Saturday, November 25, 2006


We headed down to Little Rock on Thursday morning and met my parents for lunch at Mimi's Cafe. This was one of the only places open but it turned out real good. They had a full thanksgiving lunch for $15. You picked your soup, salad and dessert and then also got a huge plate of turkey, dressing, mashed and sweet potatos and vegetables. It was more than any of us could eat but very good. Then we went and took our after lunch nap at the hotel. We then went and saw "Facing the Giants" which to quote Scott was the "best movie we'd seen in a long time". It was WONDERFUL! We both cried a ton!
After the movie - there was NOTHING open so we ended up all walking over to the gas station next door to pick out our snacks for dinner - chex mix and hostess cupcakes were my meal du jour! Then we hung out in mom and dad's room and watched TV. It was a very nice and different day.
Friday morning - mom, dad and Chris headed out to do a few things before going to the game and Scott and I left so we could make it home to watch the game on TV. We stopped in Alma and ate at the Red Rooster (yum!) and then watched the game. It was a little upsetting mostly because I just hate LSU - but we are still in the SEC championship game and we should still get a good bowl. And we are still 10-2. That's nothing to be sad about.
We have a lot to be thankful for this year!