Saturday, January 20, 2007

Get Fit

In order to keep myself accountable on my "Get Fit" program - I'll have to update on here.
We had our first weigh in at work yesterday and I lost 3 pounds!!!! I think that's the most that anyone lost! :-) I don't want to get too excited because that might (and probably will) be the only 3 pounds I lost. Especially if we keep having these snowy/icy weekends where all we do is stay inside and watch TV and eat! (As I just finished eating a big lunch).
I did end my hiatus of not working out this morning - only due to the encouragement of my friends Kacy and Julie. We went to the gym and attended a class. It was very obvious by my heavy breathing and red, sweaty face (and body) that I was very out of shape. But it was a lot of fun. It was the first class I've ever been in that they played country music instead of "club" music. That was kind of a welcome change. ha!
If nothing else - I just need to work on my health - I'm not getting any younger. :-)