Sunday, July 16, 2006


We had such a good weekend!
I went to the "gathering in the ozarks" women conference Friday night and Saturday morning. It was wonderful! Priscilla Shirer, Tony Evan's daugher, was the speaker and she was GREAT! And Travis Cottrell did the music and it was just FABULOUS! Sat morning - right next door they were also having the Democratic Women's Convention for AR and Hillary Clinton was the speaker. I almost walked into the wrong room in the morning. Whoops!
Saturday night we went with the Ormons and the Greens to "across the creek". Laurie and I had gone there on a blind date about 7 or 8 years ago and we remembered the food being good but the place was a dump. (we also both got dumped after that date. ha!) So we went. It was a LOT dumpier than we remembered and the food was HORRIBLE. So we felt bad for dragging everyone out but it gave us something that I'm pretty sure we'll be laughing about for a long time.
Today Travis and his praise team had the whole morning service and it was so good! It was a very moving worship service for me. And then on the last song, the man sitting behind us had some kind of seizure or passed out and it was very scary. I stood up and yelled for the doctor in our church. He ended up being okay I think but it was quite a commotion.
We went back to church tonight and sat with our friends and it was another good service.
All in all - it was a GREAT weekend! Hope yours was too!


Guy and Julie said...

I always laugh a lot when we hang out, but I laughed so hard last night that it hurt all over. Next time the Greens get to pick the hole-in-the-wall, out-of-the-way place that we go to! Have a great week!