Sunday, August 13, 2006

"This is the day"...........

I love Sundays. Love them. I love going to church. I love spending time with the 4 year olds and how cute they are. Today we made puppets. It's so funny to see what they will draw and how they see the world and to see their little friendships already developing. I love "big church" and the blessings I always get when I'm there. I love our Sunday School class. I love going in and being with all the couples who have come to be such good friends to us. I love going out to eat for Sunday lunch. Today we went to Copelands and it was so good. They have a jazz band on Sundays and it's always a neat place to go.
I love going to church at night. It's always more laid back and it's fun because all of our friends go and it's fun to sit together. And it's such a good way to end the week - hearing the word preached. This morning I did something I have NEVER done before in my life - I sang in the choir! Today was "ladies day" in the choir. Last week it was the all men's choir and it was a competition. I got nabbed walking to church after SS. We had over 100 women in the choir. I enjoyed it so much. And even though no one will ever ask me to sing a solo - I'm thinking about joining the choir now. Especially since my friend Julie is thinking about it too. We might just try it and see how it goes. As long as they don't ask me to audtion. I may not sing well - but I enjoy singing. And in the words of my poppie - "if you can't sing good, sing loud!"