Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday Night Fever

Since all it had done all day is a cold rain - we went to Springdale tonight to eat dinner at Laurie and Steve's house along with the Greens and the Murrays. Laurie made delicious Taco Stack Up and Julie brought some VERY yummy brownies. We had such a good time visiting and playing with Emily. I got Scott to take a picture of the girls but I didn't get our husbands in a picture. Emily loves for me to take her picture and then show it to her. I even caught her once scooting into where my purse was and trying to get my camera out. She wanted to look at herself! Right when we were leaving she had bumped her head and was crying but as soon as I showed her a picture of herself - she immediately stopped crying and smiled. The girl knows she's beautiful!
We noticed after dinner it had started snowing but we didn't really worry about it until we started home and it was getting pretty slick. If it gets much colder tonight - it could be a very messy Sunday. Right now I'm wondering if we'll have Sunday School or church?
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Laurie said...

We are glad ya'll made it home safely! It was a fun night! Emily DOES love to look at herself. What can I say?-- She gets it natural.

Anonymous said...

What a cute girls' picture--you all always look like you have lots of fun together! jlg