Thursday, July 13, 2006


There isn't much to post about during the week. Most days we go to work, come home, eat dinner eventually, watch a little TV or exercise, check our e-mail and go to bed. Exciting, huh? LOTS to write about.
Last night we shook it up a little bit and went out to eat with 2 of our favorite friends. We had a good summer dinner of BBQ and ice cream. yum! Very healthy! But it was a nice break to the week. Tonight I have Bible Study with the girls from my SS class. We are doing an inductive study of Epheisans and our leader is teaching us a study on "Hats of the Harried Woman". Each time we meet she talks to one of our hats. Last time was the "wife hat". This time is the "Friend/daughter hat".
While I'm gone - Scott is going fishing with a friend. I'm sure he'll have fun.
You have to love summer!