Monday, January 22, 2018

Biscuits and Sponge Bob

Saturday morning we had a women's event at our church.  We have always done Mugs and Muffins but we decided this year to shake things up and have a biscuit bar instead of muffins.  It was a lot of fun! 

My sweet friends working hard in the kitchen! 

Laurie and our friend Maureen

Marty was our speaker.  I met her on the internet (ha) and slowly she became a real life friend.  You should follow her on instagram - she is full of great stories and encouragement.  She was our speaker and she did such a great job! 

Ever since Christmas break it has been so bitter cold.  The kids have been cooped up inside.  So Saturday it turned almost 60 so we had to get outside.  It was SUPER windy but still good to be outside.  We took the kids to a park to play.  

We had a great time! 

Then we decided to go to the children's museum.  This was the first time we have taken Will Holden since he was a baby.  He was the perfect age - he had the BEST time.  

He found sponge bob.  

Yesterday we worked in the toddler room during church and Sunday School.  Scott and I may have felt about the same as Will Holden did in this picture. We had a zillion kids and they were WILD! We were worn out.  We went out for lunch and ran into Laurie and Steve so ended up eating with them which was fun.  

We have been going back and forth for years about turning our cable off.  We just pay SO much and even though we love TV - there are so many other options.  We had already decided to switch our internet over to a different provider and I was planning to call when that company just showed up at our front door so we ended up getting faster and cheaper internet.  And we are going to use You Tube TV.  This is an app that goes on our smart TV or devices.  I LOVE it.  It has most channels (including sports) and unlimited DVR and even movies.  We also have netflix and amazon prime so we are good to go.  And now we will save a ton on our cable bill.  

Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Fun

It's already Friday again.  This was a fast week.  

We woke up to a tiny bit of snow on Sunday.  My kids were so excited.  We don't see a lot of snow here in Arkansas.  It snowed a ton back in 2011 and hasn't snowed hardly at all since. My kids haven't seen  much snow so it doesn't take a lot to excite them.  

We were home Monday.  We had invited our friend Joseph over to play and right as I left to pick him up, it started snowing.  It didn't snow a ton but enough to play in.  The kids had a great time.  Even Will Holden (who doesn't look happy here).  

We got the call that afternoon that school was out for the next day! Tuesday was Harper's actual birthday.  It was a nice surprise to not have school.  We spent the day at home in our pajamas.  We got out twice but both times we stayed in our pj's and just added coats.  It was a wind chill of negative 15 that day.  NEGATIVE FIFTEEN.  Apparently I moved to MN and didn't know it.  

I have made it my goal to finally get my house cleaned out and purged this year.  I made myself a schedule and put a room on my list for each week.  The big jobs I gave myself two weeks.  My family room was on my list for this week so since we were snowed in, I got it all done! Next week is the pantry and I got that done also.  It was a MESS! 

Wednesday the kids went back to school and I had a fun morning.  There was a forum in town for the Walmart Toy buyers and a lot of toy companies.  I was on a panel of influencers and moms who answered questions on what toys I buy and how I'm influenced in those decisions.  It was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with my friend Stephanie who runs Arkansas women bloggers.  She's so fun.  

This boy has started asking "why" constantly.  So that's fun.  I spend a lot of time saying "because......" these days.  

Yesterday, My friend Susan spoke at a MOPS group that my friend Sharon helps with so I tagged along.  Will Holden went and I was so worried he would lose it when he had to go to the childcare (he is SUPER attached to me so he still cries at the church nursery - although he doesn't do that at preschool anymore - he loves it there).  But he walked right in and had the BEST time.  So that was a minor miracle and made me so happy! 

This afternoon, he and I went to Walmart while the girls were at gymnastics and on a whim I decided to buy pull ups and a little potty and just see what happens.  I didn't potty train either girl until after 3 and it was very easy so I don't really pressure myself.  I'm certain he won't start kindergarten in diapers.  :-) 

Happy weekend! 

Monday, January 15, 2018

My girl likes to party all the time

Harper's birthday is tomorrow but we celebrated it on Saturday.  I wanted to have a big roller skating party for her this year and I was planning it but she told me she really just wanted to spend a special day with us and her best friend Sarah Kate.  So that's what we did.  She planned out everything she wanted to do and we made it happen.  And I think she had the BEST day and we loved it so much too.  (And so much easier than a party!) 

We started the day by picking up Sarah Kate and heading to Cracker Barrel for breakfast! Scott and Will Holden were with us but they went back home for a little bit after that.  

Because the next thing Harper wanted to do was go to Claire's.  This is a mecca for my girls.  They love to go there.  I got the girls a few things.  If I tell them they can have something - they will spend 45 minutes picking it out.  Decisions, decisions.  

Then we met the boys and went bowling! This was a lot of fun and Harper beat everyone but Scott.  

Harper wanted to have lunch at a little mexican place near our house.  We eat there a lot for Sunday lunch and my girls think it's the best restaurant in the world.  Sarah Kate knew they would sing to you on your birthday so she asked the waiter.  And when they came out and sang to her - it was the sweetest thing.  She was THRILLED to death! I posted the video on my instagram under "Harper" at the top.  

We came home for a little bit after that and the girls played and we ate cake.  

And they had a lot of fun together! 

Our family! 

Me and my girl! 

Harper and her daddy

Harper wanted an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and she wanted a swimming theme since she does swim team.  

Then we took Sarah Kate home so we could have some family time and we took the kids swimming at our community center inside.  Will Holden HATED the water this past summer but he was loving it on Saturday so I can tell this summer will be fun.  We are planning a trip to the beach so hopefully he will love it! 

We changed the kids and dried their hair at the gym after swimming and went to eat Chuy's.  That was Harper's last pick of the day.  This day was a little bit of torture for Scott and I because we are on the Keto Diet so no chips or cake for us.  It's hard to sit and stare at chips and not eat them but I did it! Anything for my girl! 

She felt special and loved and that's the most important theme.  We are just so thankful for all nine of her years!