Monday, August 14, 2006

"You take the good, you take the bad....."

My mom sent me an e-mail today. She is going through our old family slides and putting them on CD's. Some of you reading this may be too young to have known about slides but I remember my family having tons. And when I was in junior high - we used to get together with our family friends (the Hoppers) and look at each others old slides. (of course if you are too young to remember slides - that means you probably had computers and cell phones in college.) ha!
Anyway - she sent me a few of me when I was young and I liked this one. First of all - this was probably the last time in my life I ever ate a hot dog. (yuck!) and second of all - I like the preppy sweater. I'm pretty sure this was around the time when I wanted to be Blair on "the Facts of Life". I even wrote her a fan letter and got an autographed glossy picture. I wish I still had it. I now have the "real" Blair (Lisa Whelchel) as a link on my blog. She's a Christian author and speaker now and is married to a minister. I knew I liked her for some reason.
Of course, later on, I would wear roller skates all the time and pretend I was Tootie. And there were times I wanted to be Jo too.


The Comptons said...

You are cracking me up! I loved to watch the "Facts of Life" when I was young. And yes, like you, I didn't have a computer or cell phone in college. Does that mean we're getting old?

Anonymous said...

Kelly--this is hilarious! I loved looking at old slides!!! jlg