Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Shopping extravaganza

I LOVE living in Northwest AR and I always thought that Fayetteville was just it. And I still love Fayetteville - the hills, the U of A campus, Dickson Street, the square, the hippies,the hogs, the college students. ha! When I moved here 11 1/2 years ago - Bentonville and Rogers were just a dot on the map. The only restaurant was Chili's and basically the only store was Wal-Mart.
But all that has changed and continues to change and today is the day I've been hearing about for years. The "new mall" is opening today! Along with a new movie theatre, P.F. Chengs and a ton of other restaurants, 3 new starbucks (not in the mall - but around Rogers).
Yep - I pretty much have no reason to ever leave Benton County again. ha! We used to have to go to Tulsa or Little Rock or Dallas to have anything good to go to........but all that is a thing of the past. They even opened a Sam's Club in B'ville last week. I pretty much will only go to Fayetteville for ball games and hair appts now (and if we could just get a Target and a T J Maxx up here - I may never leave again!)
Check our new mall out -


Anonymous said...

P.F. Changs and Mimi's are so good! Yummy - makes me hungry!

Hope you have a great weekend! :o)