Monday, October 02, 2006

Fall Decorations and Youth

Well we survived Dnow. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed helping Lisa and Jason. They are such a neat couple. They have 3 little boys under 5 and they are the cutest boys. I enjoyed spending time with them. They said some of the cutest things. It's neat to watch Lisa and Jason and how they manage those boys. They have such a calm sweet parenting approach and the kids are so well disciplined. So I knew they would be good with the teenagers too and they were.
We went to the BHS game on Friday night and that was SO fun. I would love to start going to the games. It makes you feel so apart of a community - like you are in a small town. We won - beat FS Northside who is very good. We got to see Kody Burns (hopefully a future hog) play.
Then Saturday we drove the kids back and forth from the church to the Green's house all day and night. They were such respectful and well mannered 10th grade boys. They always said "yes ma'am" and "no sir" and thanked us for driving them.
David Nassar was the speaker and he is amazing. We saw several kids go forward and get saved so that was what it was all about. Sunday morning it was a different atmosphere at church. Most of us had on our DNOW t-shirts and jeans and the band played and it was a more relaxed service but a great one.
We were exhausted on Sunday afternoon and pretty much did nothing. And we didn't even have kids in our homes. Our friends that kept the kids were really tired (go read "Guy and Julie's blog" for more on that).
I did manage to make a fall wreath (using all 1/2 price materials from Hobby Lobby) and put out mums and pumpkins. Even though it's going to be 85 -90 degrees all week - at least my house looks more like fall now.


Anonymous said...

What a neat weekend! And your wreath is very pretty!! jlg

Guy and Julie said...

Your wreath looks great! I love the fall.