who would sit in my lap and who would hold my hand. It filled my heart!
After Adult Sunday School - we ate lunch, came home and then took Dawson for his weekly walk and swim at our favorite trail. This was one of the first time we made it there without rain! Yeay!