Monday, November 27, 2006

Scott and Kelly's Day of Fun

Scott and I both took an extra vacation day today so we could have an extra long weekend. We got all of our work done on Sat and Sun so we could enjoy the day. We got all of our Christmas up on those two days. I'll take pictures and post tomorrow maybe. It's always a lot of work but so fun to have the house all decorated. Scott nearly killed himself climbing on the roof to put lights up. I told him we may have to be those white trash neighbors who leave their lights up year round since it was so difficult. Our neighborhood is beginning to be competitive with the lights - I feel like we are going to have to become the Griswold's.
So back to the day of fun. We slept in a little and then went to the gym together. I'm surprised they let me in - it's been so long since I've been there. Then we came home and got ready and went and ate lunch at P.F. Cheng's. It was SO good. We then walked around the mall for a while. It was a pretty warm day and there was hardly anyone there so we really enjoyed it. Although our waiter at lunch warned us that he's been "tracking the weather" and we are supposed to get a huge ice and snow storm on Thurs/Fri. We'll see.............. I later went to a couple of little stores in town to finish up my holiday shopping. Then tonight I'm headed out to watch the Bachelor Finale with a group of cute girls. I'm pretty sure these girls and I are the only ones who have been watching the Bachelor this round but if not .......who is he going to pick? Sadie or Jennifer?


Guy and Julie said...

It sounds like you guys had a good day off. I'm jealous you went to Red Rooster over the break...Guy and I couldn't time it right to be there for a meal. We almost stopped anyway, just for some pie. I'm impressed Scott put lights on the house. We attempted it...decided it wasn't worth it.

The Comptons said...

I have to admit I watched the Bachelor last night! I haven't seen all of the episodes, but I was pushing for Sadie. Oh, well! Can't wait to see your pictures of the Christmas decorations!

The Proctors said...

Hey Kelly! I'm a friend of Julie, and I wanted to let you know that I watched the Bachelor this time around too! I told myself I wasn't, but then I got hooked. I was really pulling for Sadie, so I was really sad that he picked Jen. I liked Jen too, but I was all for Sadie.