Wednesday, May 09, 2007

America's Drive In

This morning started off so great! I go to Sonic AT LEAST once a day for a large vanilla diet coke. Almost every morning before work and sometimes in the afternoon so let's just say the car hops probably missed me last week while I was gone - I'm almost on a first name basis with them. Well, it finally paid off!

This morning I pulled up to the drive thru window and when I went to order (which sometimes they just say my order for me when I roll down the window), the girl said "just pull through" and when I got up there - she gave me a ROUTE 44 drink for free! I was SO excited!

It's the little things in life!


Guy and Julie said...

I am laughing really hard about this! I guess she really did miss you! I wonder how many trips to Sonic it's taken you to get this one free drink.