Sunday, February 04, 2007

One sick puppy

We had a little scare today that gave me a little glimpse of how it must feel to have a sick child and the stress it must cause parents.
Dawson started this dry coughing last night. It went on most of the night and this morning and I kind of brushed it off as a hairball or allergies. Scott and I skipped Sunday School and came home early to check on him though. I got home first and he was gagging he was coughing so hard and breathing really hard. He then turned his head when I offered his favorite treat and I knew something was wrong. So I called the emergency animal clinic and they were very nice but sounded concerned so we rushed to Springdale and I was just a nervous wreck. The whole way there Dawson sounded like he was taking his final breaths. We had to wait for a while and I was just in agony.
Turns out he had a sore throat and possibly bronchitus (probably from his time spent in the snow this week). They gave us a couple of medicines and gave him a shot and Scott and I want to know what was in the shot because as soon as we got Dawson in the car - he was a new dog - smiling, wagging his tail and hasn't coughed since. He came home and ate most of his food and settled down for a nap.


Guy and Julie said...

I'm so glad Dawson is OK. Have a sick puppy is a very helpless feeling...we've given plenty of money to the emergency animal clinic and gotten plenty of those shots for our babies. Why do they always get sick on the weekend!??

Anonymous said...

So glad your boy is fine now! I am trying to talk my hubby into us getting a pup. Since we have the four horses, he is not going for it quite as easily. But, I want something that can crawl in my lap and a baby is not in the cards right now- LOL!