Monday, March 19, 2018


My tiny baby Hollis turned SEVEN on Friday! 

I feel like she has grown so much since just last year.  I can hardly believe she is SEVEN! 

We have been so fortunate to not be sick at all this winter but she got sick early last week and I was so afraid it would mess up her birthday.  She has been planning her party for months.  It's the first party she has had in a few years and she planned it all out.  We went to the doctor and got some medicine and he assured me she wouldn't be contagious for her party.  So she was 100% better by Friday but I kept her home just in case.  And it was kind of nice to just have a one on one day with my girl.  I took her to a new favorite spot for lunch.  

Hollis had her party at the cutest little Princess Palace in our town.  Her best friend Kampbell (with her above) had her party there and Hollis fell in love.  She also likes to do anything Kampbell does.  K got these glasses weeks ago and wears them constantly.  She gave Hollis some for her birthday and I think you will start seeing them in pictures.  ha! 

My sweet princess 

Love these three! 

Scott and I can never get over that we get to raise these kids! 

Hollis loved her cake.  It was strawberry! 

Hollis' favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty so that is who she requested.  This is when she first arrived.  Will Holden was trying to impress her.  

Sleeping beauty did nails and makeup for the girls and then they had a dance party.  They had cake and "tea" on fine china.  It was just a really sweet, girly party.  

This is how you feel when you have two sisters and are ALL BOY and have to endure a lot of girly things.  But he drank his juice in the flowered china cup and told everyone he was Superman.  

Hollis got crowned! 

Nothing makes me happier than being able to show up with nothing but a cake and have a party! It was so easy and stress free which is worth every penny in this stage of life! 

These three girls have celebrated a lot of birthdays together.  They have known each other since they were brand new babies.  

Hollis wanted to go to her favorite Mexican restaurant after dinner and they came and sang to her! 

She opened a few gifts when she got home.  It was a really special day.  

Saturday morning we had soccer practice.  It was St. Patrick's so we tried to wear green! 

It was 80 on Friday but Saturday morning it was 40 and super windy.  I was FREEZING! 

Harper spent her afternoon at a birthday party for a school friend.  She picked out this card for her! 

And Hollis spent the day relaxing.  It's tough being seven.  

and now we are on spring break!!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Catch Up

There hasn't been much going round these parts to blog about.  We are one week away from Spring Break and we are ready.  We don't have big plans for our break but we are excited to just have one! 

Our weekend started off with Hollis saying she didn't feel great after school.  She came home and got in my bed and was asleep by 6.  The next morning she had a little bit of fever and still felt bad so she stayed in our bed again most of the day.  She was supposed to start soccer that morning but we had to miss.  

So we just laid low on Saturday.  One of my dear friends husband and dad passed away (I'm friends with the mom and the daughter)  last week so I went to the funeral Saturday afternoon.  Scott had planned to go with me but we had to cancel the babysitter.  

Thankfully by the time I got home, Hollis was a new person and she has been fine since.  I kept her home from church Sunday morning since she had been sick.  Scott took Harper with him to church.  

I took this picture of Will Holden on Saturday.  One thing I try to do is to take similar pictures of the kids in similar spots so you can see them grow.  Now I don't know how long I can keep this series up but maybe I can talk him into hopping up there when he's 16.  :-) 

Having to spend all weekend at home mostly means I am almost completely caught up on laundry so there is always a silver lining! :-) We are looking forward to next weekend.  It's Hollis' birthday weekend! I can't believe she is turning 7.  

Thursday, March 08, 2018

IF you only knew

Monday night Laurie and I went to our friend Amy Hannon's house for a book launch party for Jamie Ivey.  

Amy is one of my favorite people.  She's so funny and a great cook - I hope you all have her cookbook "Love. Welcome. Serve".  And you should be following her on instagram (@eunamaes).  

I was excited to meet Jamie.  She hosts my very favorite podcast.  If you don't listen - you should.  She has the most interesting guests and she has a gift for interviewing them.  I have followed so many people because of her.  I can't wait to read her new book "If you Only Knew".  

She was super nice.  

It was a small party and she spoke to us and let us ask questions. It was a great night.  

And how cute is Amy's dining room? I was giving a tour on instagram and she busted me! ha! It's just so cute - I can't help myself! 

Laurie and I had the best time.  I have had a lot of things going on in the last month.  I'm not usually gone from home that much.  I love getting to go and do things and be with friends and other women but I hate being gone from my kids.  I promised them the other night that mommy wouldn't be gone too much after this week.  

On another subject, I started watching the Crown on netflix.  And in a surprising turn of events, Scott wanted to watch it with me.  I didn't know if I would like it but I LOVE it.  I can't binge watch as fast as I like to since we are watching together.  So I also started Victoria and The Windsor Diaries.  So basically I am knee deep in the Royals.  And it's just all so interesting.  Are ya'll loving it as much as me? We get tickled at all the long stares Elizabeth gives.