Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Good Good Father

Yesterday was the school talent show.  Harper has never wanted to try out for solos in choir at church so I couldn't believe it when she came home saying she thought she wanted to try out for the talent show.  She picked her favorite song to sing and tried out and made it.  She has practiced so much and was nervous but I was a thousand times more nervous.

I wrote this on my social media about it.

Eight and a half years ago on the night she was born, a doctor stood over my bed and said he didn't think she would live through the night. 

Six years ago we learned she had lost a lot of her hearing and would need hearing aids. 

Three years ago we found out her hearing was getting progressively worse. 

And today she stood in front of her entire public school at the talent show and sang her favorite song "Good Good Father". 

And He IS. 

He Is So Good.

I feel so overwhelmed to watch her up there singing about Jesus.  She was so brave to get up there and sing in front of everyone but I love the joy on her face! I was thankful that it gave her confidence!

Little sister was so proud.  We are trying to talk her into singing with Harper next year in the talent show! 

Scott's parents were able to come this week to see Harper sing and see Hollis graduate from kindergarten tomorrow. 

It was a very special day for our family.  

Sunday, May 21, 2017

My day with the Pioneer Woman

My friends and I all love the Pioneer Woman.  So when she put in her mercantile store in her town about 3 hours from us, we have said many times we had to make a trip over.  We finally made it happen on Saturday.  And it was the BEST day! 

It was a perfect day! We had so much fun driving over to Oklahoma! We just planned to shop and eat.  We didn't know if Ree and Ladd would be there.  

As soon as we walked in, Ladd "Marlboro  Man" was at the door greeting people.  He couldn't be kinder.  My friend Ginger's husband has worked with him for a few years so she was able to talk to him about that.  He told us Ree would be coming by in about 20 minutes so we went upstairs to the bakery and got some treats and waited! 

The line was short and we got books signed and talked to her! She was so sweet and friendly! 

We loved getting to talk to her! She visits Bentonville frequently which is fun.  I'm thinking she should call us for dinner next time she is in! 

The whole place is so cute! 

We split a piece of chocolate pie and it was SOOOOOOO good! 

We got in line to eat lunch.  The wait was about an hour and a half but we took turns standing in line and shopping so it didn't seem that bad.  And the wait was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

I got the Marlboro man sandwich because I just thought I needed to.  And it was AMAZING! 

Laurie and Elizabeth both got chicken fried steak.  Laurie went on and on how it was the best CFS she has EVER had! 

We hit the jackpot because we went on a day when the Lodge was open to tour!  According to the website - these are the days you can visit the Lodge:
  • June 1-3
  • June 5-10
  • June 12-17
  • August 7-12

The Lodge is where they film her Foodwork Network show.  She also hosts guests there.  It has several bedrooms.  It's about 15 minutes out of town.  You have to drive by all their land to get to it.  It's SO beautiful.  

This is her pantry which if you watch her show - it looks familiar! 

In one of the bedrooms - she had her makeup set up and a clothes rack where she gets ready for her show.  There was also a second professional kitchen where all the prep work takes place.  It was SO interesting! 

Isn't this a beautiful view looking out from the lodge? 

We had just the BEST time together! Laurie kept saying it was the best day she's ever had! If you live anywhere near Oklahoma - you should totally make a trip! 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Swimming and Snow Cones

I have really been falling off the blogging train lately but man May is so crazy!!!! It has been non stop and I'm so tired at night I can barely remember what we did! 

Last week we did swim lessons.  Will Holden did them but he absolutely HATED swimming.  I was so surprised.  I expected him to be diving in but he lost his mind when it was his turn.  He would say "no no no swimming" every time we went.  So he didn't spend much time in the pool.  

He spent more time eating snacks and watching his sisters.  

The girls did great.  They LOVE swimming.  I think we are going to do a swim team this summer - which means they will be swimming almost every day. I think it will be great for them.  

One night last week we met up with Dale Benfield, an amazing photographer in our area, and he took pictures of the girls and I for a thing we are doing with Gap soon.  He was so nice and it easy to work with.  He did a little blog post on it.

The girls had Mismatch day one day for school.  Or basically pick out your own clothes day.  

I love when my kids are fresh from baths and in their pj's every night.  We always snuggle and watch a little tv and read and pray.  It's always a sweet time.  And sometimes I am just ready for bedtime. ha! 

We had field day last Friday and OF COURSE it was pouring rain.  It ALWAYS does on field day.  WHY? Thankfully they moved stuff around and they ended up being able to do it in the afternoon but it was COLD compared to what it had been.  

The kindergarten always has a field trip downtown at the splash park and then they eat lunch and go to another downtown park.  Will Holden and I got to meet up with Hollis and see for a while on that day.  

Will Holden had a great time.  But he hated the splash park.  He loves his bath.  But it doesn't love any other water.  I have a feeling it will grow on him! 

We met up with friends after school one day for snow cones.  It was 6 boys and my girls (and WH who was more interested in his snow cone and running around then taking a picture).  The boys were playing with a football and some dude perfect thing.  My girls just stood off watching them like they were from mars.  They didn't know what to do with those boys.  

Today I had lunch with the other PTO officers from this year.  We have had a great year.  PTO is a LOT of work.  I have loved it.  Three of these moms are moving states.  I'm taking next year off from PTO because it's just too hard with a toddler at home.  But I'm sure I will be back over the next 8 years.  I am the social media chairman and I will stay that way.  That's an easy job for me to fill!!!

We have birthday parties, a talent show and kindergarten graduation coming up and 7 more days of school.  And I have a fun day trip with my friends on Saturday coming up.  And then we will take a deep breath and get ready for June!