Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl

Last night our Sunday School class had a super bowl party. It was a great set-up because we had about 16 couples there and our teachers have a big media room upstairs so all the guys went up there to watch the game on the projector screen and all the girls and 6 babies stayed down stairs to not watch the game. We visited and played with the kids. It was a really fun time.
We came home early to finish watching the game and I'm usually not interested in the NFL but I did want the Colts to win and I'm so glad they did. I've always liked Peyton Manning (except for the fact he played for TN) but I am a HUGE fan of Tony Dungy. Everything I read about him just inspires me more. It was so neat to hear the media go on and on about how "ethical" he was and how amazing it was that he didn't cuss. (Isn't that sad that that's "amazing!") Every time Tony gets on TV - you hear him mention God. And it was so neat last night after they won to hear them ask him about being the first black coach to win and he said "that's great.....but more importantly Lovie Smith and I are Christian coaches and we showed the world that you can play the Lord's way and still win".


Anonymous said...

I heard on our local radio that many of the AP reports are leaving out the "best" part of Coach Dungy's quote and that is truly sad that they are omitting his claim to Christianity.

On another note, my oldest daughter was pulling for the Colts but wanted to know who her Pops (grandfather) was pulling for. I told her I could just about bet that it wasn't the Colts since Peyton Manning was from Tennessee. We are die hard Bama fans around here and there are some things that must carry over even into the NFL. I called and I was right!

But after the loss of Coach Dungy's son, I was truly glad to see him with the victory!

The Walkie Talkie said...

Kelly, That's pretty much what our Super Bowl party turned out like- Moms w/ kids at the table, manly men in the den. And actually, none of the guys in our community group (husband included) are huge NFL fans. But it was neat to see Tony Dungy win.

That is a great picture of and Scott on your profile- by the way. Such a handsome couple!

Glad y'all recovered from the stomach bug (back at Christmas). Since we had it for over two weeks it has taken us a while to recover.