Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Dashing through December

December is always full of SO many things.  It just seemed to fly by! 

I got to meet these friends of mine for dinner one night on the square.  Our square is magical at Christmas.  People are always walking around and it's straight out of a Hallmark movie.  

Thankful for these friends.  

The same night - Harper was with her friends on the square getting ice cream! 

The girls and I went to the most beautiful winter wedding I have ever been to.  

I've never been to an outside wedding in December.  It wasn't terribly cold but it started lightly raining right when it was supposed to start.  Thankfully it stopped just in time for them to get married.  It started again at the end.  We didn't even have umbrellas but it didn't ruin anything.  

It was just incredibly magical.  I am now hoping my girls want a Christmas wedding.  

They had sparklers and fake snow as they left.  It was amazing! 

The mother of the bride - our friend and principal.  We love this family and loved getting to be at the wedding! My girls make great wedding dates! 

Hollis had a choir concert one night.  It was so cute.  

Her little best buddies.  They are all sos sweet.  

Will Holdens class led an assembly and for the rest time in like 2 years - parents were allowed to come! 

Harper went to two different Christmas parties with her 7th grade friends from church.  I'm so grateful that she has made such a great group of friends.  I see them encouraging each other and praying for each other and sharing Bible Verses and it's just the BEST thing.  And one of the best gifts for me is that I've gotten to be friends with a lot of the moms.  

That's just the first half of December.  It got WAY busier in the second half.  I'm always thankful for cold, slow January to come in after such a crazy month! 


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