Saturday, May 12, 2007


First of all..........I went to Sonic yesterday morning and ordered my usual $1.75 large drink and instead I got handed a Route 44 for $1.50. Whooooo hoooo! They really did miss me last week! :-)
Last night we went to "Guess Who's Coming for Dinner" with our Sunday School class. This is a social we do where several couples host and they are told that 2 or 3 couples are coming but they don't know who and you are told whose house you are going to but not who else will be there. It's pretty fun.
We got to go to Jason and Lisa's house. I always have such a good time with them. They are the neatest couple. The other couple there is new to our class (Billy and Jessica) so it was good to get to know them a little better. They are a real fun couple - really funny and kind of country like us. They are expecting their first baby so it's an exciting time for them.
We ate BBQ and then played "Toss the Pigs" and "Taboo". We had a great time.
I had a great first week of taking over the "other" job. I think it's about to get hectic next week but it's one week down - just 9 to go!